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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    Just a quick update for everybody: Elephant has been updated for 4.0.1!

    A lot of new improvements, stability fixes, features:
    - First of all, now using Ace3. No more having to use two different frameworks for your addons!
    - Class colors in logs
    - And much more!
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    posted a message on Crafts
    Hey guys,

    I wanted to present to you a brand new AddOn that will totally simplify your needs in Enchantment, Tailoring, Engineering, Alchemy, ... or whatever profession you are interested in! Crafts is an AddOn made to offer to its users an easy way to know the crafts that the members of the guild can do. It is aimed to answer to at least these questions:

    • Who can make this item?
    • What are the needed reagents for this craft?
    • Is an offline player able to make the item I want?

    When using Crafts, you auto-magically share all your professions to other players running the AddOn, and they do as well. You can then easily search within all this data and find your needs in a few seconds. The only required action on your side is to open from time to time your tradeskill windows (once very two weeks!). Opening them for crafting also triggers an update.

    Now that you have a quick overview of the AddOn in mind, let's see more precisely what it can do:
    • Complete crafts auto-update, no need to ask for offline players data, it is automatically synced.
    • Auto purge of old data (tested with 3.3 patch).
    • Synchronization is supported through different locales (enUS<->frFR<->deDE for example).
    • No load time at login.
    • Small & very fast search.
    • No need to reload anything after a synchronization with another player.

    A few less important functionnalities:
    • Crafts are filtered out. You will not see useless Crafts at level 80 in the list.
    • Simply change the main locale in which Crafts is used.
    • Choose the location of the tooltip detailing the crafts on the AddOn.
    • Intensive code documentation (for developers!).

    At the moment, synchronization is limited to players running the AddOn in your guild. However, this behavior is subject to change if the need to synchronize your data with players outside the guild is asked by a large majority of users. Remember that you may still ask members of any other guild who knows how to make a particular item ;)

    If you are interested in testing the AddOn, feel free to download it with your Curse Client v4 or find it @ WowInterface or WoWUI (see below).

    Install Crafts with the Curse Client v4, or download it on:
    [i]Curse: [b][url]http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/crafts.aspx[/url][/b][/i]
    [i]WowInterface: [b][url]http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info15402-Crafts.html[/url][/b][/i]
    [i]WoWUI: [b][url]http://wowui.incgamers.com/?p=mod&m=7031[/url][/b][/i]

    More information
    If you're still having some questions after installing the AddOn, type
    /crafts help
    to get some... help! Below, you will find some information copied from there (in its current version).

    How do I share my professions?
    The AddOn must first gather your data before being able to send them to other players. To do this, simply open your different tradeskill windows and make sure your crafts appear in the main window. Starting from this point, everything is magic: your professions will be synchronized with your guild mates automatically.

    When are professions synchronized?
    Your data will be synchronized once every hour. Even if this amount of time seems huge, it has been chosen in order to avoid too much spam on the AddOn channels. Don't forget a lot of other AddOns need to send data as well. You will however permanently receive synchronization data from other players, and thus your AddOn will be up-to-date very quickly.

    All of my crafts aren't synchronized?!
    In order to avoid too long and huge synchronizations, only most wanted crafts are synced. Some of the most wanted crafts are manually chosen in the 'Favorites.lua' file by the community and are forced to synchronize; YOU may want to modify this file to add a craft. Feel free to do so, but please follow the recommendations at the top of the list.

    If you really like this AddOn and you want to thank its author for his great work, check this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=5177975

    Known missing/in debate features
    • It is not possible to share your crafts outside of the guild yet.
    • A message saying you are not guilded may appear from time to time when playing with an unguilded character and the AddOn activated. Disabling Crafts in that case is the preferred method. We're working on it.
    • There is no way to disable the AddOn in raid. However, there has been no reports of some performance or latency issues yet. If you think this is a problem or if you have any stability issues while raiding, please temporarly disable the AddOn and report the error on WowAce or Curse.

    Happy crafting! ;-)
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    posted a message on LZRoster: It's back!
    I am upping this topic just to know what you thought about the roster and how it could be enhanced if you did not think about installing it for a missing feature. I would be pleased to have any kind of remarks, since they are very important for the incoming features of the tool.
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    posted a message on LZRoster: It's back!
    Note: this tool is based on the LZProfiler that is Ace'd and available on the Wowace SVN. This is why this topic is in this section.

    So it's done, I've updated all the code (it is now using PHP classes), it's optimized, it's bug free (99%), it's better and more beautiful, but... but! but?! but what am I talking about? LZRoster (http://www.lzroster.com/) obviously!

    Three pictures to see:

    Quick description
    LZRoster lets you display all the information that the World of Warcraft Armory does not display for a guild: the crafts list and the dungeons access list. But it does a lot more than that: it supports several languages, it's customizable, and easy to install. Better: it does not ask the users to make a lot of updates! And it's FREE!

    The roster also generates automatic links to a World of Warcraft database chosen by its webmaster during the installation process. A demo is available on the official website, go there if you want an immediate testing: http://www.lzroster.com/

    Long description
    "Hum.... What is it?"
    A roster!

    Ok, ok, let me explain... A roster displays informations on a guild, data being sent by users ^^ We thus have...

    "Wait, wait, wait! Don't we already have that on the armory?"
    Actually... no. The aim of LZRoster is precisely to display information that are not displayed on the World of Warcraft armory.

    "And what does it not display?"
    Tradeskills... and dungeons access! It is obviously impossible to know who is able to craft a specific item without asking on the guild chat. And I'm not talking about the case when the player that knows the craft isn't connected when you ask... in short it makes your life easier.

    "Yeah... there are already a lot of rosters."
    Sure, but none is like LZRoster.

    First of all it is pretty. I was a bit bored of stark interfaces, globally ugly and not very "user-friendly". I wanted something that was pleasant and on which you want to come back. Globally, it gives that: http://www.lzroster.com/share/tradeskills.png

    Then, it supports several languages ; this means that you can send your data in English or French without any problems, links are automatically made by the roster (you can have an example here: http://www.lzroster.com/demo/tradeskills.php?t=engineering). Actually, all languages in the world are supported if someone makes one translation for each of them (roughly 1 hour of work). You will then be able to display the roster in one of the supported languages, thanks to the link at the top right corner of each page.

    LZRoster is customizable through user accounts that players can create with the roster password that secures it. You can see an example of the preferences page here: http://www.lzroster.com/share/preferences.png

    Finally, it is easy to use, thanks to a clear and detailed installation script (so that every webmaster is reassured of what he or her is doing). Check the installation script for an example (http://www.lzroster.com/share/install.png).

    "Ok. I understood it has a lot of options. And what if I want to know how to get the reagents a craft needs to be made?"
    When you install the roster, the webmaster can select in a list the database where users will be redirected when they click on an item link. For example you can click on one of the reagents on the tradeskills page ; you will then automaticaly be redirected to a World of Warcraft database.

    Currently supported databases are:

    • Wowhead
    • Thottbot
    • Allakhazam
    • World of Warcraft Armory
    • Judgehype (FR)

    Soon: WowDB, WowDigger, ...

    "Nice indeed. But what else?"

    • LZRoster is free of charge, OpenSource and uses free technologies (PHP & MySQL).
    • It needs a small amount of memory: less than 3MB per page in the vast majority of cases, allowing it to be installed on most of multidomain hosts.
    • The roster is optimized: even on a multidomain host, it will need less than a second to display more than 300 crafts with there related reagents!
    • There is no need to update the roster very often. When you have done it once, it should be ok! But you can also send your data each time you learn a new craft to tell your guildmates that you can create this item.
    • Adys, a former member of the Wowhead team (http://www.wowhead.com/?aboutus), has participated in its development.
    • Support is very fast. You will generally get an answer the same day you have posted your message (often in the next few hours).

    "Any references?"
    Sure. But since the first version of the roster has been released only to the French community, you will only find some French references (but English will come soon!): http://www.lzroster.com/who.php?en

    "And where can I find it?"
    On the official webiste: http://www.lzroster.com/
    A little demo is available there (but don't overload the server please! :p).

    The installation guide is available here: http://www.lzroster.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10

    "And what if it does not work?"
    Why would it not work? It cannot bug, that's impossible ^^

    More seriously, if you have a problem, don't hesitate to post on the official forums of the roster. Support is very reactive.
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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    Ho my... I'm answering 22 days too late, but no worries I'll send you a mail to tell you that there is an answer to your question ;)

    Actually the option you are looking for IS implemented, just look at the filter options in the options. You should add a filter "AceComm*" and it should fix your problem.

    There is also a "by default, do you want to log any new channel created"? Look in the options, again, to find it ;p This option will not avoid channels to be created into Elephant (use the filters instead), but will avoid new channels to be logged by default.

    PS: If you want some help in French, send me a mail or /w me on #Wowace @ Freenode
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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    @ Kyron: As I answered on Curse-Gaming, this is a strange bug. I never had this thing on Elephant, thus I don't really understand from where it is coming. If you have this bug again, please post it here, and i'll look into it.

    @ blankStare: Try to check/uncheck "Save the chat with Prat formatting"
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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    I've added a cool functionnality that lets you save all the logs exactly the same way Prat does. You just have to make sure Prat is loaded and check the option in the config menu. You'll then have the log display the same way Prat displays your chat.

    Pew pew!
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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    Ok so I have added two new very cool features:

    Filters: you can now avoid logging some specific channels. For example, if you add the "AceComm*" filter, you will no more log any channel with its name beginning by "AceComm". If you specify "*", no new custom channel will be logged.

    Catchers: you can now log additionnal messages in some logs (not all). For example, you can now choose to log party messages in the raid log, or choose which combat messages you want to save.
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    posted a message on Having several frameworks running at the same time
    Quote from OrionShock »

    I've got a very real answer for you as i run 3 base frameworks at a time on my UI.

    My memory usage went down my 10mb, framerate went up by 10-15 (that is when i switched over to new versions).

    and to take the example from Fisker, LibParser-4.0 has compatibility layers for the other 2 versions... just got to make sure that it loads first for addons that are older.

    Ok, but you have a totally different interface now, do you? So you cannot compare before and after.

    What I meant was (this is theory, it will obviously not work in real):
    * Case 1
    1) The user has 20 addons.
    2) He runs them with one framework.

    * Case 2
    1) The user has the "nearly the same" 20 addons.
    2) He runs the same framework.
    3) He runs another framework besides.
    4) Some adons use the first framework, the other ones the second framework.

    Is there an increase of CPU/memory usage?

    What I want to show here is if running two frameworks will increase cpu/memory significally if besides we nearly do not have any memory change used by addons (not talking about libs).
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    posted a message on Having several frameworks running at the same time
    WARNING: I do not want a flame war here (even if I think it's nearly impossible to avoid it), I'm asking my questions on general frameworks, don't think about Ace, Dongle, Rock, or your dog's framework. Don't do it. Save the world, keep this thread clean.

    Something has been bugging me for a few days now, and I'd like to have some explanations on this.

    Everybody seems to agree that running several frameworks at the same time is not a problem, the user will not see the difference, bla bla bla... But hey, I was thinking a bit about how works a framework, and I'm surprised about this.

    Running two frameworks means:
    - Running two OnUpdate() managers at the same time.
    - Possibly running two libraries that do the same thing but that runs on each framerwork separately.
    - Having two configuration managers loaded (i.e. /slah, gui, ...)

    So how the hell having two framerworks (or more!) would not change anything to the CPU and memory usage?

    Thanks for your answers ;)
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    posted a message on SharedMediaAdditionalFonts (Official thread)
    I see what you mean. If we put aside the fact that it creates a load on the bandwith of the server (and if it does, then I'll have to remove the addon obviously), I was actually thinking that it was a good idea to have two separates addons to avoid users that only need SharedMedia to download a big addon each time they want to update.

    The aim of SharedMediaAdditionalFonts is not to be a 50MB AddOn (it would be insane) but to offer more fonts than the one already included in SharedMedia. Actually, even if those are fine, I often felt that there was not enough to really have a large choice that would fit to all the users.

    It's not a problem for textures (small size), it is for fonts, so their number must be quite small. This addon is a way to make a group of all the most-used fonts and also to make some "tests" for new ones, without polluting ShareMedia itself.
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    posted a message on SharedMediaAdditionalFonts (Official thread)
    Quote from opioid »

    I am saying this just to help you out: it is "Additional" as in (I assume) "SharedMediaAdditionalFonts"

    True. Changed the name on the SVN and corrected the thread :P
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    posted a message on SharedMediaAdditionalFonts (Official thread)
    Note: my English is not perfect, please forgive my mistakes.

    Hey there,

    I've just added the SharedMediaAdditionalFonts addon on /wowace/trunk/ and I'll explain here why I did this and how users should edit it if they want to.

    First of all, it's based on the code of MyMedia of SharedMedia so no credits to me, but instead to the creators of the original SharedMedia addon. I'm just maintaining the AddOn and I check if everything that is added to it is cool (or not).

    o Why SharedMediaAdditionalFonts?

    There are several problems with the MyMedia feature of SharedMedia:
    • The user must add this feature by him/herself. Any user should be able to do it, but it's a pain in the ass for someone who does not code often.
    • A lot of users do not even know that they can add their own medias to SharedMedia and thus only use the default media.
    • A user can do something wrong when editing the file and a simple typo mistake makes everything buggy.
    • If the user uses WAU, all his media will be uninstalled at each update if "Delete before extracting" is checked. That's... yeah, a real pain in the ass.

    So instead of using this feature, I was thinking about adding some fonts to SharedMedia. But here is the problem: SharedMedia would become a big-insane-and-gigantic addon that would weight 50MB because all the users would like to add their own font to it.

    Bad idea. I sincerely think that the default fonts of SharedMedia are fine, and that any user can find a font that will please him/her. If they want to have some new fonts, then they'll add SharedMediaAdditionalFonts and have a larger choice (and maybe add their own font).

    The other reason for SharedMediaAdditionalFonts to exist is the fact that all fonts cannot be added to it, because of localization. A lot of fonts are not able to display correctly special characters such as ?, ?, ?, ?, ... and i'll be there to check that every font in ShareMediaAdditionalFonts is able to do so, so that everyone is happy.

    The last reason is that someone needs to say "no" when it needs to. We cannot add 250 fonts to SharedMediaAdditionalFonts, we need to choose only the ones that are the best, that the community accept in general and not only two lazy users that do not want to manually add their own font to it.

    o So how does it work?

    Simply install SharedMediaAdditionalFonts with WAU and you're done.

    o How can I add my own font?

    It's very simple:

    1) TEST YOUR FONT in World of Warcraft, check that everything is ok and that it fits well everywhere it is used.
    2) Checkout SharedMediaAdditionalFonts on your computer with your favorite SVN client.
    3) Add your font in /fonts/.
    4) Add your font in Core.lua in the IN TEST section (NOT somewhere else!).
    5) Commit.

    Font will be put under "Valid" after a few weeks if nobody complains about it (4 weeks seems fine).

    o I've got a mega ultra font that I'm sure will be super in WoW but I can't test it at the moment, but I really want to add it, what should I do?

    First of all, try not to add it until you've tested it. If you really really really want to add it (I mean it), then put the font file in /fonts/ and register it under NOT TESTED in Core.lua. Test it as soon as possible and put it under IN TEST if everything is fine. Otherwise, remove it.

    Don't expect anybody to test a font that you have registered under NOT TESTED. Fonts registered there will be removed regularly so it's your job to test it as soon as possible.

    o "I really hate this font."
    o "This font is mine! Thief!"
    o "This font is registered twice!"
    o "..."
    o Briefly: this font shouldn't be there.

    Please post here and describe the problem. I'll regurlarly check this thread and update the addon if needed. Feel free to post some comments, suggestions, ...

    o I want to add a nice texture/sound/....

    Don't do it. This addon only concerns fonts. If you want to add a texture, make your own addon or ask the SharedMedia's authors to add it.
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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    Try to update to r49194 (or any release >) and check if there is still this error. If so, try to push "Clear All" and test it again before posting any bug report here. Thanks! ;)
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    posted a message on Elephant (official thread)
    Quote from Elarenda »

    Hmm, I just noticed today that if you enable the text save to file thingy, the text file records EVERY chat, regardless if you filtered them in elephant. Is it possible to make it filter in text file aswell as the ingame viewer?

    That's an UI restriction made by Blizzard. Elephant simply uses the LoggingChat() and LoggingCombat() functions, that are the ONLY way to save something to a regular file on the computer. These functions are not customizable at all and thus, you can save all, or nothing, that's all. Thus, I cannot change anything to this behaviour, unfortunately :(

    Quote from Crazytoo »

    Since I started using Elephant I cant record a /combatlog for the raid wws stats.
    I cant get Autocl nor loggerhead to work with this mod.
    Am I not doing something?

    Thank you for your time

    To log the combat log to a file, simply check the box in the top right corner of the main window called "Log the combat chat to a file" and uncheck it when you'll want to disable it. That's all! No more /slashcommands!
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