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    posted a message on Spam Sentry or SpamMeNot

    I hope this is the official topic for SpamMeNot?

    Well, SpamMeNot works fine, but yesterday this 'Spam' wasn't filtered by SMN:

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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List

    Reputation: ? [nothing?]

    Forgot something? ^^
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    posted a message on Daily Quest Viewer - Official Thread
    Quote from HJT »

    First thing: all addons have a slash command with either /show or /toggle or alike. even in german. ;)
    We call it "Neudeutsch" ;)


    Well i don't give a f*ck ^_^
    I'm a german... i play with the german client... and so i translate everything into german. Yes, even 'show' and the other crap.

    Well i don't use that addon anymore... don't need it really. was just testing it and playing with it and translating it a little but it is just... not needed for me. i can remember all that daily quests myself. and i don't do this daily quests where you have to go into an instance etc. and all the other daily quests are the same over and over again.

    So this case is closed for me. Have fun translating it and maybe you 'google the lua codes' for the special german letters or you just copy them from my translation.
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    posted a message on Daily Quest Viewer - Official Thread
    Yeah, that with the german locale was me, hihi.

    Well, i will post my translation here, too. Oh and i used the 'Lua Codes' for the special german letters.

    -- base localization
    DailyTrackerStrings = {
    	AddOnTitle = "Daily Quest Viewer",
    	-- command line commands
    	ShowCommand = "Zeigen",
    	ShowCommandDescription = "Zeigt das Daily Quest Viewer Fenster an.",
    	DebugCommand = "Debug",
    	DebugCommandDescription = "Debug Nachrichten ein/aus.",
    	-- category names (redundant, because im an idiot and made it so)
    	DailyHeroic = "Daily Heroisch",
    	DailyNormal = "Daily Normal",
    	DailyFishing = "Daily Angelquest",
    	DailyCooking = "Daily Kochquest",
    	DailyBattleground = "Schlachtfelder",
    	Unknown = "(Unbekannt)",
    	-- minimap button
    	MinimapButtonHint = "Klicken um die t\195\164glichen Heroischen Quests anzuzeigen.\nRechtsklick und ziehen um Icon zu verschieben.",
    	-- version checks
    	OutOfDateMsg = "Ihre Version von Daily Quest Viewer ist nicht mehr aktuell.",
    	SameProtocolMsg = "Doch keine Panik! Ihre Version ist trotzdem noch kompatibel.",
    	DiffProtocolMsg = "Ihre Version ist nicht kompatibel mit der aktuellen Version.\nSie sollten sofort ein Update durchf\195\188hren:\nhttp://www.wowace.com/wiki/DailyQuestViewer",
    	-- dummy entry so you don't have to remember to remove the last comma
    	Dummy = "(dummy)"
    if GetLocale() ~= "enUS" then
    	-- default tracker strings already in english, no translations needed
    	-- do translations here by: DailyTrackerStrings.DailyHeroic = "das dailiheroikken", etc.

    DailyCategories = {
    	-- CategoryName: the name of the category
    	-- Id: a unique string used to identify this category. MUST REMAIN THE SAME FOR ALL LOCALIZATIONS.
    	{ CategoryName = "Daily Heroisch", Id="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Daily Normal", Id="DAILYNORMAL" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Daily Kochquest", Id="DAILYCOOKING" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Daily Angelquest", Id="DAILYFISHING" },
    	{ CategoryName = "Schlachtfelder", Id="DAILYBATTLEGROUND" }
    DailyQuests = {
    	-- Title: title of the quest
    	-- Location: instance required for the quest, or nil if it's not an instance quest
    	-- Category: pointer to the category that this quest belongs. MUST REMAIN THE SAME FOR ALL LOCALIZATIONS.
    	-- Id: a unique string used to identify this quest. MUST REMAIN THE SAME FOR ALL LOCALIZATIONS.
    	{Title="Gesucht: Schildwachen der Arkatraz", Location="Arkatraz", Id="ARC", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Myrmidonen des Echsenkessels", Location="Dampfkammer", Id="SV", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: B\195\182sartige Ausbilderinnen", Location="Schattenlabyrinth", Id="SLAB", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: F\195\188rsten der Zeitenrisse", Location="Schwarzer Morast", Id="BM", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Zenturionen der Zerschmetterten Hand", Location="Zerschmetterte Hallen", Id="SH", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Schwestern der Qual", Location="Terrasse des Magisters", Id="MgT", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Kanalisierer der Sonnensucher", Location="Botanika", Id="BOT", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Zerst\195\182rer der Sturmschmiede", Location="Mechanar", Id="MECH", Category="DAILYNORMAL"},
    	{Title="Gesucht: Nazans Reitgerte", Location="H\195\182llenfeuer Zitadelle", Id="HFR", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Keli'dans gefiederter Stab", Location="Der Blutkessel", Id="BF", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Messerfausts Siegel", Location="Zerschmetterte Hallen", Id="SH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Das Herz von Quagmirran", Location="Sklavenunterk\195\188nfte", Id="SP", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Ei der Schattenmutter", Location="Tiefensumpf", Id="UB", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Die Aufzeichnungen des Kriegsherren", Location="Dampfkammer", Id="SV", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Die Kopfschmuckfedern von Ikiss", Location="Sethekkhallen", Id="SETH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Shaffars wundersames Amulett", Location="Managruft", Id="MT", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Der Seelenedelstein des Exarchen", Location="Auchenaikrypta", Id="AUCH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Murmurs Fl\195\188stern", Location="Schattenlabyrinth", Id="SLAB", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Der Kopf des Epochenj\195\164gers", Location="Vorgebirge des Alten H?gellands", Id="DURN", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Aeonus' Stundenglas", Location="Schwarzer Morast", Id="BM", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Warpzweigsplitter", Location="Botanika", Id="BOT", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Pathaleons Projektionsger\195\164t", Location="Mechanar", Id="MECH", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Horizontiss' Schriftrolle", Location="Arkatraz", Id="ARC", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Gesucht: Der Siegelring von Prinz Kael'thas", Location="Terrasse des Magisters", Id="MgT", Category="DAILYHEROIC" },
    	{Title="Manazi\195\182s", Location="Nethersturm", Id="MANALICIOUS", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Rache ist schmackhaft", Location="Skettis", Id="REVENGE", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Suppe f\195\188r die Seele", Location="Nagrand", Id="SOUPFORSOUL", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Superhei\195\159es Ragout", Location="Schergrat", Id="SUPERHOTSTEW", Category="DAILYCOOKING"},
    	{Title="Garnelenfangen ist nicht einfach", Location="Zangarmarschen", Id="SHRIMPIN", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="K\195\182derbanditen", Location="W\195\164lder von Terokkar", Id="BAITBANDITS", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Der Eine der entkam", Location="Nagrand", Id="GOTAWAY", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Teufelsblutfilet", Location="Schattenmondtal / H\195\182llenfeuerhalbinsel", Id="FELBLOODFILLET", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Krokilisken in der Stadt", Location="OG / SW", Id="CROCOLISKS", Category="DAILYFISHING"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Auge des Sturms", Location="Auge des Sturms", Id="EOTS", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Alteractal", Location="Alteractal", Id="AV", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Arathibecken", Location="Arathibecken", Id="AB", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	{Title="Ruf zu den Waffen: Kriegshymnenschlucht", Location="Kriegshymnenschlucht", Id="WSG", Category="DAILYBATTLEGROUND"},
    	-- dummy quest, so noone (namely, me) has to remember to not put a comma at the end of the quest list.
    	{Title="DummyQuest", Id="DUMMYQUEST", Category="NO_CATEGORY"}

    The Problem with the other translation from HJT is: when you don't use the special letters the addon doesn't recognize the daily quests because of the ? in the translation lua files.
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    posted a message on Cryolysis 2 - Error after Mob/Enemy breaking out of sheep
    First, sorry for my bad english ^_^ I try to explain it. Well... i click on my target mob (enemy), sheep him but when i attack him after that (or someone else attacks the sheeped enemy) cryolysis gives me an error message like this:

    I don't know how to fix this :/

    Someone got an idea?
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List - Enchanting List Error (and how to fix it)
    It's fixed.

    Hell yeah! Thanks.
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List - Enchanting List Error (and how to fix it)
    Ok, i downloaded the latest release now, but the error appears... again :D

    Here is a Screenshot for you!

    Oh and here is the translation if needed ^.^

    Error Number:
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Here is a solution for the 'attempt to concatenate field 'Acquire' (a nil value)' error when you are looking in your 'Enchanting Tradeskill window':

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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List - Enchanting List Error (and how to fix it)
    I'm a german and using the german client of WoW and everytime when i click on SCAN when i'm looking in my enchant tradeskill window it get a error. So i opened the file


    and was looking into line 223 to find the bug and there it is:

    ARL:addTradeSkillSpell(25084, 300, L["AQ20/AQ40"] .. ARL.br .. ARL:ARL_AddReputation2(BFAC["Exalted"], BFAC["Honor Hold"], BFAC["Thrallmar"]), {BFAC["Thrallmar"]})

    Just change it to

    ARL:addTradeSkillSpell(25084, 300, L["AQ20/AQ40"] .. ARL.br .. ARL:ARL_AddReputation1(BFAC["Exalted"], BFAC["Honor Hold"], BFAC["Thrallmar"]), {BFAC["Thrallmar"]})

    to fix the error and the window will show up again.
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    posted a message on Cryolysis 2 - Locale Error, don't know why. *picture included*
    Thank you very much. Error disappeared.
    Thanks Thanks Thanks.
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    posted a message on Cryolysis 2 - Locale Error, don't know why. *picture included*
    Ok when i open the deDE Locale and edit the file from




    the error disappears but then my cryolysis is in enUS and some
    buttons aren't working anymore.

    Download the addon and copy it over the old doesn't work.
    Delete the old addon, download the addon again and then copy it into my addon folder doesn't work either.

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    posted a message on Cryolysis 2 - Locale Error, don't know why. *picture included*
    Ok my english is not the best so can someone please look at this picture:

    and tell me why this error is showing... what i've done? NOTHiNG!

    Translated a little part of the picture for you.

    Error Number:1
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Ok i just logged into the game to test it again and now the IDs are disappeared and i can see the correct name now. What the f*ck :D
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Oh yeah. What Malcolm said.

    Open up Tradeskill Window, Click Scan, then click on a recipe -> Works
    Open up Tradeskill Window, click Scan, close Tradeskill Window, then click on a recipe -> Error



    Found some missing translation :D

    Tradeskill Window: Tailoring (German: Schneiderei)

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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Hello Ackis,

    first... your Addon is really cool and i like it a lot.
    But since v0.66 i got a heavy bug with this addon.

    Everytime when i click on the + Icon on a recipe, the text
    doesn't pop up and i get this error:


    Any ideas why?
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