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    Quote from Aznamir
    So dual spec support is added, any feedback?

    I'm a pallypower nub @ General, so don't know if PP is supposed to swap assignments as soon as you change dual-specs or you have to swap to the other profile, but I can't get it to work... There seems to be a default and secondary profile, but they are not saving or something.

    EDIT: Yea, its swaping profiles on dual-spec switch, but apparently either both profiles are the same or the profile swap isn't changing buff assignments.

    EDIT2: Im a nub, reading the previous ~3 posts before this post is hard. But it seems to work exactly like said.
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    Before I post anything else, This addon was NOT created by me, It was created by the Orc Rogue "Genericname" of Darkspear. As from this thread...


    Quote from Genericname »
    Hey everybody. I just finished development of a mod that
    adds a version of Tetris Attack (also known as Puzzle League, among a number of other names) to your UI.


    -Animated tutorials to introduce you to the game.
    -High Scores saved for endless mode, and for games played while on a flightpath.
    -Multiplayer support.
    -Low memory footprint.

    Here's a video of multiplayer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HphVSjWLZ2w

    Currently available from Wowinterface.com and WowUI.



    [1.0b] fixes an issue with tutorial levels 8 and 9.

    If you enjoy this mod, tell your friends about it! Having a few people on your friends list with the mod installed will make finding a multiplayer opponent MUCH easier, as well as enabling automatic sharing of highscores and version-checking.

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    Well, I guess the people in the beta are lieing than >.>

    EDIT: And an second post from the "Sbo" dude.

    Q u o t e:
    I think the 100% is related to whoever already has aggro. If you're at 100%, you're it, and anything leading up to that details how close you are to the tank's aggro. The 110/130% is probably still there behind the scenes, but its inclusion would have undoubtedly confused a lot of players.

    This is all just speculation on my part, though, as I haven't actually been able to test it in anything but a solo environment. :o

    This exactly. The function call returns two values, an absolute threat number, and a relative percentage. The percent is scaled so that ranged will display as 100% when they take aggro. Displaying the 130% can still be done in an addon, and once it clicks 130% you'll see a 100% pop up in the stock FCT, and then you'll take aggro.

    edit: well it actually returns six, but those would be two of them.

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    Already made an new thread, but I throught i remind peeps here also.

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    On the beta servers, the new 8719 there is an new BUILT IN THREAT METER! From the link above..

    Q u o t e:
    select(5, UnitDetailedThreatSituation("party1", "target"))

    We (addon authors) have FULL THREAT INFORMATION.

    YAY! No more guessing!

    EDIT: Also, would be nice if someone that has an wow account that can post on forums to post this on the UI forums, to help it spread like wildfire :P.
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