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    posted a message on ButtonFacade (was LibButtonSkin-1.0)
    Hey, I'm a cutting edge nerd so I'm running the latest beta from October. Just a heads-up (in case you didn't already know) it's misbehaving with Maul's Macaroon addon (although I'm EU so 3.3 isn't up here) and is potentially worth investigating if it transpires that Maul did everything necessary from his end.
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    posted a message on oRA3 - UNOFFICIAL
    Just a brief bump to let you know that I uploaded an attachment to my ticket with the updated files within. As I'm not a contributor to wowace I haven't really familiarised myself with subversion policies. I don't even know if I'd have any form of access except read-only (I didn't try to find out). I contemplated creating a fork within the ora3 repository but decided to leave it to you (Rabbit+Ammo) awesome guys to handle.
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