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    2009/04/19 12:04:13-3-x1]: AceLocale-2.2-91094 (BigWigs):487: AceLocale(BigWigsYogg-Saron): Translation "phase3_warning" does not exist.
    BigWigs_Ulduar-2.0\YoggSaron.lua:418: in function <Interface\AddOns\BigWigs_Ulduar\YoggSaron.lua:392>
    <in C code>: ?
    AceEvent-2.0-91091 (BigWigs):298: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0-91091 (BigWigs):910: in function <...ce\AddOns\BigWigs\Libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:903>
    I Had this error pop on phase3 transitions of Yogg today.
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    Quote from Azethoth
    I am curious what you mean by this, so let me ask you the following questions.

    The actual Grid2 Core (the part that actually makes it work as a raid frame) is even more stripped down than Grid was. You can not only have it be as minimal as it was before, but the actual code is more minimal. So I assume you are not talking about the core right?

    Oh yeah grid2 is super stripped down I understand this I am talking totally about the Default Config that is included now.

    Quote from Azethoth
    The config has two parts to it. One is where it mostly replicates the functionality of the Grid config. Let's call this the "basics". This part is also more minimal than before:
    *The following indicators will always be there as they were in Grid: border, health, health-color, heals-heals-color. Not so for the 4 square corner indicators, the text indicators and the icon indicator. If they are used they show up, if they are not used they will not show up. Depending on class / spec this could mean 0-4 square ones etc.
    *Only valid statuses are listed for each indicator instead of all of the statuses.
    Are you are ok with this part? (It really will not be much different than in Grid.)

    Yeah what I was saying is that it seems like its more crowded now then it was in Grid1, maybe its just been a really long time sense I used Grid1 but yeah lol.

    Quote from Azethoth
    The 2nd part of the config is to support the new things in Grid2. Creating a new icon / square / text indicator. Supporting class / spec defaults. Quick switching between defaults if there are multiple ones. Providing a GUI for moving / placing / creating indicators. All of this is layered on top of the "basics". You will not be forced to use any of it. However it could let you for example choose between a blank slate config (as you mentioned), a minimal config, and probably a more verbose config. Its purpose is to make Grid2 more usable to more people right out of the box.

    Is this the part you do not like? If so, can you explain why not?

    Ok ok this is what I was trying to say, I personally would rather an empty config be included as it is not currently, I can understand why you would want to have class profiles for all the entry level users but some of us would rather setup only the minimum indicators and status thingies. For example your "basics" include heal colors and the sort, I hide heal colors and opt for text indications on heals but thats just me. I guess what I am trying to say is I would rather not have to disable stuff but rather turn things on. But yeah empty/minimal/all things would sound good to me.
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    Quote from essmene

    While you (Phanx) the Zealot for the Minimalism have your play-style, the style of others may differ and hopefully you know that - sometimes it feels you forget that.

    Azethoth is addressing that Grid(1) was missing class defaults and only had a generic default. Furthermore it was not easy for new users to get started with Grid. There are a lot of Tutorials out there to make people familiar with it.

    Wow you got it totally correct you sir win.

    Quote from essmene
    As long as the base is modular and the configuration is split of - a new configuration can be implemented if you fears come true. But Azethoth has his plans not fully shown and lets see where things go first. It will be an interative process and it's not even in beta.

    What is interesting to me is that we are giving up one aspect of this mods linage in the sense that it has been a beacon of minimalism in my mind at least.

    I think this is why Phanx finds it so hard to see it going the way of so many other addons that try to be everything to everyone out the box and just suck (I AM NOT SAYING IT CURRENTLY SUCKS).

    Grid has always at least to me been one of the few addons out there that stuck to being a HIGHLY configurable addon yet still being able to wrap it all together into a neat little package which you cant find anywhere else.

    I for one will turn off almost 95% of all the things Phanx and Azethoth both want on, as a raiding priest I don't really need much, for example.

    1. Renew thing
    2. PW:S thing
    3. Weak Soul thing
    4. PoM thing
    5. 2 Text spots
    6. 2 Debuff corners
    Mainly I think the base defaults should be nothing totally BLANK you should have an empty box that is small. Of course you should explain this in the description of the addon and all that you have a default that is blank for advanced / adventurous users and then you have a Azethoth profile that adds all your stuff that you have been saying you want so that these users that need everything for them already done and waiting can just jump to that and go. I dunno w/e you are doing the coding boss man.
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    Quote from Phanx
    Excuse me? I've done nothing but respond, on a public forum, to the ideas you have posted, on a public forum, and requested feedback on, on a public forum. If you are unable to handle criticism and dissenting opinions, I suggest you do not post your plans in great detail on public forums and ask for feedback. If you are not interested in anything I have to say, simply don't respond to my posts. Frankly, anytime anyone has posted in any of the Grid2 threads expressing an opinion that doesn't agree with yours, you have either ignored them completely, or responded very negatively, so it really seems like you're not interested in feedback, nor willing to change anything in response to feedback. If you feel that a particular post of mine has been inappropriate, feel free to bring the matter to the attention of another moderator; however, I do not feel that any of my posts have been inappropriate. You simply don't like what I have to say.

    I gotta say Phanx is right here, from the very beginning she has done nothing but provide insightful and very (SOMETIMES WORDY) knowledgeable posts about UI design what people should and should not get out of grid2 and general feedback, I am STILL confused as to how and why the config got so fubar BUT whatever I will go with it. I really don't understand how you can try to claim she is hijacking the thread when she is only trying to help. If you don't want her help I can understand that but from an outside user I can see she is trying desperately to get what she feels are important changes made to someone that will not even give her the time of day. She has never demanded anything more then a logical response. But whatever man keep up the good work I hope Grid2 becomes more and more usable.
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