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    posted a message on GroupFu and ReagentFu
    Quote from Sleazy »

    I play that with the German Client and am the most current version (even if stands for 2.0.10 there)

    ["message"] = "FuBar_ReagentFu-2.0.10\\ReagentFu.lua:436: AceLocale(ReagentFu): Reverse translation for \"Arrow\" does not exist\n\n ---",
    ["type"] = "error",
    ["time"] = "2007/06/10 11:32:57",
    ["session"] = 2,
    ["counter"] = 2,

    Just looked over the code, try to add somthing like this at the end of ReagentFuLocals-deDE.lua, just above the line }end)

    ["Arrow"] = Pfeil,
    ["Arrow.SHORT"] = "-> ",
    ["Bullet"] = Munition,
    ["Bullet.SHORT"] = "* ",
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    posted a message on Looking for an add on or requesting its creation
    I don't know of an AddOn that does something like that and I imagine it very hard to sync without someone being on literally 24/7. Personally I think a website would be better for something like that.

    What I really don't want to imagine is administering such a system. DKP is already bad enough :P .
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    posted a message on SCT + SCTD + SpellAlertSCT
    Lsdt time I looked, the ingame SCT looked rather shabby, was not very configurable and had neither SCTD functionality nor was it showing overheal. Which are just some of the reasons why someone could prefer SCT over this "bad copy" ;) .

    B2T: Shouldn't be to hard, but I can't imagine a reason to do so.
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    posted a message on ag_Unitframes: Couldnt klick on the 4. partymember
    I had encountered this problem as well. I think it happened when there were changes to the party during combat.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Quote from Zabycx »

    Is there a way to disable bar scrolling? I accidentally Shift+Scroll Wheel all the time without noticing, leaving me jamming 3333133433333333 to no avail, only to find later that I've been switching in and out of my fishing outfit. Bartender 2 had the Page Lock option, is such a thing not possible in TBC?

    Well, the easy solution would be unbinding the Page Switching in the Blizzard Key Bindings :> .
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    posted a message on Guild/Raid leaders confirming addons loading
    Just out of interest, could you list the addons in your package?
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    posted a message on FuBar_ReagentFu not compatible to German WOW-Versions?
    I took a look at ReagentFuLocals_deDE.lua and it seems to be correct. Do you get this error only with Rune of Teleportation?

    While at it I discovered some "improvable" translations:

    ["Show short names"] = "Zeige kurze Namen",
    ["Infernal Stone"] = "	H\195\182llenstein",
    ["Infernal Stone.SHORT"] = "Inferno: ",
    ["Demonic Figurine"] = "D\195\164monenstatuette",
    ["Demonic Figurine.SHORT"] = "Statuette: ",

    I am German, but I am using an English client, thus relying on Allakhazam for the translation, just looked them up, because the old looked "wrong" ;).

    Garns, who just noticed, that the spellcheck wants to put Alcoholism in for Allakhazam :D
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