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    Ooo awesome stuff, thankyou kindly :)

    dont want to sound a pest, but any chance of a little icon or something in that little box to the right of addon pages ? :)
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    Hey, I'll jump right in with the request:

    A friend has asked for the ability/feature to be able to show targets health in deficit (health missing/taken) rather than curhp/maxhp.

    He mentioned 2 things to me, wanting health deficit display, and percentage display. Now one was of the target *enemy* mob, and one was friendly targets health. I'm sorry but i forget which way round it was.

    Also, what are the parameters you can add to the custom line in text health display (target or other) ?

    p.s. thanks for this totally and utterly awesome addon, its fantastic! :)
    (p.s. i love it as it is. but you know. picky picky..)
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    Is there any chance of a certification system (either self of tested) so that the Ace/Ace2 addons can be marked and easily understood that they are capable of working with the new Burning Crusade expansion ?

    Considering that the release date of The Burning Crusade expansion draws closer, many users are asking "but what about when TBC comes out, arent they changing something ? Wont that break them ?".

    I find almost every Ace2 addon to be very fast and efficient and considering the great development support for them, i'd like to keep using the ones i have (and would also like some ace ones ported to ace2, but thats another story :). It would be great if we were able to simply luck up our favorite addons to discover their future compatability. To safeguard not having to change them again when TBC is released.

    Something simple on the wiki pages would be great. An option being maybe a 3 stage system. 1 that the author thinks it should work, 2 that the author is confident it will work, and 3 being that its tested and confirmed to be working for sure.

    Thats about it. I beg that dev's indulge in this little habbit and make life easier for us users, come TBC release. I'd also like to thank you all for some incredible addons. Thank you for making WoW lag free and all pretty n shiny n stuff.

    Thank you for your time :)
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