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    Dear Haste,

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


    Just posting to let other people know, this little mod is awesome. Allows you to change the range distance/zoom speed/etc. for camera, tab targeting (!!!), and combat log stuff from menus.

    Just for the tab targeting part, you're my hero.

    Awesome mod! Thank you!
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    Woot. <3

    Just gonna list my own categories when I used to use EngBags to help you get a poll of what people need:

    - vendor junk (gray/white items)
    - auction junk (green+ unsoulbound)
    - soulbound weapons
    - soulbound armor (everything except trinkets)
    - soulbound trinkets (for checking CDs etc.)
    - combat healing/mana items (health/mana pots, bandages, healthstones, whipper roots etc.)
    - combat utility potions (protection pots, FAPs, swiftness, tea etc.)
    - noncombat potions/buff food (flasks, mongoose et al, jujus, scrolls, chops/grog etc.)
    - other food/water (non-buffing food/water, cooking ingredients)
    - class items (e.g. poisons/stones/oils, spell reagents)
    - projectiles
    - quest items
    - tradeskill 1&2 items (reagents, unfinished combines, tools)
    - miscellaneous soulbound (mounts, hearthstone, pets etc.)

    Also, armor resist set categories would be nice, but no longer a big deal since the silly resist fights are pretty much over with in BC...although we'll probably still be farming Sapphiron at 70. :P

    My main concern is separating combat and noncombat items. I used to just open my bags and click on a relatively infrequently used pot I needed during combat, e.g. Swiftness, but after ditching EngBags and being too lazy to organize my bags so that things are always in the same place I've just been cluttering up action bars with a bunch of tiny buttons instead. :(

    BTW, much support for the collapseable/hidable categories, however you prefer to go about it. A small + sign or other icon representing a hidden category would be awesome, click to show/hide...especially if you could nest categories, so with one click I could show/hide all of my Combat-related categories (trinkets, potions etc.)...yeah. That would own.

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    Quote from Hakker »

    I don't know why people would even use it... just take 5 minutes to catagorize your bag a bit. Personally I just find it a waste of memory to add a feature like that because some people don't care to organize their bag.


    Ever farm?
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    Quote from teedog »

    And a question, Bagnon over OneBag? Reasons?

    I personally love the Bagnon Spot feature where you can type a string into a text box and Bagnon will highlight items matching the string.

    Same. Used to use EngBags but it eats up too much mem, wanted some easy way to pick out all of X item, so Bagnon works. :P
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    Just thought folks who don't browse the official WoW forums might want to see this. :D
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    Suggestions for WSG module--keeping in mind that WSG itself has only a couple minor time-related events, so this may be outside the scope of the mod. :P

    - Show flag carrier name (in class color) next to each flag; clicking on name attempts to target. If no exact match is found you retain your current target/no target. Absolutely the most useful mod in WSG imo. Would be great if this targeting function could also be used in macros.

    - Timer bars after flag cap for when flags will respawn at bases.

    - Rez wave timer? Not really a fan of this as rez timers in BG mods seem to be iffy at best, but it's an idea.

    Anyway, glad this is being picked up, we need more Ace2 PvP mods imo. :D

    P.S. If you could sneak in an auto-release when killed in a BG I would love you forever. Again, not timer-related, but so useful and would love to have it Aced!
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    Quote from trankillity »
    What unit frames are you using there? Looks like ag_UF but with portraits? Is this something that's been added to ag_UF recently?


    And yeah, I know what you mean Benea, I have a druid alt with a lot of crap onscreen too. Hopefully we can cut down on the clutter in BC with less people and new functionality. :D
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    Quote from Azlo »

    Villainelle, what's the font ur using?

    Myriad Pro Semi-Condensed

    Re: packaging, I dunno, kinda seems against the spirit of Ace, which strikes me as DIY. But I'll look into it, still tweaking things. :P
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    Hi Sairen, happy to see this. :D I checked out core.lua and still have a couple questions--

    By "tweaking/fixing" skins are you also working on the small cosmetic error where circled skins overlap each other irregularly instead of all in one direction? At least this is a problem with BT2.

    Also, any chance that we can see a color slider for the inner part of a texture as well as the outside rim? For example when using a custom texture in BT2 with a gloss over the center of the button, the gloss takes on the color chosen in the slider and can make the icon texture difficult to see.

    Looks great, excited to use this. Kudos!
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    Quote from Firedancer »

    Vill: what are you using to get that border around your chat boxes? I don't recall oSkin making them look like that the last time I enabled their skinned chat to see what it looked like. Or is it just the effect of the default chat frames at a light (but noticable) opacity?

    Also, what UIScale do you use at 1280x1024? That's my monitor's native resolution, but I always play at 1600x1200 because I can't get text to look halfway decent at 1280x1024. I'd prefer to use the native res, but I haven't found a nice scale that lets me have decent looking fonts *and* enough screen space for stuff.

    Chat border stuff is DART. :P It's really not too bad memory-wise, and you can't get that kind of control over textures unless you code it by hand, which I can't, sooo.

    My UI scale is 80%. I'm always wrestling with font sizes though as well. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes I don't know how I can read half the stuff on screen. ><

    Anyway, did some more tweaking, switched to Bartender2_Circled and did up a quick custom texture, and added a FuBar custom texture as well. Changed all status bars (Chronometer, BigWigs, oRA2 etc.) to the same glaze texture as on health/mana bars. It's starting to come together imo!

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    Quote from Trisha »

    what oskin backdropcolor do you use vill?

    ["Backdrop"] = {
    				["a"] = 0.7,
    				["r"] = 0.18,
    				["g"] = 0.21,
    				["b"] = 0.25,
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    Quote from freedon »

    The most similar thing to Discord Actionbars would probably by Pubcrawl or FlexBar2 (The first revision)

    DiscordFrameModifier = Visor + VisorGUI

    DiscordArt = No replacements, but XArt has something similar.

    ^ What he said. Visor + VisorGUI is great for simple moving/hiding/resizing/etc., which is all I needed from DFM.

    XArt only places one texture on the bottom of the screen afaik (please correct if wrong). At any rate, DART is more flexible and besides the size of the textures you use, actually doesn't impact performance too much. There is no true replacement for it (unless you only need one texture on the bottom) so there's no reason to dump it. I suggest you run tekSupport and similar performance-monitoring tools to see exactly how DART performs--in my case removing DAB made the biggest performance increase, followed by DUF (cry). I still use DART to tweak UI aesthetics in a way currently unavailable from other mods, while using Ace2 mods for all the other functional aspects.

    Just a note, the author of Discord is working on a new all-in-one mod (Discord UI Builder, i.e. DUB) and is taking performance issues into account. I'm hoping to be able to use it to pretty up my UI while using Ace2 mods for the workhorse functionality. We'll see!
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    Quote from Mokale »
    I had this problem before. I recently dropped my ace mods and went total ace2. All I had left was visor. After removing visor this stopped happening with me. If you're running visor disable it and see if it helps.

    You're right. Modifying the minimap cluster in any way with Visor causes it. :( Deleting Visor entries for the minimap returned map behavior to normal. Curious why this happens though?
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    Quote from zophiel »

    Me as of last nigh, mostly ACE or ACE2 addons :)

    View Full Size at Glowfoto

    What's the "Damage Loss" in the top left, Glancing Meter? If so, how's it working for ya? Saw it and was interested in trying it out. :D
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    Quote from Lanacan »
    At first look I would say DUF for your buffs... but then again it could be a different addon and you just use DFM. ;)

    Nope, buffs are Buffalo, mover mod is Visor. :P

    Quote from Lanacan »
    Oh, would you be willing to share you addon list? I'm just curious. I use ot use your Discord setup and was wonder what you changed.

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