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    I believe someone else posted this already but it would be very nice to add the ability to specifiy the location of each frame in AGUF by coordinates (Nurfed does this, I believe X-Perl does not also).

    Take that 1 step further and give us a shadow frame for doing this -- IE: I would like to align all my raid frames up when im not raiding -- some kind of outline to show where they are actually going would be great.

    Good job on AGUF keep it up!
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    Anyone use Vizor or DFM (the 2.0 working ver) to lock/align your BT3 bars? Reason i'm asking is I did this and occasionally Bar2 seems to stop responding (cant click it - nothing). Doing a /console reloadui fixes the problem but it seems to come back randomly.

    Any input would be appreciated.
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    Quote from Lanacan »

    I use this to center the 1, 2 and bonus (i.e. shapeshift) bar to botom center of the screen:

    (You could combine these into one macro if you use supermacro if you wanted too)

    Macro 1 (will place 1 and bonus bar in same place):

    /script Bar1:ClearAllPoints()
    /script Bar1:SetPoint("BOTTOM", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 0, -5)
    /script Bartender:SavePosition(Bar1)
    /script Bar10:ClearAllPoints()
    /script Bar10:SetPoint("BOTTOM", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 0, -5)
    /script Bartender:SavePosition(Bar10)

    Macro 2 (sets bar 2 on top of bar1)

    /script Bar2:ClearAllPoints()
    /script Bar2:SetPoint("BOTTOM", Bar1, "TOP", 0, -5)
    /script Bartender:SavePosition(Bar2)

    Would highly appreciate it if anyone could explain to me why this does not work.

    /script BT3Bar1:ClearAllPoints() ** WORKS FINE **
    /script BT3Bar1:SetPoint("BOTTOM", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 0, -5) ** WORKS FINE **
    /script Bartender3:SavePosition(BT3Bar1) ** DOES NOT WORK FINE **

    The 3rd line to save this generates a "Attempt to call method 'SavePosition' (a nil value)

    Not sure if this changed with 2.0 or if I am not putting the right "Frame" value in however that is the correct frame name for Bartender3 Bar #1.

    I really perfer not to use Vizor / DFM / etc -- if those mods break for whatever reason (2.0.3 is coming) everything I have set will reset.

    Appreciate any help on this -- FYI last I heard Gello was busy with other things (Itemrack and Trinket Menu) however he does have plans to update SnapToGrid -- I also liked this mod alot because you could remove it after you made your changes and they would stick.

    Thanks again and I highly appreciate any help with this. Im a bit of a neat freak with my UI.
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