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    CooldownWatch also seems to lose talent-gained lowered cooldowns. I am noticing this specifically on Improved Judgement for Ret pally. RBM will update when I go into the Retribution page of the Spellbook, but it will forget that again the next time I log in.

    Anyone else notice this for other abilities?
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    Quote from Phanx »

    Either way, I'm tired of people going "omg stupid fucking morons wowace addons r beta stop qqing bc ur addon broke!1!!!1!" when the average user who downloads through WAU makes their first post on the forums asking why Addon X is broken and there is nothing anywhere notifying the average user that they are downloading betas.

    Not sure on this one, but to *get* WAU, don't they have to come to the site? And on the page where they get WAU in the first place, in big bold letters right at the top, it reads:

    These are BETA addons you are updating and you should expect to see cutting edge features which may not be fully functional or bug-free. If this doesn't sound appealing for you, stop reading this page and update your addons through release versions from mod sites instead. Some addons are more beta than others.
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    First off, great addon, really liking it so far.

    Couple of issues with this latest version.

    1) The cooldown text stays in the slot when changing to a different characters inventory. So, say I use my hearthstone on my current character. If I then go to look at a different character's inventory, the 60m cooldown text shows in the same slot, on whatever item is in that slot in the other char's inventory. I think this type of issue was mentioned already, but just in case. . :).

    2) When viewing another character's inventory, if you click on an empty slot and drag, you pick up the item that is in that slot in the current character's inventory, and you can move it around. Only happens on the empty slots.

    Thanks again for an awesome addon :).
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    Quote from cryptmagic »

    I have a problem if i have a pet, it messes up the threat, my hunter's pet will show up in the thousands, top of the threat, when it clear isnt. It does the same thing with my priest and his shadow fiend pet.

    Same thing in our guild last night, pets were showing up very high, one in the thousands, far ahead of the MT (400% of the MTs threat). NVM, saw the downgrade fix.
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    Quote from Moochi »

    No sure if it was me only.

    Few revision updates sore of partially wipe my settings. Need to redo them lol.

    Between, nice T5 shoulder braway.

    Yeah, updates to PitBull do this to me a lot. Fairly minor things, but consistent enough to make it somewhat annoying.
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