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    Well, first I just wanted to say thanks for the mod :) It works much better than CraftingList2 which I used for the entirety of a day before I had to scrap it because it was causing so many problems. I've used an enchanter-only one on my mage for awhile, and was trying to find something similar for my Alchemist when I noticed you had written one and I decided to give it a try.

    I'm going to have to look into why it isn't replying to guild chat though, since it appears thats working for everyone else. I have errors turned off, so maybe I was getting one and didn't see it.

    And, for something possibly outside of the scope of this AddOn, I'd love to see some sort of "sync" behavior that would allow a mod like this to "remember" someone else's responses (perhaps guild members and Friends). Every once in awhile with a different mod (enchanting specific) I'd notice I'd get requests for enchants I didn't have, but knew people who DID have it. It would be cool if I could add those in some way:
    request: !enchant Boar Speed
    reply: I have not learned [Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed], please message Soandso, or Thisotherguy for this enchant.

    I must admit it isn't entirely selfless though. I do everything I can to keep people asking me for the enchants first, and if I can point them to people who can do it, even if I can't do their combine/enchant, the important thing is they asked me first.
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    As per testing over on EJ(see this thread), Elemental Precision gives 6% +hit for Frost Spells, and +3% for Fire spells, instead of 3% to both as the tooltip says.
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    Quote from Lost-Ninja »

    Dewdrop and drop down menus are great if all you need to change are one of two things. But when trying to configure extremely complex addons they just don't make it easy for most people. Hell I prefer command line to drop down, in any software (I don't even like windows start menu, I use icons always).

    This is basically how I feel. It was a huge pain configuring something like PitBull from scratch, but there should be some simple Drop Down menu's.

    For example, in Cartographer, I have Fishing Nodes, Mining Nodes, Quests, and Quest Objectives. I don't need to be able to configure these AddOns from a drop down menu, but it would be a huge usability option to Enable and Disable Basic things like this. The fact that there are these huge buttons that just open a standard configuration window are kind of strange from a UI standpoint.
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    According to the message when you log on, PitBull has problems that will be fixed in WoW 2.1.2, however using PitBull-r39408 should resolve it for now.
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    Currently I have a macro set up on my mage to do this:

    /stopcasting [modifier:alt]
    /cast Frostbolt

    Essentially this leaves behavior exactly the same when you click the button as normal, but when you click it with ALT held down, it will stop whatever your current spell action is, and then execute the button. This is incredibly handy in situations where you will have to emergency crowd control.

    And I have one set up to do exactly the same thing for Counterspell and Polymorph.

    There must be a way to just make this the default behavior, since it makes it difficult to switch to my laptop if everything I have is based off of a Macro.
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    If you don't want to deal with broken AddOn's, don't use any AddOn's. The Developers of AddOn's are not able to fully control their system. All it takes is a single change made by Blizzard to completely destroy any given AddOn, and since we don't have access to code changes on Blizzard's side, there is no possible way for the AddOn developers to guarantee things work.
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    A feature I would really like to see would be partial data bases. For example, I have 3 accounts that play on my system.

    1) I play a level 70 Druid
    2) I play a level 70 Mage and a level 45 Hunter
    3) My brother plays a level 70 Hunter, a level 65 Paladin, and a level 12 Druid (who is currently in Bloodmyst).

    It would be nice if I could create a Sync list for each account that would ignore a lot of the additional.

    It wouldn't have to be a saved setting, but I would think it wouldn't be difficult to add filters

    Basically you could just have a text box that allowed comma separated options.
    account 1: ">=65"
    account 2: ">=65,40-50"
    account 3: ">=60,8-20"

    Basically I have a minor quibble with all of the extra data that is loaded into memory without it really being needed. While in some ways its nice to have a complete database, I'm not going to be running around Loch Modan anytime soon, so having all of that data loaded into memory just slows me down.
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