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    posted a message on Vote for your right to express your apathy!
    From my perspective I'd rather they fix other issues opposed to getting a 0 vote to live. ;)
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    posted a message on Dear addon authors...
    Quote from Tekkub
    Yes, the game makes a distinction between enUS and enGB, yet presents the same localize strings to them.

    I thought the UK clients returned enUS now?
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    posted a message on Setting up autolocalization with namespaces
    Somewhat of a necro, but Ackis Recipe List uses namespaces in the ToC. It's svn so if you're having issues with Git feel free to check it out.
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    posted a message on New Addon Updater!
    With the release of the new CC v4 beta and Minion, I think I'm going to stop development on this updated.
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    posted a message on An open letter to Netcurse regarding CurseForge/WowAce development
    I've kinda avoided responding but I'll chime in a bit.

    I don't work for Curse at all for the record.

    My job is one where I have a lot of free time, and I found myself helping them out more and more and all that jazz.

    The two people that can deal with CF/wowace have their hands full with other projects right now. I'm lobbying for them to spend time each week to get a few tickets fixed/etc however the dev team for Curse is IMO understaffed.

    There's a bunch of bugs with Curse.com, and CF/Wowace, we all know this and it's frustrating a lot of times.

    I think the first steps for when they get more dev time will be to fix the existing issues instead of adding new features.

    Of your tickets:
    3.656 - Repository Brower - 253
    3.500 - Viewable download counts - 266
    3.444 - Better subscription system - 232
    3.137 - Commit message ticket interaction - 211
    2.955 - Per-project forums (optional, of course) - 246
    1.732 - Non-English localization of site - 168

    The repository browhser, commit message ticket interaction, localization are IMO new features.

    The subscription system currently... sucks. You don't get notifications for PM's, no global management, etc... IMO that is one of the things that needs to be fixed first.

    The localization app also has a lot of issues with it which need to be fixed.

    Regarding the forums for addons, that's pretty much complete right now. I don't know where they're going with it however.

    I just felt like tossing my 2 cents in. :)
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    posted a message on What's the proper way to submit a patch for an existing issue?
    Quote from Phanx
    Probably, use http://paste.wowace.com/ to "upload" your patch, and then post the resulting URL in a comment on the existing ticket.

    Another option is to just paste the code in the ticket itself, the creole markup allows you to handle different types of code.
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    posted a message on Addon Authors: Please review your categories
    Please do a review of your addons categories please. With the v4 Curse Client being released, categories are getting more imporant. Please take a few minutes to go over the addons that you have and verify the categories are correct.
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    posted a message on ETA on Amazon.com gift cards?
    Have you got yours yet Phanx?
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    posted a message on Rock + Ace3
    Quote from Xinhuan
    While I generally don't like that a 1.5 year old thread is dug out and necro-ed for discussion (Phanx might even lock it while I won't), it is probably a thread worth looking at in retrospect at the development history and controversy that surrounded the addon frameworks back then.

    Ace3 eventually outperformed Rock by

    - Being much much smaller in both file sizes, memory footprint.
    - Easier to learn because it only comes with core functionality needed by most addons, and not the extra stuff that only 1 in 100 addons will use that Rock can do.
    - Being created and maintained by a team of authors, rather than by one person.

    Rock also had some "political" addon issues, most of which revolved around
    - Talent data sharing (before Blizzard implemented talent inspection).
    - Using of a nearly unused Blizzard savedvar (this savedvar tells the default UI whether to make the talent button glow on a login indicating you have leveled up and not assigned your talent point yet) to save a rock config setting (whether to show the rock icon on the minimap).
    - Loading time degradation by using collectgarbage() calls unnecessarily.

    I think your entire post can be summed up with the bolded statement. Anything with a group provides more insight, etc.

    Quote from xbeeps
    And you ask where Dongle went?

    It's still there, it survived by being so unobtrusively small, that its just a single lua file you put right in you addon folder together with the other files, and no one even notices, and no one even bothers to make any drama about it, because they can't even tell its a "framework". But i'm still kinda happy Rock is no more. It almost doubled my load times single handedly...

    I wouldn't say it's no more. Not being maintained but there are some very popular addons out there that use it still. ;)

    What about jostle? And remember the good old mod that used Ace3 and Rock because both of them are better than none? ;)
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    posted a message on Failed to check out Amazon.de gift card
    Yay :)
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    posted a message on Changing e-mail address and password
    Update on this.
    I've just edited the forums so that the links under your user control panel will now work. You'll now see an edit password and edit e-mail section there.

    If you see links to the old password system please let me know via a PM.
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    posted a message on Manage & view my addons (now for Linux/Mac too)
    Yah there's a more stringent review process for .exe's. They're still frowned upon, but we do make exceptions now and then. And I think this tool looks wicked. :)
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    posted a message on Profile mayhem
    Quote from Tristanian
    No it isn't true, it's a generalization and a dangerous one at that. There is very good reason for certain addons to use character specific profiles by default (and the option to be able to change this of course), for example addons monitoring certain statistics or talents, which obviously vary from character to character. I can even find reasons why someone would want an addon such as Omen to use different settings per character.

    I think I could find a reason why you would want pretty much anytype of addon to have character specific profiles. It's just a pain to manage them however.
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    posted a message on Manage & view my addons (now for Linux/Mac too)
    He stated that he couldn't do WowAce because of no lua. Just letting him know he can make use the of the same project features but over at CurseForge.
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    posted a message on Manage & view my addons (now for Linux/Mac too)
    You could probably host it on CurseForge if you wished.
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