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    Quote from sylvanaar
    Ok, perhaps I need to re-enable the output which sends it so everyone can see it. I'll try to get to it soon, in the meantime, if you want to play with it yourself - the feature is just commented out in the source - so if you are comfortable editing it - you will can try it out.

    Also, im not sure if guild achievments are one of the message types that are supported.

    You might want to look at the mod - Accomplishment. It does auto-grats, I helped enhance that part a little myself.

    Would be great to enable this. Can you tell me where about is is commented out? Thx.

    I filtered for the word archieved (in German) but I am not sure if this worked since I did my testing with other words posted by users. If guild / party archivements are not supported now is it possible to integrate this?
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    1. German WOW: Chat channels in custom filters does seem to be mixed up. If I activate one chat as output he posts it in raid warning and the other way round....

    2. I like to use command history (save between session is on) but he will not display any if I use arrow up/down after logging in.

    3. Can not find ANY chat history at all, just the normal history in the edit box, not affected by the prat settings how many lines I like to cover in the history. So is there a seperate window anywhere I did not find?
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    I like t use prat since I like to not have to use that many addons.
    I saw the output choice but it did not work the way I wanted it to:

    It detects a archievement e.g. and then the reaction part does not work for me where he should post to chat.

    1. Am I generally right I have to use INBOUND to filter?
    2. Where do I configure the secondary output?
    3. Output: There is "to chat" and "to channel" - Whats the difference?
    4. Tried to use TO CHAT and then set it to GUILD but it seemed only I can see it.
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    I treid to find a Prat manual but did not succeed so I need to ask here.

    I want to do 2 thigs:
    1. Welcome someone as they come online by whisper (not possible by cusum filter right? Other way possible?)
    2. Let Prat auto-reply to chat (e.g. if prat detects a levelup in group send a "gratz" to the group channel so others can see it)

    I tried to play around with custom filters but did not find out how it needs to be configured.
    Inbound should react if someone writes in the channel and Outbound filter do react if I send to the channel right?
    What is secondary output flag for?

    And how to send TO the channel as reaction so OTHERS can see as If I am posting it (not only myself)?

    How do I need to set the custom filter or Prat for option1 or option2 to work?

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