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    Please change this back, or make the old view default. The new view breaks the macaceupdater and it's hell to navigate manually. The old big page was working just fine.

    Want to shut up, calm down, and be patient? It only just went up yesterday, it will get better, an a-z sorting is being written.

    Funkydude, I'm puzzled by your response. (Especially for a moderator.) Under the feedback link says
    "Your opinion matters!". Your responses seem to contradict that statement.

    I would point out that without the dissenting opinions, I and others would never have found out about
    jwowupdater. I, for instance, had been parsing the html with a perl script I had written and updating
    the script each time the site format changed. I was going to change it to use xml this time, but
    jwowupdater is much better.

    Thanks and I hope that you have a very nice day.
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