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    posted a message on CastYeller - announces to your party/raid important spells you cast.
    can this addon announce when I cast redemption on a dead party/raid player?
    "MyName" is casting Redemption on "DeadPlayerName".
    also if possible announcing the interrupt, but not necessary.
    "Myname" stoped casting Redemption.
    I've already read that it can automatically whisper in the aprropiate chanel when in a party/raid/bg

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    posted a message on What is the best HUD ?
    I would really like a list of addons like this:
    Player Frames addons: Grid, XPerl, Pitbull
    Chat addons: WIM, chatbar, etc
    Statistics addons: Recount, Violence, SWStats.
    And anyone that have them to tell what likes best and what not.
    At least for me would be a nice place to find the plugins that I need.
    As an example I need a chat addon that can disable all "spam" chanels with the click of a button (trade,general,trade, etc). Or to be able to configure the buttons bar so that you can disable/enable those chanels separately. With chatbar I believed that can do this, but as I've seen it does only types /p /g /s oor any other chanel enabler with a click of a button... but no buttons for filtering the chat.
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    posted a message on fluctuating fps
    i'm using also fubar buttons(icon only, without text).
    the single reason for using MBB is that the buttons that i don't have enough space to place on fubar, cannot be correctly moved around a square minimap, and is looks verry anoying having different size buttons around the quare map. Also alot of addons don;t have support for moving their buttons around a square minimap, acting like circle even with a square minimap. Other thing that no addon can do is resize the button that is attached to the minimap.
    Using command lines is extreemly anoying, as not all addons work with /addon_name show [or] hide, or /addon_name config
    The point here is to find what makes lag spikes. Tested without MBB, and same result. The only improvement until now is removing metamap.
    Thx for the sugestions, but I need some addons for a reason. If I can;t find a square minimap that can move/resize addon minimap buttons, I will use MBB or an alternative. Was easy to replace metamap with cartographer, but for minimap buttons I need an alternative.
    I use only the base addon from Grid. Only 1 folder named Grid in my Interface/Addons
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    posted a message on fluctuating fps
    i tryed metamap as i;ve been having issues for a verry long time with cartographer.
    now, I tryed it again and problems gone. Happy to come back to Cartographer as some little functionality is much better thougth with it. Metamap is anoying from many points of view.
    My problem still there. It is much better since I gave up metamap.
    MMB alone without metamap is great, no ptoblems at all.
    But the lag spikes are strange, also happening when someone entering leaving raid. I get 10 seconds like 65 fps, then at once 3 seconds i get 10-15 fps. The biggest problem is that even if I stay in one place, without moving and not having any mobs in my sight, I still get lag spikes. Checked also the computer for spyware/viruses, checked the cpu usage, and only one that uses cpu is WOW. So there must be a problem with wow addons. Possible to be grid addon, but I need to test it much more.
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    posted a message on fluctuating fps
    possible to be the momory leak problem caused by matamap+mmb.
    I've searched a little the internet, and found out that is a memory leak problem that can cause to have alot of fps spikes.
    I'll test it later.
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    posted a message on fluctuating fps
    seems like I have a problem since last update. It happened also to add some addons exaclty in the same day.
    I reinstalled all addons that I installed that day, but seems like the problem is not solved.
    Any ideea what is wrong?
    Is there something I need to do with WTF config? Or something like this?
    The only new addons I've installed were: SCT, minimap button bag, metamap.
    Please tell me what I have to delete and where is located, regarding the WTF config, to allow reinstalling the addons fix the problem.

    I have also a problem with sound, wich happen to stop if I get low fps at some point.
    And one more problem: when i hit esc and select interface menu from wow default options, I get automatically the option with showing the helm enabled.
    Any help apreciated.
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    posted a message on Grid
    nice configuration Phanx, that is what I will do too.
    Didn't have time last night to check the debuffs addon, but I tryed to make myself a new tga file to replace the highlight. Succeded in some way, but couldn;t manage to display it correctly around a frame bar that has 120 pixels width and 22 pixels heigth. The lower part is not displaying correctly, as the tga has to be square, and the bar is not square. Hope I'll manage to someway draw a square using 4 lines, coordinates related to the frame bar.
    As for debuffs, hope I'll have time to test ronight. I don;t like the icons, as they are all different types, and is harder to see fast and take correct decisions. I will try to disable all uncurable/short duation debuffs, and display in upper right corner only the ones that I or any party can cure.
    Maybe would be nice to see as icons only the debuffs that ca be cured by party members but not by me. As I'm paladin it is going to happen for only one type of debuffs.
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Noticed that you are using the highlight "Interface\\QuestFrame\\UI-QuestTitleHighlight".
    Is there any other picture in that folder wich doesn't have the gradient part? (only the square, without the gradient part)
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    posted a message on Grid
    1) As long as I can modify this myself I'm happy with it. 150 width is good enough for me for the case where i use one line of players.

    2) I believe there is something I haven't explained well. Is nice to have the mouse over frame highlighted.
    The highlight has 2 parts. The boundary color that is a square a bit larger then the frame health and shows as a surrounding square, and the interior of the square, wich is a gradient that goes from total black, to larger values and then back to black.
    The problem here is that when a player has low health, I can see the gradient, and this is what I don't like, because the gradient is so colored that it makes hard to see the small differences in color when casting a heal to a frame unit.
    I have tryed to use a TGA picture with a simple golden square and a total black in midle (not a gradient), but I don't know why the lower part of the square when ingame mouseover a frame, it is not shown completely, having in this case a square without the lower line.
    BTW, is there a place where I can see the list of the images built into the interface of WOW, maybe I can find there an image that has only the square without the interior gradient. That would be great.

    3) So I understand that GridStatusRaidDebuffs is an additional addon to manage the debuffs better? Does it contains a database with ingame debufs?
    One thing that is not good is that when having 2 debufs on an unit, one removable and on not removable, I won;t notice the removable one, as the square stays in the color of the non removable debuff. And this can cause some problems. Would be really nice to have a lsit with non curable debuffs and mark them with other colors, and the priority of the color of the debuff to be lower in case of uncurable debuffs, so I can see the debuff square first in the color of a debuff that can be cured.
    What would be great would be a future display of debuffs as small squares, one for each debuff, starting from the right of the frame, and going to left, square by square.

    4) Can you please give me an example about how to do that macro? The only macro I did was with /say /yell text. While I work as a IT computer programer I can easy learn macros and stuff but I just started last week to look at source code of those wow addons.

    edit: BTW I will try to modify the highlight with this one :D
    can't wait to get home and check it :p
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    posted a message on Grid
    Thx for reply.
    1. I already modified tyhis myself.
    2. It is but not with pets. I want pets on that 2 lines together with group. And if i chose a "none" layout i don;t get the pets. Would be nice an option "none with pets", thatshould put all on 1 line.
    3. I will try to modify this myself. Is not the rectangle part that is anoying. It is the part that shows inside the frame when a unit has low health and i see the gradient on the black zone(black zone is lack of health).
    4. I see, but i use only upper righ square for debuffs, no icon. Only death icon i use in center. At least make an sort out for debuff square, so that i see the debuff that can be cured, not just one color of the debuff that cannot be cured, in case that a player has both curable and non curable debuffs.
    5. I don;t use icons for debuffs, I only want to use the upper right squares, and I want only the curable debuffs to trigger a square on the upper right of the bar.
    6. I will download it and try to use it, to see how it works.
    7. already talked with the clique creator, and the behaviour of the clicking to cast is the same as on the default party frames.
    This makes clique addon to don;t have anything to do with this. I would love a posibility to change the type of frames to act exactly as healbot addon does. I'm changing from healbot to grid because of the graphical quality, information given by the little squares on corners, and the memory used. Also when it comes to posibilities to configure your frames, is verry nice to have all that informations.
    Healbot is not as configurable as this one, and what can be configured doesn't allow as many options as grid. But few things would make my life easyer as healer.
    The thing with out of range is anoying, and till now seems to be the only problem that i don;t find any resolution.
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    posted a message on Grid
    Hi there
    Great addon
    But i really need some fixes and some updates.
    I think that they are usefull.
    Here is a list with what i would like:

    1. make maximum frame width bigger then 100 (i may use even 250 in party)

    2. make it possible to arrange units on 2 lines, or add maximum units per line or column

    3. please make a posibility to chose the way the grids are affected on mouse-over, because the curent mouse over modification make it harder to see the health of the player bar that is receiving a heal.

    4. i would like the square of the debufs to be added one for every debuff.

    5. make it possible to chose to not display the debufs that are short duration, unharmful, or uncurable.

    6. i would love a feature to chose between profiles of arranging units, that has to include frame width/ heigth, position of the entire grid of players, and the arrange rule. i like to make a 1 line arrangement with 5 players party, 2 lines arrangement with 10 players party, and 3 lines arrangement with 25 players party.
    most anoying is for 10 players party, and that is because 10 players with pets uses 3 lines instead of 2 lines.

    7. and finaly, the problem that i firstly came for on this forum: when i click to cast with clique adon on a party frame that is out of range, i get the gray hand instead of the spell canceled. i must say that this behaviour is the same as with the default party frames, but i would really like to get the behaviour with the spell canceled instead of the normal wow behaviour.
    After more testing I found out that this problem occurs for players that are >100 yards away, and not with players that are >40 and <100 yards away. But this is only if I had the player for some time under 40 yards. If not i get only the gray hand.
    Can you fix this pls?

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