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    Heh, I'm flattered that you like it so much!

    I'm going to do my best to knock those errors out.

    Do any other errors occur before that? Specifically, errors relating to OnInitialize (which is where the table gthat is erroring in your post comes from)?
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    Heh, I'm sorry it doesn't work!

    I'm rather confused as to why this wouldn't work. I'll play around with this tonight and see if I can come up with anything for you.
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    I thought I'd put enough catches in there last night, but try:

    /script SanityItemCache:ResetDB()
    /script ReloadUI()

    And then try again. There's some bad data in there due to the previous version's problem with bank mods.

    I'll do more research tonight to see if I can get those nailed down.

    Edit: Wow, three errors from three people. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a total lemon of a commit! :P
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    Quote from sadris »

    Is there anyway to disable this feature? ie: make it so Sanity cannot "use" items and as such, would not need this locking functionality.

    It'll need to be a branch of the code - it's not as simple as a toggle. It'll basically be the difference between using the secure action button frames and using a plain old button. As such, I'm not going to plan on this for the time being. If you want, you can toggle the hiding off. This will cause the Sanity window to get locked into place on combat, but you can use items in the window during combat if you like.

    Also, how do we hide the Sanity 'bag icon' but still be able to use the addon with '/sanity show'? If this isn't possible, could it be a planned feature?

    This should be in the next push.

    Quote from Astaldo »
    One thing that would make this even more convenient (for me) would be a way to open the search from the commmandline:

    I'd definitely like this too. I just have to figure out how this works with the libs I'm using and it'll be golden.

    imtuxinc: Every one of those features is coming back. Sanity2 is effectively a complete rewrite rather than an upgrade/port, so some things are still missing.
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    I don't think you've done anything wrong, but I suspect there's a conflict somewhere. I'll check it out.

    If you use BugGrabber/BugSack, can you get me a full error trace for any errors popping up?
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    Sanity2 is now in the WoWAce SVN:


    Zip files at http://wowace.com/files/index.php?path=Sanity2/ - use the latest revision.

    BIG BOLDED NOTICE: These files are WoW 2.0.1/2 compatible ONLY. This means they only work on Beta/PTR. Please do not try to use them on Live.
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    The memory concerns and such have a long way to do. I'm actually rather pleased with the OnUpdate situation, but there is admittedly some work to do on the BAG_UPDATE handling. I'm kinda leaving that for last, though, to make sure my optimizations don't get in the way of making it work.

    Sanity currently "loses" items that you've mailed out, though that's not a bad idea to check to see if we know about the target character and to fake it as in their inbox. I'll see about adding that in.
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    Are you testing it on 1.12 or 2.0.1/2?

    If 2.0.1/2, can you give me the top error on the bugsack?

    The ZIP is not compatible with WoW 1.12, so if you're trying to use it on live servers, you're going to get spammed with errors out the wazoo. :)
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    Sanity's been Aced!

    To file a bug report, please go to http://www.wowace.com/trac/newticket?field_summary=Sanity%3A+&field_owner=Antiarc
    To view outstanding bugs and feature requests, please go to http://www.wowace.com/trac/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&summary=%7ESanity&order=priority

    I've been working for the last few weeks to bring Sanity to the realm of Ace2 addons. Progress has been very fast, and I'm quite happy with how things have ended up so far.

    This isn't quite ready for release, but it's getting close enough that I'd like to start gathering feedback.

    New features in 2.0:
    - AceDB-2.0 backing. This carries all the associated benefits, including realm-limited character lists.
    - Resizable and toggle-able columns. Right-click a column to turn columns on/off.
    - Custom categories and tags, and the ability to search on categories and tags.
    - Properly hooked tooltips that provide information about your ownership of a particular item in that item's tooltip, no matter the tooltip's source. For example, I can mouse over "Arcane Crystal" on the auction house and see how many arcane crystals I have in my bags, bank, and mail, as well as the number of crystals that all my alts have.
    - TBC/WoW 2.0.1 compliance.
    - An overhauled interface, including a resizable window and compacted information displays.
    - Combat locking-friendly. Sanity now uses secure frames to allow you to use items, and this has the side effect of causing the window to get locked into place when you enter combat. Because of this, Sanity will optionally attempt to close itself when you enter combat, to get itself out of your way.
    - Optional tooltip searching. Looking for a piece of gear the provides a certain stat? Throw "agility" into the search box and all relevant items will pop up for you.

    Notes and known bugs:
    - Compression isn't in yet. I just haven't ported it over.
    - Multi-character views aren't in yet. For example, I can look at my inventory for Griggs or Adryne, but not both at the same time (yet). This is going in soon.
    - Mouse over the arrow on the top left part of the frame to expand the filter window.
    - Clicking a filter category will exclusively select that category. Clicking the checkbox allows you to select multiple categories.
    - Dragging an item onto a category header (sort by category, then drag an item onto a cat header row) will set that item's category to that category.
    - I haven't worked out all the kinks in TableTop yet, which means that you'll occassionally overflow the headers and data. Just resize one of the columns a wee bit and it should correct itself.
    - You can't pull items out of the mail using Sanity...yet.
    - No FuBar support...yet. That's on the short list to integrate.
    - Yes, there are lots of hard-coded strings in the AddOn itself. I have a good bit of work to do to make it all localization-friendly.

    Planned features:
    - I'd like to integrate PeriodicTable for item sets. There are some hurdles I have to get over, but it's on my to-do list.
    - The option to use OneStorage as the backend, rather than Sanity's own SanityItemCache.
    - Compaction of Sanity's serialized data. Right now, it's relatively verbose. I believe it can be significantly reduced while maintaining full functionality.

    Edit: I've moved to the WoWAce SVN:

    You can get the TBC/WoW 2.0.1 version via SVN at:


    You can also get the (more out of date, lagging behind 2.0.1 development) 1.12 version at:


    I've requested wowace SVN access, but don't have that yet, so you get my personal SVN for now.

    If at all possible, please use the TBC/2.0.1 trunk. I do not plan on doing heavy development on the 1.12 version with 2.0.1/2.0.2 right around the corner.


    Normal view:

    Toggling columns:

    Dewdrop provides pretty menus:

    You can change the item size to fit your personal preferences:

    The new filters menu includes Soulbound flags and allows you to select a cross-section of filters to apply.

    Setting a custom category:

    Information about an item when you mouse over it in your bags:

    Creating a new tag:

    Please download it and play around with it. Any error reports, bug reports, etc etc would be most welcome.
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