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    According to WowHead, Bound Adamantite Chest can be found only in dungeons so they should'nt appear in a route. So I've commented line 335 and now it works !
    Thank you very much !
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    Same issue here with Gathermate when trying to create a route for herbs in Blade's Edge Mountains, Shadowmoon Valley, Terokkar Forest and maybe others, I didn't test every zone. It works fine for Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh.
    Everything's OK with Cartographer + Cartographer_Herbalism.

    Other useful informations : frFR client, Gathermate + Gathermate_data + Route updated with WowAceUpdater
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    Quote from Sirow »

    Also works with Grid, just take a look a GridIncomingHeals
    GridIncomingHeals is not needed anymore, it's now built in.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    Finally, Grid does not currently have the ability to show your Renew (or other HoT) separately from others' Renew (or other HoT) on the same person. There are several HoT-oriented plugins available that do make this distinction, although I think most are geared towards druids, and I'm not sure if they support Renew. If you are feeling adventurous, you could look at the GridStatusMending plugin (it's available on wowinterface.com) and see how it distinguishes your Prayer of Mending from others' Prayer of Mending, and try to adapt it to show Renew instead of Prayer of Mending.
    GridStatusHots can make the distinction, it supports both priests and druids HoT. It gives also a HoT count.
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    Very nice addon, thank you !

    But I have an issue with the shopping list. As a hunter I have a quiver for my ammos. If my quiver is in the first bag slot on the left, I get an error when trying to retrieve items using the shopping list saying that those items can't go in that bag. Everything works fine if I change the slot of the quiver.

    PS : sorry for my poor english...
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    Quote from Harakys »

    Quote from Vuurmeester »

    Quote from endstille »


    omen is now at right-center instead of the position which is on the screenshot, cause of shaman problems *g

    Like the idea of no numbers on your bars!

    Yes me too, but numbers is nice for informations... so, i have a question: does it exist a option in pitbull to see numbers only on mouse over the portrait? That would be great!
    You can do it with DogTag : [IsMouseOver?SmartHP]
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    Quote from Saynt »

    Customize a text field on the player unit frame, or any frame you want. I think (sorry I'm at work, so can't check) something like the custom name field would be:
    [name] [groupnumber] where groupnumber is the party#.
    The tag to use is : [raidgroup]
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    Thank you for fixing fr localization !

    However, one is still missing :
    Quote from LaLorelei »

    ["The Mag'har"] = "Mag'har",

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    Here are some fixes for FR localization :

    ["Syndicate"] = "Syndicat",

    ["The Mag'har"] = "Mag'har",

    ["Keepers of Time"] = "Gardiens du Temps",
    ["Sporeggar"] = "Sporeggar",
    ["Now That We're Still Friends..."] = "Puisque nous somme toujours entre amis...",
    ["Now That We're Friends..."] = "Puisque nous somme entre amis...",
    ["The Consortium"] = "Le Consortium",
    ["The Scale of the Sands"] = "La Balance des sables",
    ["The Violet Eye"] = "L'Oeil pourpre",

    ["The Scryers"] = "Les Clairvoyants",
    ["The Aldor"] = "L'Aldor",
    ["Lower City"] = "Ville basse",

    ["Refuel for the Zapping"] = "Du carburant pour la zappette",
    ["Again With the Zapped Giants"] = "Encore du carburant pour la zappette",
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