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    posted a message on MagicMarker - Raid Icon Marking made simple
    Hi, i'm using Magic Marker with a french client. In order to announce assigments to the raid chat with the icons displaying properly, I had to make this small hack :

    in Locales/Local-frFR line 128 to 136

    -- Raid icons
    L["Star"] = "?toile"
    L["Circle"] = "Cercle"
    L["Diamond"] = "Losange"
    L["Triangle"] = "Triangle"
    L["Moon"] = "Lune"
    L["Square"] = "Carr?"
    L["Cross"] = "Croix"
    L["Skull"] = "Cr?ne"

    Damn ... this forums is messing up with accents. Is there a way to get this to work ?

    In config.lua line 1295
     function MagicMarker:GetTargetName(ccid, link)
       if not ccid then
    	 return "N/A"
       elseif link then
    	 return format("{%s}", L[sub(RT_LIST[ccid], 2)])
         -- quite dirty, maybe there's a way to do better. You need to return the localised version of RT_list
    	 return iconLink:format(sub(RT_LIST[ccid], 2)) 

    Here we are ! Thanks for this wonderful addon. It's incredibly useful.
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