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    I'm playing a shadow priest and it's very annoying to see shadow valnurability, misery, mindflay bars appearing with my "main" dots/debuffs. The only thing i need to know is when to refresh those (means SWP, VT and also VE debuff). Other bars just make it harder to track those "main" debuffs.

    I just installed Quartz for the first time, and I love it, though I have the same issue. It would be perfect it were possible to specify Target Debuffs that we don't want to see. For Shadow, those would usually include Misery and Shadow Vulnerability. I'm sure other class have debuffs they don't care to track either (Winter's Chill, perhaps). If we were able to manually type those debuffs into a list it would be a simple solution, instead of having to make a "some bars enabled" option like CECB has.
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