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    posted a message on Do people PvP? problems with MobHealth and aguf
    As Cal said, the Blizzard error reporting function is b0rked. I keep getting those same error messages (100+) that the error reporting program says is from this AddOn or the next. Happens in both raids and BGs. Both Ace2 and non Ace2 AddOns are blamed by the error reporting program. It just seems to pick one AddOn at random and blame those errors on that AddOn. My personal feeling is something in the raid code either client or server side is what to blame which is something for Blizzard to fix.

    My quick fix was to was disable to the audio cue from Bugsack. The errors are not affecting my game play, just annoying me.
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    posted a message on ClearFont and ClearFont2 - Official thread
    Excellent! One of my must have AddOns is now very easy to update. Welcome to the WoWAce community! :D
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Quote from Marticus »

    Hello. Please forgive me if I overlooked where it has been explained how to move the bars around. How does one go about doing this? I have tried various combinations of button clicks using mouse buttons and modifier keys. I appreciate any assistance I receive.

    Best regards,


    Easy, use the command /bar to print a list of slash commands. I believe the command you want is /bar lock. If you use FuBar then it is even easier. Just look for the Bartender3 FuBar plugin (the icon looks like a beer stein). Right click on that for the clickable menu of commands. Once you have unlock the bars, drag em to where you want them to live and use the lock command again to lock the bars in place.
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    I would like to add my vote for a gui for Visor2. It really annoys me that I cannot move the MiniMap buttons and various frames to where I want them.
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    Quote from Jncl »

    Quote from Malreth »

    Quote from SpUpUz »

    so oskin become skinner and oskin will not be more developed?

    oSkin will continue to be developed by the original author.


    Haste, the original author, wants to use the name oSkin for his new addon, therefore the original oSkin addon has now become Skinner and I and hopefully others will maintain it.

    oSkin -> Skinner

    Haste keeps the oSkin name for his new project.

    I look foward to seeing further development on Skinner
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    Quote from Jackson »

    Quote from tidus4eva »

    Maybe a bigger project: Discord Action Bar support?
    That would be kool. It's the only mod i use outside of my 10 gazbillion Ace2 addons.

    This might be out of the scope of the addon, considering the design behind DAB. Perhaps you could find an appropriate button skin and use DFM to make the changes you wish.

    Then again, maybe Sairen's addon, I just use it to make my screen look not-stupid.

    Agreed on that, DAB is a beast into itself, it just does not work like the way Bongos or Bartender2 works. If you want the circled look, create a custom border for DAB and apply it. Likely you will need DFM to make the border and DAB to cooperate.
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    Option 1: Goto your AddOns managment screen via your Character selection screen and make sure all those AddOns are enabled. Be sure to tick the "Load Outdated AddOns" checkbox if it is not already checked. if your AddOns still do not load then goto Option 2

    Option 2: The Nuclear option. Nuke BOTH the Interface AND WTF folders. Sometimes when AddOns are updated and you simply overwrite the folder, some items that are no longer used will not get delete and may cause issues. In this case it is best to start completely fresh. You will lose ALL settings with this option. Once you get your setup just the way you want, back up your WTF folder.

    If you are still getting issues after both of the above options, then you will want to revert back to an stable version of the AddOns in question. Although most of the AddOns on the SVN are great AddOns and work very nicely, bear in mind that most of them are BETA (or even alpha) versions, which means they are a work in progress so updates may break them.
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    posted a message on So, I'm A Noob :)
    Quote from Wobin »

    FlagRSP is a roleplaying mod that allows you to set your description etc etc for other rpers to read/interact. From what I've heard, it does the job, but is not overly well written overall.

    flagRSP is being replaced by flagRSP2. Hopefully this version is better coded. Find at Curse Gaming
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    posted a message on Ace2/Alternative to Auctioneer?
    I would love to see an Ace2 version of KC Items. KC Items and KC Auto Repair are the only two Ace AddOns I have left.
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    I have recently starting using these raid frames and I love em, however if I can make a request.

    I like the fact the borders can be recolored depending on who has aggro or is being healed ( am a healer) when you hooking into Squishy. However since I like a fairly clean UI I disable the border. Would it be possible to have the option to recolor the background for the same purpose. It really helps in boss fights like Kurrinaxx.
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