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    posted a message on frame level issues
    the framelevel > 128 issue has been around for years (june 2007), arkinventory ran into it way back then, mostly when zoning would trigger it. it only ever affected frames that were created via the API though, hardcoded XML based frames never ran into the problem.

    forcing the parent framelevel back down to 1 and allowing the game engine to re-level it seems to "fix" it, but you usually also had to fix the framelevel for every child frame as well.
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    posted a message on Audit guild bank contributions/withdrawals
    the vault logs on the armory web page is supposed to contain more data, you could try that.
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    posted a message on Profiles kinda with AceDBOptions-3.0
    dry coded - and presuming youre using aceconfig for your configs;

    wipe = {
        order = 100,
        name = "wipe data",
        desc = "select a toon to wipe",
        type = "select",
        values = function( info )
            local t = { }
            for k in pairs( cpProfile[GetRealmName()].Character ) do
                t[k] = k
            return t
        get = false, -- no default value
        set = function( info, v )
            print( "code to wipe data for cpProfiler[" .. GetRealmName() .. "].Character[" .. v .. "]" )
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    posted a message on Is there a way to parse tooltips?
    set the tooltip (probably want to use your own so that other mods dont tack their stuff on - unless you need that to happen) via whichever method you want to use, then check the contents of each line (both left and right) one by one.

    noting that the OnUpdate (possibly) wont trigger in time (if you leave it in place) so you may or may not get all the data (eg no data at all if its not cached, or you may get the pattern info but nothing on what it makes)
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    there are two Visual Heal modules included, should i just enable both (at the addon level) and let the code decide which one to use?
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    posted a message on acedb accessing other profiles
    no problem, i'll just move the data into global and reference it from there instead, saves all the hassle.
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    posted a message on acedb accessing other profiles
    quick question. is it possible to access the data in another profile from the current profile (preferably with the metatables intact on the other one so i dont have to check for nils (as in table keys defaulted to "*"))?

    eg displaying a bag window, if i switch to looking at data from an alt then i'd like to switch to using their settings as well (so it looks exactly how it looks for them) - and they may be using another profile (im presuming i can access the profiles list to get that)

    (drycoding from work so i cant test it out and wondering if i should continue down that path or just give up on that)
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    posted a message on AceDB Resetting, Help Please
    Quote from Xinhuan
    You just needed your addon to ReqDep both the Blizzard_Calendar and Blizzard_GuildUI addons in the correct order

    is this still the case? (just that i never ran into it in the first place)

    and while im asking, i've got this left over from some issue with LoD or running as nolib

    LoadAddOn( "Ace3" )
    LoadAddOn( "LibSharedMedia-3.0" )

    ie forcibly loading your optdeps? (inline, before OnInit)
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    posted a message on AceDB Resetting, Help Please
    Quote from Kithulhu
    I've had a few more people get back to me on it as well, it looks like its very intermittant, one friend who is an altoholic was playing for the last 2 days with no issues, but today suddenly the DB was gone and this time ReloadUI did nothing to fix it and i've still yet to have the problem myself.

    ive had the same thing reported to me for my mod over its lifespan, part or all of the database is just gone on one toon, it was working fine before and then they login and its gone, you dont even have to have changed the mod in any way. but ive never experienced it myself. i've always put it down to a corrupt savedvariables file but i would have thought that would have generated an error of some sort.
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    posted a message on LibGuildBankComm-1.0 Official Thread
    you may want to consider minimising the tables in the data structure, eg instead of;

    lib.guildBank[guildName].links[page][slot] = "empty"
    lib.guildBank[guildName].info[page][slot] = "empty"

    you could use

    lib.guildBank[guildName].gold = amount
    lib.guildBank[guildName].page[page].owned = boolean
    lib.guildBank[guildName].page[page].icon = texture
    lib.guildBank[guildName].page[page].name = name
    lib.guildBank[guildName].page[page].view = view
    lib.guildBank[guildName].page[page].slot[slot].link = link
    lib.guildBank[guildName].page[page].slot[slot].count = count

    it gives you more flexibility in adding data to the tables without running into conflicts and using the minimal amount of tables to hold it.

    it also means that when you transmit you can just serialise the page table and send it in one go.

    btw, if a tab is hidden from everyone but a specific rank does it still get transmitted to everyone? (if logged on as someone in the rank to read it)
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    posted a message on Help with my first
    Quote from wwwDot


    what are those onclicks supposed to be for in there? youve already created onclick scripts for the buttons, im not sure why youre duplicating them here - and creating multiples.

    check logs\framexml.log to see if youve got errors in your xml code but those onclicks are probably going to cause issues when you miss a button and click on the frame instead.

    btw, youll probably want to use EasyControlMainFrame_OnEvent( self, event ) instead otherwise youre not passing anything in and nothing will happen

    it hasnt errored there (nil self) because you dont call EasyControlMainFrame_OnLoad(self), ie youre missing an <OnLoad> script for your main frame

    you dont have to wrap each button in its own <Frames></Frames> tags, they can all be in one tag (presuming thats how you want to set it up), so you may want to lose all the extras

    might want to post your .toc file - just in case theres something wrong in there.

    also, everywhere in your xml where youve got <Button name="xyz"

    change it to <Button name="$parent_xyz"

    otherwise youll potentially overwrite something of blizzards you shouldnt. the above will end up naming your buttons "EasyControlMainFrame_xyz" because thats the buttons parent frame name.
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    posted a message on Help with my first
    Quote from wwwDot
    but creating the template for the AddOn is what is confusing me.

    you dont *have* to have a .lua file, if what you want is fairly simple you can code the whole thing in the xml file - its not totally normal (as in how blizzard do it) but it would work fine.

    even if you added a .lua file all youd be doing is pulling the scripts out of the .xml file and putting them into the .lua file (and maybe creating all the xml via lua as well if youre up to it) eg;

                <Button name="Leave_Party" inherits="UIPanelButtonTemplate" text="Leave Party">
                    <Size x="77" y="25" />
                        <Anchor point="TOPLEFT">
                            <Offset x="63" y="-57" />
                    <Backdrop />
                            EasyControl:Leave_Party_OnClick( )
                    <HighlightColor r="0.94" g="0.94" b="0.94" />
                    <DisabledColor r="0" g="0" b="0" />
    and in EasyControl.lua

    function EasyControl:Leave_Party_OnClick( )
         LeaveParty( )
    if youve got helper functions and other code then youre better off putting it all into the .lua file so its easier to find and update when required.
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    posted a message on Tables and garbage memory
    what does this give you?

    local m1 = 0
    local m2 = 0
    m1 = GetAddOnMemoryUsage("NewAddon")
    local t = {}
    m2 = GetAddOnMemoryUsage("NewAddon")
    print( (m2-m1) * 1024 )
    not sure if you need the collectgarbage in there or not
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    posted a message on svn issue - Inconsistent line ending style
    ok, fixed that, cut everything out, saved the empty file, paste it back in. works now.

    only problem is that the files i upload arent turning up under my files tab as alphas???
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    posted a message on svn issue - Inconsistent line ending style
    Quote from Elkano
    no idea but I've set up my svn to automatically apply svn:eol-style=native to my *.lua, *.toc and *.xml files.

    yep, mine are all set to native (dont know if thats automatic or not, but theyre all set that way)
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