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    Quote from Dridzt

    We don't need an analogy to pro-bono work, fire-fighting, raiding or whatever other crap you're going to bring up next here because the issue at hand is extremely simple and can be discussed on its own merit.

    Apparently you do if it, otherwise you wouldn't have posted such a response. The thing with that is that I actually don't need to post anymore, you should have a reasonable understanding of the cause and effects of the situation at this point to formulate your own scenarios. If you come to a opposing conclusion are any different conclusion then by all means, post your scenario and the conclusion you came to. Would love to understand the other perspective in a way that does not involve flamming. (For some reason, using profanity towards me, calling me names, or what be it just does not get thru to me. Call me old fashion).

    The proper tickets have been submitted I assure you and as of hold on...
    approx 30 seconds ago no update to the addon.

    You know it is just sad, this started with me offering to help people I know who play the game seek results to a issue that is out there and was not being addressed. Whether it was a update, a message saying that there will be a delay(Such as the one the author of Questhelper gave) or even I am not interested and won't be doing the addon anymore.

    I was seeking the attention of the author(s) of the addon in a attempt to do this since the official channels of reporting issues does not seem to be working. (You really think that already hasn't been tried?) and has turned into a circus.

    Your worn out, tired, don't want to make your addon anymore? Fine then stop. But communicate this. Don't leave people in the dark, wondering. Especially after all this time has passed. While I havn't gone thru all the code of every error that was coming up,(I currently have Omen3 disabled so any errors that I would get at this point would not be from that addon, I do check for updates on it thou.) I would tend to think that Omen3 has a higher likelihood to be the cause of the error then a addon that has been updated.

    I actually feel bad for the author(s) of other addon(s) who receive reports(again using what ever official means they use to receive these reports) and attempt to fix the issue, all the while the user who reported the error and the author not realizing that the issue may actually be Omen3 causing the problem and trying to fix something in there own addon when there is nothing wrong.

    While it is obvious that there will be some author(s) out there who will have a whole different perspective on the issue it is kind of disappointing the level some of them posting responses to my original comment have gone to (Changing your addon(s) to provide a negative experience? Those of you responding to my posts actually condone that kind of action?(I would actually like you who have posted here to answer this one))

    In any case I am not going to be near my computer much for the rest of the day or throughout the weekend, but will check for replies and they are emailed to my phone. Probably won't respond to many if any as I hate typing things out on my phone.

    On the lighter side of things visit The Onion website or national and local news sites if you want to read funny things about what people are doing about the end of the Mayan calendar. Some of it is pretty funny, doubt all of them are real but there still funny.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Edit: Well maybe got thru to someone. Omen3 update a bit ago.
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    Quote from wobin
    I'm sorry, "Pro-bono" lawyers still draw a salary. They only do pro-bono work if they can afford it. Show me one fully pro-bono lawyer that does not take money from the firm for their work, that isn't independently wealthy.

    Soup Kitchen volunteers, Volunteer Fire fighters, all of your examples.

    They're all volunteers.

    If they suddenly stop providing their service, it is not 'unprofessional'. What -is- unprofessional, is your expectation that things happen the way you want them to, purely because you consume a freely supplied service.

    Well first off you don't know what your talking about, do some research before you post. Especially the parts about the expectations of volunteers by organizations that use that. I can tell you havn't had any real dealings in that aspect of life.

    You used my example of Volunteer Fire Fighters so lets use that one. One day someone is in need of there service, they come, but there two of them which for what ever reason do not wish to perform up to your expectations and as a result some aspect of someone's life changes. Should those two have been more professional?

    Want a less dramatic example? A local volunteer who has been volunteering at the library starts re-shelving books in the wrong places to get the job done faster. They go to a location that one of the books belong and place other books that need re-shelving there also to get things done faster. One day you find yourself wanting a book and you can't find it. The library catalog says it is not checked out. The seek assistance from the staff in finding the book and they can't locate it and start there internal process to locate the book which could take a great deal of time depending on the size of the library. Have the actions of this one volunteer affected you in any way? Should they have been more professional.

    You are healer in the middle of a guild raid in WoW. You are in phase 3 of a boss fight. Suddenly you have attracted the attention of a mob, the tank does not pull the mob from you and you die, you are typing for the tank to pull aggro as a second healer dies. You do not understand what is going on as the healing of the raid has been affected and dps start dying and the battle ends in a wipe. The whole course of events in the above example happen in the course of 5-10 seconds(may seem unrealistic to some but consider things are measured in dps and hps and it can happen that fast).

    Now lets do this from the tanks perspective. He is tanking then suddenly a windows pops up in the center of his screen about a addon error(for the sake of this example the addon has not been updated from the last game patch and the tank has selected load out of date addon(s) as so many of you have suggested). The battle requires certain mechanics that require certain actions and the tank is not prepared for the error and in the time it takes to just clear the error box from the screen one of the healers dies, the tank tries to get aggro again as another healer dies, finally he gets aggro however his hit points are now dropping fast as the remaining healers try to keep him alive and try to keep the rest of the raid alive. His hit points eventually fall to 0 and followed by the remainder of the raid.

    At this point it could lead anywhere, they might start blaming the tank, they might quit for that session, they might continue, some of them may have to repair and taking time to go find a repair npc if no one has a repair bot. Then it takes time to go back to the location in the raid and rebuff and get back to phase 3 of the fight.

    The wow event I have exampled is may be dramatic and the such occurrences don't happen that often I know but my response is not about how likely a event is to occur.

    If you have been in a raid that takes precise use of certain mechanics to succeed in that encounter then you know what those involved in this situation would be feeling after the events, you know some of them would may be upset to various degrees. Who is responsible for what has happened?
    Should the tank have expected not to get the error pop up for any reason? I would ask if he should have been using the addon and I probably should but so many of you in this thread seem to think that pressing load out of date addons is of no consequence.

    I could keep going on for I don't know how long. I mean really, how can those of you in this thread keep defending this kind of behavior as professional or acceptable? You think none of the examples apply to you, you can't visualize the effect it has on those in the examples? Well, find a example that you can visualize that helps you understand. If you are a player of WoW and have played for any long amount of time in raiding then you have experienced events similar to the wow example when it comes to the parts of doing the mechanics correctly, spending time getting to a certain point in the fight and having to start over cause of a wipe.
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    Quote from Dridzt
    Addons that need no actual code changes for a new patch (Omen3 is a good example of this) would only need a simple edit in their .toc file.

    It has began to produce errors, browse some forums from some of the other fansites or WoW official forums.
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    Quote from Phanx
    Not my problem if you assume anyone who answers a question must be the author of the addon in question. If you don't even know who wrote the addon, you don't really have any room to complain about your perception of the tone of someone's answer on a public forum.

    If there not the author of the addon then they should not be making assumptions, and/or answering question about that addon that are meant for the author and not for them.
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    Quote from Phanx
    Users like you, with your massive entitlement complex, complaining about how "unprofessional" it is for an addon author not to respond to everything immediately because it's such an emergency to spare you the soul-crushing horror of checking a box, really just make me want to replace all of my addons with goatse popups and quit WoW. I'd imagine other authors probably feel about the same. I do have a real job where I actually have some obligation to be "professional". This isn't it.

    Then quit, no one is forcing you to make your addon(s).

    I have been playing WoW for years, have been using different versions of Omen almost from the beginning of my experiences with WoW since the same friends that introduced me to WoW introduced me to a set of addons I should use. Most are still around, however there are some that have been discontinued to be updated, most where eventually replaced with other addons that did the same thing others where taken over by new authors.

    Now on to your viewpoints about being professional and unprofessional, well the lack of a update, any communication whatsoever from the author(s) of Omen3 that is unprofessional.

    Want a example, I have one for you. If for any reason you had to get a probono attorney, an attorney that works at a firm and has a job and takes on cases without charging clients in there free time by there own choice. What would you expect from them. Your not paying them anything, but you are looking for there help in a system that they are trained in and you may not completly understand. You are in in just as much need of help as the paying clients. Should you expect anything from them at all? Should you receive the same attention from them as they provide there paying clients? I believe you should, they should act in the same manner for both clients. If they are not willing to provide the same service to both parties then they should not have taken on the probono cases.

    The same applies for numerous other volunteer positions, fire fighting, hospitals and clinics, soup kitchens, libraries, social workers and yes WoW addon developers. The list just goes on and on and while some will view some of those positions as not necessary, a waste of time, a waste of resources, etc... There are others that look to services whatever they may be.

    All of which those who use the resources provided by those volunteer's deserve to have them in a professional manner, that does include communication about the services they are providing. If the person who is providing the said service has a different perspective then they used to. They are tired, become to busy, have a life change, then so be it but it is unprofessional to relay in some manner to those who are making use of there services that something is changing (there will be a delay, services will be changed or no longer provided, etc...)

    As for your comment about changing your addon(s) to provide a negative experience to players. How would you like it if you where using any of the services above and they did the same to you? Something to consider.

    There have been questions for the authors, comments regarding this on numerous the forums of several WoW fansites about errors that are cropping up.

    Some of ones I am personally reading are about Omen3 scripts running too long and I have gotten those recently from Omen3 also.

    As other addons are updated some of them may be having a effect on some of the functions and code inside Omen3 which makes total sense. Having multiple addons from different authors that all react when events are thrown from WoW can cause interesting things to occur. You as a author of addon(s) I would hope are well aware of this.
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    I commited the files using TortoiseSVN and everything went fine.

    However they are not appearing in my repository.

    Does it take time for them to appear there?
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    This is one of the most popular addons and making sure load out of date addons is not checked is one of the ways to insure that your play experience is streamlined and as error free as possible.

    There are over 15,000,000 downloads of this addon. Over 100,000 alone this month.
    It is one of the most popular addons used in the game at this time.

    Now I understand that addons are done with no compensation to the author(s) except
    for donations, however even in that circumstance this is still a unprofessional

    Hundreds of addons, where updated within hours of the update and some of those are
    just as complex as this one if not more complex. The author's of those addons receive
    no compensation except for donations either.

    This answer that you provided is disapointing not just to me but to several people
    I know in game who are anxiously waiting for it to be updated as well some of those
    others that have left comments in these forums and I am sure countless others that
    have not openly commented on this issue.
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    When is there going to be a Omen update to the WoW version 5.1?
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