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    Quote from StormFX
    1. Make sure you have backgrounds enabled in the ButtonFacade options.
    2. Make sure it's Mangle (Bear) and not Mangle (Cat) on the bar.


    Right well ya, nab mistake it was :(
    didn't have background enabled at first (didn't realise the option there) and also it was a macro problem in that i had a mangle button for bear and cat but still had "#show Mangle - cat() in it, so when the macro was in bear form, it was showing the cat mangle button, hence the disabled look.... doh! :S

    thanks for help :)
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    I decided to give making my skin a go and followed the guideline of other skins as a template.
    although i am having some problems.

    1. My background layer wont show on my buttons for some reason
    2. when i'm in bear form my Mangle button is very dark, as if the button is disabled, the other buttons are similar but only when i dont have enough rage, when i do they light up except from the mangle button. this problem is only present when in bear form, in cat it works normally.
    i was wondering if anyone knows what the problem might be.

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