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    posted a message on Official Threat-1.0 error reporting and discussion thread
    Using Threat-1.0: r44136

    After updating to this version, my wow freezes in BT on Bloodboil when he is about to enter into fel rage.
    I have tested without Threat-1.0: r44136 enabled, and wow does not freeze.
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    posted a message on Pitbull ? Maintank Frames
    Using Pitbull r41000.
    Attempted to set Main Tank with the normal Blizzard raid frames and got "Addon blocked" message.
    Disabled Pitbull, managed to promote one Main Tank. Relogged and enabled Pitbull again.
    This showed the Main Tank, but I could not press any buttons on my interface, as everything was blocked. Had to demote the main tank, relogg and it worked again.
    So for some reason I cannot set the main tanks with Pitbull without locking my entire interface.
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