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    I think is a bit of missunderstanding here.
    As I remember, Short(hp(unit), true), does show it the following way:

    if hp= 1000 then it shows 1.0k
    if hp= 999 then it shows 999

    (so I think I remembered it wrong, and only if under 1000 hp, it will show it normal)

    I might be wrong, but that is what I remember.

    Anyone knows what does this: Short(hp(unit), false) ?
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    Quote from Kerecha
    if using DogTags the "code" for that would be VeryShort.

    Don't know if there is any helper for that in the lua texts yet.


    Is this an example code? Have to test it :>
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    Ok, maybe I pushed it a little too far.
    You have to use this at start:
    local r,g,b = 123, 200, 10 (just get those numbers between 0 and 255 and make sure they are showing the right color).

    Or just go with this line:

    return "|cff55FF88%s|r", Short(HP(unit),true)

    Where 55FF88 represents the color:
    55= r (values between 0 and FF - hexadecimal representation - shows the amount of red in RGB)
    FF= g (values between 0 and FF - hexadecimal representation - shows the amount of green in RGB)
    88= b (values between 0 and FF - hexadecimal representation - shows the amount of blue in RGB)
    So you can replace those values with values you want, to make they show the blue(mana) or green (hp)color.

    This piece of code shows only curent HP, so the part with putting together curent hp with " | " and with maxHP, you will have to find yourself, asI really don't remember exactly the way I have to code it to add those 3 strings together, anyway, I give it a try, but might NOT work:

    return "|cff55FF88%s|r || |cff55FF88%s|r", Short(HP(unit),true),Short(MaxHP(unit),true)

    (you have to change yourself the values 55FF88 if you don't like the colors)

    If you have less than 1000 HP/mana, it would ahve to display 0.9K, and with Short() function you won't get that. As I remember, older versions of Caith UI were not displaying the shorter values than 1000 like 0.9K let's say. Was my bad there with 9999, is 999 actualy :p
    Caith UI uses Pitbull 4. So to get proper updates in future, and make sure all that ppl will post here and there, you will want to get back to Pitbull 4.
    About the color part, blizzard changed the way things work, in order to allow further customization for text colors. With current format, which is "|cffRRGGBB|r" means the following:
    The text following "|cffRRGGBB" sequence, will ahve RRGGBB color. This color change ends when engine finds "|r" code. So, in other words, all text between the following "|cffRRGGBB" and "|r", will have RRGGBB color where you HAVE to replace RRGGBB in all cases with numbers (hexadecimal numbers : example: 55AAFF or with variables, which you have to initialize in advance, with "local" directive, like I gave an example earlyer)

    Btw, I'm no Lua expert, I am just someone that used Caith unit frames and have the same problems since is not yet updated. So I decided to make the scripts myself, and I have them all working. (but I do have programming experience - not in lua)
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    That is looking exactly like Caith UI ;)
    I am using that too, looks really nice.
    First of all:
    You will want to use SharedMedia Library for that texture, as is not included in other addons(as far as I know) but in Caith UI, which uses SharedMedia Library too.
    You will need to get used to the scripts in LuaTexts in orded to be able to make text look like that:
    Go in unit editor in PB, select the frame that you want to edit, select texts, and start selecting the following:
    - I've seen you don;t want a name to be displayed, just select Lua:Name and disable it.
    - for the "Current HP | HP" part, just select Lua: Health, and you have to do 2 modifications:
    1. from your example it doesn't show that you are using Short version (with K at the end) since the frame you showed does not have numbers greater than 9999. Just make sure that you replace all the direct showings with Short( [stat here], true). In case is HP, use Short(HP(unit),true).
    2. About colors, you will want to add a modifier which has been changed with partch 3.2, and has to look like this:

    return "|cff%02x%02x%02x%s|r",r,g,b, Short(HP(unit),true)

    So, in other words, just make sure you get both "%s" into "|cffRRGGBB|r" sequence, where RR,GG,BB can be replaced with %02x in case you use r,g,b variables (in case you have more texts with same colors).
    Hope I've been useful, at least will help you get the job done. If more details needed I can help only when I get home, as I am not totally sure about the final script, since I don't have the game at work to be able to test.
    Btw, I have also an enhancement on this frame. When I mouse over the frame, I am displaying the long version of the power/hp. So the code looks like this:

    if IsMouseOver() then
    {put the code for displaying the full lenght power/hp - without short()}
    {put the code for displaying the short lenght power/hp - short()}

    Lovely Pitbull ;)
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    Sorry to post here a feature request but there is no way I can make to reset my password into projects to post a ticket.
    Here are my problems:

    1. [BUG] Don't know why but the icons for leader/masterlooter in raid are not displayed for "Target" Frame. It works only on myself "Player" frame.

    2. [FEATURE] Please add a posibility to switch between buffs/debuffs in case the target is a friendly unit or a hostile unit. Here is an example:
    I have debuffs on top of my targets frame and buffs on the right. Since the space above the Target frame is limited, I would like to see the debuffs on the right and buffs on top but only in case the target is an enemy.

    Just received the new password from after a pretty long time, but now I am able to write the ticket.
    As for the bug, I will test at home and make another ticket if the issue is still there.
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    Ty for reply.

    I think that adding options like Frame Width, Frame Height, Frame orientation separate for every type of layout, might be helpful. At least I won't have to change horizontal groups, everytime I enterg a BG.
    Yes, I am a fan of vertical groups, but since I got limited space horizontally (and the UI I have in mind with a middle grid will require also a limited space) I need a solution to make grid use a limited amount of space no matter how many pets/vehicles are in raid at some point.
    Frame resize I understood that is not acceted by blizzard policy while in combat, but I would really love to have a solution to this. (putting pets invisible, and replacing players frames with vehicles when they use them, would be awesome)
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    For the moment I made a macro on a button, doing horizontal flip. At least I can switch fast when doing Malygos, BGs or Flame L. This should do it for the moment.
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    I've been searching alot in the configuration but didn't find a way to swap between buffs/debuffs but only when I select an unfriendly unit. This is for target frame. I like to see debuffs for friendly units on top of the frame and buffs on the right, and when I select an unfriendly unit, I like to see his buffs on top, and his debuffs on the right. Does this feature exists and I'm that blind? Or should I post a ticket about feature request? Please let me know and exxcuse me if this already exists, and pls point where I find it :)
    (I have plety of space on the right on my target frame, and considering that friendly players have alot of buffs and unfriendly units have alot of debuffs in fight, would be handy to see them where I have more space)
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    Quote from Mokhtar
    If it's that simple, just do it, branch it out of the Grid trunk, have the Grid dev crew review it and merge it back in the trunk.

    Note : the real answer might be one of the following :
    - "Yes it's that hard"
    - "Yes it's that hard to do in a way that meshes well with what exists. Too much bother for little added value."
    - "That's not something that we're willing to spend valuable time coding."

    Okay, can't do more about it.
    Any advice about how to make grid add the pets/groups 6 7 8/vehicles on top of grid, but to keep the arrangement of groups with vertical orientation (to not check horizontal groups) ?
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    When I am in raid, I do have vertical groups. When I am in BG I change to horizontal groups since I only have a limited horizontal space on my screen for grid.
    Any chance to make at least while in raid to "force" pets to be added on top of the grid, while having horizontal groups unchecked? Is a bit unpleasant to check/uncheck every time I get bosses with vehicles/pets and I do like to have my groups vertical all the time. Any chance to add this? :p
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    I have seen NAO addon and I really think that is very useful for PVP, but was realy unhappy to see that has only 2 things to track. Infusion of light and Avanging Wrath. I would really like to be able to add different spells to it, or just point me to any addon that can do that.
    Just to explain what NAO does: when a particular spell becomes available (cooldown is off), it will display for a short duration the icon of that particlar spell, in an user defined location on the screen. I would really like to be able to add other spells/abilities there, like Hand of protection, bubble, hand of sacrifice, hand of freedom, trinkets, "every man for himself". Anyone knows an addon that can do that? So the big advantage of this addon I believe is that it shows the announcement only when the spell becomes available again, and I believe is more handy to see a fast disapearing icon that announces me about the availability of a particular spell, than tracking multipe cooldowns in a place on the screen where anyway in pvp I am most likely not able to check in time.
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    Oh, and add pls a way to modify the color of the line that remains when the cooldown/timer is getting close to 0. Ty again. (or am I too blind to see? searched for this for 10 minutes and didn't find it)
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    Can this addon display cooldowns for spells and durations on other players in the same list of timers? Can it keep a fixed position for those timers no matter how many of the timers are enabled at a particular moment?

    EDIT: This addon looks great. I was able to put together all spells I wanted in the same group, but I wasn't able to sort the list the way I wanted. Would be really nice to setup a priority or something wich would affect the order of the spells to have all time the spells in the same position. Or even if they don't keep the same position, at least make it be sorted by some numbers that I can assign for every spell/cooldown. Would be lovely.
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    Maybe "a must" is a bit rough said :p
    Anyway, I would really like to don't have to install 3 different addons to track some things like cc, taunts, lay on hands and so on. I consider that every raid leader should have all the info possible in order to have control over what is happening. But, since those 3 addons do not track everything I need, I would probably need the 4rth one to track the rest, but only problem is that does not exists :|. Wouldn't be nice to have a highly customizable addon that ca track ANY spells, and this way you have everything you might ever need.
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    Can you give me a link if you don't mind? I am blind or I am blind :p and I can't find the thread discutionabout this issue.
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