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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    sRaidFrames is not picking up the new ressurrection spell "Revive" of druids yet, would be wonderful if someone could add it :)
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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework

    Regarding the experimental addon, I like the fading off the text when mouse-overing a name, but would it be possible to make it "sticky" when scrolling in the chatbox?
    The idea would be that if I mouseover the nickname "Fred" and then scrolled up without moving the mouse, still all text from Fred would be highlighted.
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    posted a message on Hemlock (super-minimalistic poison maker)
    Quote from dreaderus »

    atm when ever i log into the game hemlock asks me to scan.

    when im at the poison vendor no buttons show up to buy

    any help would be great

    Do you happen to run the CharacterProfiler mod from www.rpgoutfitter.com ? If so, that mod also scans your poisons and conflicts with Hemlock.
    Workaround: Open your poison screen and wait for a message from CharacterProfiler that is has scanned succesfully. After that, run /hemlock scan manually and it will be fixed.
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