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    is it normal that there is a VERY very long delay from when i check "Show offline guild members." to when they appear in the guild list? Sometimes they dont show up, and i have to either scroll the list down a bit to make it update, or close and re-open the guild tab for them to appear.
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    Quote from Marandopsu
    I did this, and I still receive the same error while trying to track quests.

    Tryed this as well, also did not have any effect.

    Any ideas? It seems from the other comments that both these fixes are supposed to work. I definitely didn't execute them incorrectly, so what gives?

    [edit] Was able to fix by deleting simpleminimap.lua files in wtf/account/accountname/savedvariables folder after doing the above.

    i tried doing all of that, and while there is no more error, i dont have a quest tracking frame at all, and when i try to add a quest to it, it says i need to stop tracking something first as its full. and idea why, or am i missing the point of these "fixes"?
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