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    Quote from Tarran
    Any word on the "Not being able to switch totems in combat" bug in 4.4.0?

    I have this same problem without using BT4 actually (I have the default Blizzard Action Bars)... But if I disable all addons this problem goes away, so clearly it is an issue with some addon...

    I just tried to disable and enable one by one my addons now (took me about an hour... :P I have many addons...)... and from the addons I have, the following gave this problem:

    • Auc:Auctioneer (core)
    • BeanCounter
    • CowTip 3.0
    • Informant
    where Auctioneer, BeanCounter and Informant also required Stubby to be enabeled. However, if only Stubby was enabeled, the problem was not there...

    I have absolutely 0 knowledge of LUA or anything coding-related, so I have no idea what may cause this, but maybe somebody can easier find the source of the problem knowing that these addons also cause the problem...?

    (have you tried running only BT4, btw...? so you know it is not another addon causing it...)

    Just posted on Auctioneer's forum, and it is apparently a known issue for them, but they have not found a solution yet.



    Guess it is the same with CowTip as well, but... I'm not even sure how actively that is being worked on atm...?
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    hello, speak! If you go to Tracking Circle Color and turn down the alpha to 0%, the circles will not show... :)

    a similar question though: could it be possible for the tooltips to not show on the minimap only when the tracking circles show, but to be there when normal icons show? I just like to not have the tooltips there when nodes are close so that I can see the tooltip of the actual nodes, but I like to have the tooltip there when far away so that the actual nodes do not show up, but the icons show... No big deal though, just if it would be something simple to do... :)
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    You're a shaman and that is for your totems when you get them... :)
    You can find options for this totem bar here:
    PB3: Player - Other - Totem Timers
    PB4: Layout Editor - Indicators - Totems
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    Qazter... :P
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    dyson2000: I believe that is already in there (at least in the build I have tried). When editing your layout, you go to 'Aura' and then choose the 'Debuff layout' tab (or the 'Buff layout' tab). In there you have the choices 'Icon size' and 'Icon size for my auras', so you can choose different sizes for your own buffs and debuffs. :)
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    Quote from Spennig

    Edit: Oh, and will you be making the micro-menu able to be vertical as well as the rest?

    Quote from Nevcairiel

    The verticle micromenu is on my list of things to do before 3.0 hits, i hope to finish it soon!

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    Quote from rodrick »


    [if HP(known=true) then (insert tags when known here) else (insert tags when unknown here)]

    Let me know how it goes

    Tried this but got an error... I could have used it incorrectly though... I did however try the following:

    Quote from Ellipsis »

    azulinha, the simple way to do what you want is just:
    [(FractionalHP(known=true):Append(" | ") PercentHP:Percent):HPColor]

    and this worked just like I needed... thanx alot for the help...


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    I have one thing which I cannot seem to get to work like I want with DogTags (in CowTip) in 2.4...

    Is there a way to check if health is known and then write something, while writing something else if it is unknown?

    I tried using something like FractionHP(known=true), but then only the text itself is hidden if unknown, what I want is to be able to hide more stuff...

    what I specifically want is to show [(FractionHP " | " PercentHP:Percent):HPColor] if HP is known and [PercentHP:Percent:HPColor] when unknown, but by using the tag above I get [(" | " (PercentHP:Percent):HPColor] if HP is not known...

    I tried using something like "if HP(known=true) = nil" to determine whether HP was known or unknown, but it did not give the desired effect...

    I am not experienced with DogTags, so the answer might be simple, I just can't seem to find it... (also the exact name of the tags above might be incorrect, I just tried to remember them from my head now... but it is basically just the possibility to use "HP known" as an if-statement I wonder how to do)

    I also have somewhat of a bug in CowTip (guess maybe this is not the correct place to put this, but since DogTag is used in CowTip maybe someone may know this as well):

    if I have one statement in the left column and one in the right and one of them returns no text, the whole line's height is too low (the text on the side that has text gets "crammed" between the above and below lines). A specific example is: on the second line I have "Guild rank + Guild" on the left side and "Faction" on the right. On players without guild or NPCs without a value there, the Faction-text on the right side gets a very low lineheight... If I however put something like "or "Faction:"]" or "or Faction:Angled]" at the end of the expression on the left side, the lineheight is correct.

    (Also the talent-stuff, experience and zone does not seem to work after 2.4 (don't think zone worked before 2.4 either)... at least I get no text from it... but maybe that is caused by something else than DogTag...)


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    when using cyCircled with Bartender3, the buttons do not fill up the bars. There is an area to the right of the bar that is not filled (or at the bottom if the bar is vertical). Except for the Stance bar and Pet bar where the buttons are too big and "owerflow" the bar. Now it is possible to fix this by manually move the bars around, but one can then not use the "snap"-feature of Bartender to align the bars... When cyCircled is disabeled, the buttons fill up the bars like they should...

    Not sure if this is possible to fix, but the way it is now I do not use cyCircled because it messes up my layout... I really like the skins though, so if it can be fixed it'd be nice... :)

    Edit: The attached pics below show:
    pic3: Layout without cyCircled
    pic4: Layout with cyCircled
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