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    So we're working on H-Spine 10 man, and I wanted to add a text alert which keeps track of spawned bloods, when they die, and when they get absorbed by the amalgamation. As you may know, by the end of H-Spine, there's quite a few bloods chasing a tank who's kiting them, and without going into too much strat detail, we want to throttle how many we kill at a time. Something to the effect of:

    Bloods: X, On the ground: Y, where X is how many are currently alive, Y is how many that've been killed but not absorbed. Absorbed bloods are already tracked.

    Unfortunately, there's no spellcast to track for when the bloods spawn, neither from Deathwing or the hidden Spawner mob that they actually come out of. The only real way to track them is when they come into combat, and I'm having trouble with an efficient way to do that. Once that's in place, it's easy enough to subtract from the spawnercount for whenever the adds cast Burst on explosion.

    H-Atramedes used something like this with obnoxious fiends, I'm posting the relevant code here:

    	local function FiendCheck(dGUID)
    		local fiend = mod:GetUnitIdByGUID(dGUID)
    		if not fiend then
    			mod:ScheduleTimer(FiendCheck, 0.1, dGUID)
    			mod:SecondaryIcon(92702, fiend)
    	function mod:ObnoxiousPhaseShift(...)
    		self:Message(92677, L["obnoxious_soon"], "Attention", 92677) -- do we really need this?
    		local dGUID = select(10, ...)

    This basically checked for a fiend every 0.1 seconds, and once there was one, it called UNIT_AURA to check when the fiend went from pestering to obnoxious. This could be adapted here, I suppose, though the call at the end is unnecessary, I just want to note the spawn and +1 a counter to print (and a -1 on SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS Burst). My fear is that with the sheer number of bloods spawning, this'll get tiresome and possibly laggy - and also unable to track spawns properly since it's not really tracking unique spawns, as Atra only had one fiend active at a time. Any help would be appreciated, or a pointer to a spell which indicates the spawning that I'm just missing.

    (Edited to add: We're starting H-Spine tomorrow, so views on viability or lagginess are merely conjecture til I can toy with it myself).
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