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    Whenever I goto mailbox or bank or vendor, etc, my backpack opens up (F12). Would be nice if AI kept it from opening.
    it's a blizzard function, remove arkinv and it'll still happen. apart from that i wont be touching the blizzard frames any time soon becuase not being able to access your bags/bank if something goes wrong with this mod is a major pain.

    Most items just don't seem to sort without manually telling them what is what. Like when I make a region "CONSUMABLE" I'd expect all potions and food and drink to go there, but only potions go there. Food and Drink don't appear to be assigned to any of the default categories.
    if blizzard tagged it as consumable then it'll be in the consumable category (as of 1.26) FOOD and DRINK i've added separate categories for (and tooltip searches to put things in there)

    Also, any sort of food type item for cooking, NONE of it is assigned to the COOKING profession. Same with cloth, should be assigned to TAILORING, etc. The list goes on and on. Even my Totems and Ankhs don't appear to be assigned to the SHAMAN category. Anyways my point is that it would be nice if AI could use some sort of external database of predefined category assignments for items.
    my biggest gripe with this is that not everyone is a tailor, not everyone is a cook. runecloth to me is for first aid (which is where i've put mine), and while i do cook some people use food to feed to their pets, not cook. if an item has only a single purpose then it can be set as such, but when it has more than one i'd prefer to leave it with it's blizzard tag and let the player decide to recategorise it.

    I don't know if there are any ACE addons that provide this or not... I remember a long long time ago there was this addon called RegeantInfo, it was simply a database of items and their matching categories that other addons could use for sorting items similar to what I'm talking about.
    i think there are but as above, most items have multiple categories so i'm going with a minimalistic approach.

    An option to hide empty slots (we already have a used/total counter) would make me a happy gnome.
    im adding the ability to hide categories, this will cover what others want as well, you should be able to hide the EMPTY categories if you dont want those shown.

    The item database does need a lot of work, yes. It's not currently using the Ace2 libraries of predefined item categories but it's own internal database. Would require a fairly hefty rewrite from what I understand in order to use those categories but I'm hoping it's on the Horizon.
    would depend on how their database was structured, but yes it would require a re-write of the way i keep track of categories.

    Wonder if we could get a "Quick Edit" mode whereby you simply hold a modifier key down (alt+ctrl maybe) and click (right/left, not sure) on an item and it would bring up the menu to set categories. I find myself picking bits and pieces up and wanting to toss them directly into a category but having to go into the full edit mode just to move them.
    probably not very soon, the items are actually using blizzards default xml so that i get secure functionality, so long as i don't play with the click handlers i'm ok, adding what you want would mean playing with that and probably tainting the code such that the client wont let it happen or would barf in combat.

    actually, i could add a keybinding for edit mode, that way you could use shift F12 to toggle edit mode on/off? would that be ok?
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    I remember tekkub said on irc something about only registering bagupdate events when the arkinventory frame is open, and only sorting (or building or whatever) the inventory onshow of the bag frame.
    1.26 sort of does this, if the window is not open it wont calculate anything, still needs to scan the bag though. although i could delay this until the window is opened, will need to move things around a bit but might be worth it.

    ps: it also spams debug messages in edit mode like Barnum=n :)
    damn, i used a print instead of a debug when i has having a problem with the bars. it's "fixed" in my working copy now

    pps: at mailbox the mainbag does also open (can you surpress it?)
    sorry, thats a blizzard thing. i'm not going to interfere with the blizzard bank/backpack/bag frames at this point.

    I have a fix for deDE, since it's broken in your latest beta. May I commit it and if yes, where to? ;)
    um, not sure, i'm not very good with this svn stuff, there must be some way for you to commit just that change and for me to get just that without stuffing up the code i already have? if you have to, just create a new tags and i'll pull the deDE out

    Also I can't get Professions or Class categories to work, their menu is empty .. are they kinda hardcoded?
    kinda, yes, because they're system based i didn't see any need to not have them hardcoded, they're in a couple of separate hardcoded tables that get merged (with the dynamic custom categories) into a single dynamic category table that gets used to display all of them

    When I go to the bank, ArkI opens both the default bank frame, and my inventory frame on the bank screen, so I have to switch to my Character Inventory manually, and then I don't get a clear & sorted view of my bank items. I tried turning off Open Bank by default, but that didn't seem to make much difference.
    the trunk release does that, only has a single window, the 1.26 beta has separate windows for bank, bag and keyring so you can see everything at the same time - unless you mean something else is going wrong in 1.26?
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    can you possible add a way to stop arkinventory from assembling its bag structure in combat?
    blame blizzard, they keep generating BAG_UPDATEs every time a poison charge is consumed off your weapon - daft i know. i'm trying to add logic to my event handler to minimise this.

    I also suggested a mod to throttle all bag events, if someone were to make that (if its possible) then that would work for your addon too i suppose, heres hoping!
    ace-event has some throttling stuff (RegisterBucketEvent) in it but i never got around to using that because i didn't understand how to process it's ouput, i'll look at it again as that should minimize the impact some more.

    why it isnt @ svn?
    er, it is, trunk http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/ArkInventory/, latest beta http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/tags/ArkInventory/v1.26%20beta%202006-12-27-23-15/
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    remove also the visualization of the original bank fram when at the bank
    i know the original frames can be annoying but i won't be removing/hiding them until my code is stable, at this point i don't ever want a player to have to logout/disable the mod/login to get access to their bank/bags.
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    A problem with r22027 causes the ArkInventory window to open every time you are at the mailbox, vendor, bank or AH. As happens with your normal bags. That is what Bags and Merchants does--opens your bags automatically at those places.
    probably because i'd hooked togglebackpack, next version doesn't hook anything and uses keybindings instead, with it's own internal auto-open/close options.

    can we persuade you to join us at irc.freenode.net @ #wowace ?
    this is all new to me, lua is different, svn i'm still getting used to, irc i have never used. i'll have a look to see what i need but from first glance it's not straight web? it's a im client type thing so i need to download something for it, and as i do some of this at work as well (where i can't install anything) it makes it a little bit more difficult.

    add the ability to hide categories.
    people have asked to hide bags as well, which might be easier than hiding categories, i'll add it to the todo list.

    meaning: 1 slot to show soulshard and count on the icon :)
    i can think of a way to do this by showing a single "fake slot" with the total item count, when you click on that slot another "bag" pops up with the actual slots so you can merge, move or trade from there? i'll add it to the todo list as well, but don't expect this one any time soon.

    Is there a way to add more groups, the default is 15 and I'd like to set it to 25
    sort of, you can't set it to a hardcoded value but you can add as may as you like. go into edit mode, click on the item whos category you want moved to a higher bar, choose the last option "Move <category> to bar..." and then move the slider all the way to the top (which is the last bar + 1)

    keep doing that until you have as many bars as you like. also note that the default is 15 bars (minimum) at 3 wide so by moving something to the 16th bar, you'll get a 17th and 18th bar created as well because it shows full bars per row in edit mode.
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    ok, in 1.25 (my working copy, it'll be on the tags svn if you want to try it) i've got keybindings working, i've also created three separate windows, one for each of bank, bag, keyring, all with their own separate keybinding as well.

    if you do checkout that copy watch out for bugs, breaking it up into separate windows required changes to almost almost all the code. http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/tags/ArkInventory/v1.25 beta 2006-12-26-22-35 please read the readme.txt

    you can now use standalone libraries or the embedded ones

    theres a nasty bug/problem somewhere that happens when you pick up and item and try to put in back in the same slot (left click pick up left click put down) for some reason the bag/slot is getting changed underneath as the item is picked up and i think it's in the blizzard code that i'm hijaking to do what i want. a workaround is to move over another slot and back or just right click to drop the item.

    first load memory spikes are large?, 2mb to load up your bank (full 16 slot bags) first go but it's because i create the buttons as you need them and it wants 15k per button creation - it's either at load time (hardcoded) or when you open for the first time just that you'll see the impact the way it's done now.
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    Actually, I'd love if you made that feature modular. I think it's a great feature to have in a bag replacement addon, but I personally don't use that feature in my current bag addons either.

    if I want to see my alts bags I use Sanity2 which is much better at searching then a bag addon.

    added offline options in 1.25 so you can chose if you want to take the bank or your alt data offline

    anyone have the problem of default bags opening at mailboxes etc. An option to disable default bags altogether is welcome.

    the backpack opening (at the mailbox) is a blizzard thing, disable arkinventory and it still happens. at this point i still don't want to touch the default bags so they're always there in the event a bug causes this addon to stuff up - once it's been stable for a while i'll look at hiding them, or at least adding an option for it.
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    Quote from SpUpUz »
    possible to implement same for the bank like onebak i mean arkbank

    click on the small icons next to the main one, bag opens your bags, box opens the bank, key open the keyring, main icon will change as you swap around. i'm not looking at breaking this up into separate mods for each one (bag, keyring, bank) at this point.

    Quote from Daagar »
    Maybe a 'swap' ability, to in effect allow wholesale group moving.

    you want to effectively be able to swap bar positions? should be possible but i dont think i can do it via the menus like i'm currently doing as every change triggers a window rebuild and that wouldnt work the way you want. i'll see if i can figure another way to do that.

    Quote from Sariash »

    you can also move the EMPTY (SOUL) category onto the same bar as the shards that way they're all on the one bar

    Quote from Amadeo »
    I notice the saved variables file is kinda big though (considering I only had one character loaded). I'd also like transparancy options, eventually.

    kinda big is relative :), mines about 1mb for 9 characters with fairly full bags and banks, but i actually need all that info for this to work, i do try to minimize the size of the db wherever possible though.

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    v1.23 has scaling, keybinding and a bunch of other stuff people requested.

    it's my first mod, and i'm learning as i'm going, so some stuff may take longer than normal to get done. if you do have any suggestions though, post them here and i'll see what i can do.

    in regards to laggy, it should only be slow (if it gets slow) when you play with something in either the bank (main, not bags) or backpack as i couldn't find a way to get reliably notified of changes in just those places so it scans everything again, just to be safe, if either of those are touched.

    the other place it will slow down is some of the window options that change it's appearance, they tend to recalc and redraw the entire window everytime you move a slider or colour wheel around.

    category wise though it does need some (maybe a lot of) work on the categories that it assigns to items as their defaults. if you think periodic table will help in that default assignment can you post a link to it for me so i can take a look at it.
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    posted a message on using acehook to hook into Openbag/OpenBackpack
    ah, it was bound to Toggle Backpack and when i hooked into that it now works the way i want :)

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    posted a message on using acehook to hook into Openbag/OpenBackpack
    i'm trying to hook into either OpenBag or OpenBackpack but it doesn't appear to be working for me;

    if i press F12 (backpack) or any of the bag bind keys the bags will open but my addon won't

    yet if i enter /script OpenBag(x) or /script OpenBackpack() from the chatline then the correct blizzard bag opens and so does my addon? so it doesn't look like it's a problem with my code but other addons are hooking into OpenBackpack (they open on F12) and are working so i don't understand what i've done wrong.

    function ARKINV:OnEnable()
    self:SecureHook( "OpenBackpack", "OpenBag" );
    self:SecureHook( "OpenBag" );

    function ARKINV:OpenBag()
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