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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    There are a couple of things EasyRaid does that might be cool to consider. As I find myself in a tough spot since EasyRaid no longer works, I was wondering if you had considered or would consider adding these functions to your frames?

    Frame Container - EasyRaid creates a resizeable area in which all the frames go and they are automatically sorted and aligned with a couple of options. It helps having to avoid constantly needing to finagle your frames to accommidate the ever changing nature of raids you are a part of.

    Hide Classes/Groups - I believe I saw someone ask for this earlier, but even as a healer I only ever need/want to see certain classes or groups. Being apple to suppress certain ones would be awesome.

    Hide Current Group Members - This helps save realistate as it removes the party members already displayed by your party frames.

    This looks to be, and is thus far a terrific raid frame mod, and I look forward to your future development.

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