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    posted a message on Localization auto insert not always working

    Trying to use the "table-name" variable in localization code causes the lib version of the file to have no translations, while the nolib version has all of them.



  file deDE.lua contains only the original code

    local translations = {}
    --@localization(locale="deDE", format="lua_additive_table", table-name="translations")@
    CanIMogIt:RegisterLocale("deDE", translations)
    translations = nil



  file deDE.lua contains the automatic inserts

    local translations = {}
    translations["(Experimental)"] = "(Experimentell)"
    translations["Adds tooltips to items showing if you have learned a transmog appearance."] = "Fügt Gegenständen Tooltips hinzu, ob eine Transmogrifikationsvorlage bereits bekannt ist."
    translations["Another class can learn this item."] = "Eine andere Klasse kann diesen Gegenstand erlernen."
    translations["Appearances updated: "] = "Aktualisierte Vorlagen:"
    CanIMogIt:RegisterLocale("deDE", translations)
    translations = nil



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    posted a message on Localization namespaces not being added

    We ran into this yesterday.  We had to remove everything from the namespaces for it to work.

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    posted a message on Request: Add GitLab as option for Source Code & Automatic Packaging

    We've moved our issues to GitLab and would like to link our Source to there, but we can't if we want to use the automatic packager.

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    posted a message on Problems with how information is provided for Rejected files

    If you upload a file and it is Rejected, there are several problems.

    1. If you don't have "File Updates" set to "Following" you won't get any information about the file was Rejected.
      • Related: The file list defaults to "Normal", so if you don't realize what's going on you won't think to switch to --- or "Rejected" to find your seemingly vanished file.
    2. If you do have it "Followed" you'll get an email about why it was Rejected and a notification with the the same reason, but this information is not included on the file page itself.
      • The notifications/emails are short summaries meant for you to go somewhere else to read the full message, but there is no full message to read.  How are we supposed to know if that was the only error?  We need to see everything.



    On the file page we should see ALL of the information related to why the build failed.

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    posted a message on Missing coplimentary curse premium subscription.

    TorelTwiddler and I are missing ours too.  Didn't realize how much I used it (or how many ads there are on Curse.com addon pages) until it's gone.

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    posted a message on Curse App UI problems + U2F support soon?
    Quote from Adrian_G2 >>

    and problem #2...

    i just realized that Curse App is accessing my Yubikey at startup... the access LED on my key lights up for about 1 second when Curse App starts up and then turns off.  This does not happen when Chrome starts up.


    why is the Curse App looking at my U2F security key?

     I wonder if this is related to how every time I'd start the Curse App on my laptop it'd engage the CD drive, like it was checking it for anything to open.
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    posted a message on Question about project data retention

    Yeah, I've just been avoiding touching our issues because it's all so messy right now.  GitLab looks neat and I definitely like the login options since that's the reason we went with Curse's tracker.

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    posted a message on Old Ticket links don't redirect to Issues

    All old links to specific Tickets/Issues no longer work.


    • Full old link v1: wow.curseforge.com/addons/can-i-mog-it/tickets/114-7-1-0-01-known-issues-and-tips-check-here-first/
    • Shortened old link: wow.curseforge.com/addons/can-i-mog-it/tickets/114
    • Should redirect to: wow.curseforge.com/projects/can-i-mog-it/issues/114
    • Currently goes to: wow.curseforge.com/projects/can-i-mog-it/issues

    This means that all old comments with links to issues (like this and this) and tickets cross referencing other tickets (like this and this) are useless.  Please add a redirect so that the old links still work.

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    posted a message on Issue tickets in projects

    (Side note: Can we not edit our forum posts?)


    I just realized we can't search within Issues any more, that's a huge problem!

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    posted a message on Issue tickets in projects

    +1 to everything Cybeloras mentioned.


    Need more sorting options.

    Need better visual aids/indicators (table on Issues list, colors on tags).

    Definitely missing the "Status" settings being separate from the tags.

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    posted a message on What does "Under review" mean in file list?

    As I understand it they're manually approving files now.


    They probably won't be answering today as they're taking the day off: https://wow.curseforge.com/news/523-holiday-hours

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    posted a message on Bugs in the Curse App since the site migration

    Yay!  When I refreshed it just now the 5 addons at top that said Modified all switched to Update!

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    posted a message on [Request/Suggestion] Improve Navigation between CurseForge sites

    Currently there isn't way (other than the front page) to navigate between the various CurseForge sites.  Unless you spend time poking around or memorize it, there is not a way to easily navigate between say wow.curseforge.com and CurseForge.com.  If I want to check the forums then check my addon, there is no path to get there (leading to confusion in threads like this).


    There's a Curse bar at the top there, it would be really useful if there were links between the various sites for easier navigation.  Now, I do understand that this top bar works across ALL Curse sites (including for example Gamepedia.com), so some of these suggestions aren't necessarily doable, but maybe they'd work for the CurseForge menu bar instead.



    • Dropdown off of the Curse logo (or next to it) with a list of the sites
    • Dropdown that we can customize with Curse site links we want
    • Automatically add Curse sites that we have projects on to the dropdown on username
    • Have the Dashboard work across sites
    • Have a CurseForge Dashboard that shows: 
      • Account Settings
      • Projects
        • World of Warcraft - with a count and link to our wow.curseforge.com dashboard
        • WoWAce - with a count and link to our wowace.com dashboard
        • Minecraft - with a count and link to our minecraft.curseforge.com dashboard
        • etc.
      • Forum threads
      • Rewards Information
    • Add a CurseForge bottom navigation list with the site links (like at the bottom of http://www.wowhead.com/).
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    posted a message on Adding a direct link to the "Issues" page on an addon description fails

    @tzarc I will redo the link myself, but it's more a question for authors who aren't involved here and probably won't realize that links are broken like that in their descriptions and need to be fixed.

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    posted a message on Issue tickets in projects

    Yes please a useful sidebar would be amazing (always visible would be the dream).  I don't want to have to go to the bottom every time to make simple changes.  However I definitely did use the edit everything at the same time page very often, so the bottom area is actually lacking in a couple of things (edit title, attach files).


    All the information I want to see

    • Author
    • Date created
    • Date updated
    • Ticket #
    • Tags
    • Assignee/Assign
    • Edit Ticket button to take me to the "Edit everything at the same time" section at the bottom.
    • Close button
    • Votes or "Subscribe" button for users to follow an issue they care about with a count of people who have (This along with comment count was useful for seeing how important an issue was to users)

    Attached is my mock-up, although I'd probably have it within the normal width of the page.

    • Put most general information into the sidebar and left the main area for just issue discussion.  (Personally I'm not a fan of the history being in-line between the comments as it feels cluttered, but I doubt that'd change at this point). 
      • Title
      • Status
      • Tags
      • Created
      • Updated
      • Creator
      • Assignee
      • Comment
      • Follows
    • Moved the Attach button at the bottom under the comment box (ideally you'd comment when attaching something)
    • Got rid of the Unassign button (the Assigned to dropdown should do that)
    • Moved the Unfollow button next to a new text about follows
    • Added an "Edit Issue" button which would take you to the comment box at the bottom so you could do all your edits at once without scrolling.
    • Moved entire page content up
    • Added Title edit box to the editing section at the bottom
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