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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    In the latest revisions, a FuBar bug that has been around since before the internets has finally been fixed.
    I am of course talking of the bug where my fubar elements owuld randomly swap position and/or bar number completely.

    Good job on the fix, and I like the new configuration panel, finally no more dodgy dropdowns with tooltips that overlapped said dropdown selection (yes VolumeFu, I'm looking at you...)
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater 1.9.44+ Official Thread
    Ever since WoWAce got its new file manager, I've been having problems with WoWAceUpdater on my desktop running Vista 32bit with UAC turned off.
    Immediately after start, it sucks up 40% CPU and takes about 2 minutes to parse the list.
    Updating also takes about 10 minutes, and it hangs for another 15 minutes after update.

    The popup box to ask to confirm before updating, also takes around 15 seconds to appear.

    The first time this happened, there was a stack trace in the Output log where one addon's download seemed to get a timeout error.
    This hasn't happened since, but the extreme slowdowns still occur.

    What's strange is that it works absolutely perfect on my laptop, running Vista 32bit with UAC turned ON.

    I tried doing a Control Panel uninstall following the deletion of the 2.0 folder in the AppData folder, but this had no effect.

    I update WITH externals and have Automatic Dependency checked, however the problem still occurred even with that unchecked. Other than that, all settings are as default.

    What gives?
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater 1.9.44+ Official Thread
    Quote from taalas »

    This might be a dumb question:

    some versions ago the option to clean saved variables snuck in and I have been afraid to click it til now...
    I was scared of this too, but my fears were put to rest when I tried it.
    It deletes SV from addons who do not have a folder in your Interface/AddOns directory.
    It also makes a backup, so if you decide you want stuff back, unrar and pick out what you want.
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    Quote from Kleopatra »

    I'm not a sophisticated user either... But I just got a new computer, running Vista, instead of the XP I was running before. I've looked at the wiki and can't find anything to help. When I try to update my installed addons, I get:

    ...and so on for all the addons I have.

    If I open the update log, it also has (this is just a little bit of the log):

    It doesn't look like the winsock error quoted above, to me, but then I'm not very saavy with this stuff. Can anyone please help me?

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    posted a message on Rock + Ace3
    Kay, so I've read 13 pages of this. I understood about half of it, so any ignorance displayed in this post is purely because I have no idea wtf you all said.

    My personal opinion as an user (I tried the whole lua thing but I can barely make anything more than a simple FuBar Plugin (FriendMinder for FuBar) before I feel like inflicting damage to something or someone - gief WoW programming in PHP or gtfo), is that I prefer libraries embedded for aestetical aesthetical ... because it looks better.
    I don't like seeing around 500 folders cluttering up my WoW addon management screen, all having obscure and quite random names like "Waterfall" and "DewDrop".
    Who thought of that, anyways?
    How the bloody hell does "DewDrop" resemble a dropdown menu? I don't go outside in the morning because Im lazy and its cold up here in Norway, but back when I was young and without internets I don't remember dewdrops having tooltips or sub-menus.
    As I was saying...

    Say that I have AddonX that uses LibY. LibY is disembeded, and 3 months later I delete AddonX. I now have LibY running with no addons using it.
    Unless I am horribly mistaken, if you load a library or an addon, it will still require processing time loading, even if it doesn't actually do anything/doesn't get used by any addon.
    Embedded libraries enables me the knowledge that if I delete AddonX and it's the ONLY thing using LibY, I just saved my computer a few cycles.

    In short, if you can write it so that embedded libraries are actually valid instead of a sucker's option, then mad props to you.

    As for the WoWAce SVN and QA, I'm kind of conflicted on the matter.
    Release sites like WoWI and the likes are nice for addons that either don't receive many updates (or fan's changes like locale changes/additions), and it's also nice for people who like to know that whatever they get there is working properly.
    However, I choose to run WAU (when it decides to do some work instead of just eating 50% of my poor p4 :( hehe) because I want new changes and I want them now.

    Forcing QA on the mods and separating the truly beta mods into an own SVN will just lead to the current SVN being a release site only without that pesky registration, IMO.

    Personally, I think that mod authors should test their features before committing them to the SVN. I know 99.99% of them already do (my initial experience with the SVN was poor, then I came back later and it's been almost painless), which is why I feel that the SVN should stay like it is now.
    I like the speed of updates that comes from the WoWAce SVN, and making any sort of restriction of the level of quality of mods that are allowed on there will break the very purpose of updaters like WAU, because we might as well just fave the addons on WoWI and get them there once in a blue moon.

    Finally, I would like to make a request for Ace3.
    Now judging from this thread, it would seem that you people would have us (the users who dabble in the craft) read through tonnes of code in order to try to learn how things work and whatnot.
    This is all well and good for those who are really wanting to learn how to lua, but not for those who just wants to help ourselves and others by updating a mod that isn't being supported by the original author.

    So the request is:
    Don't go renaming too many functions. Split them up in different libraries, but renaming functions is bad.
    Provide a proper Wiki page with library functions in their Ace2 and Ace3 formats, so to give us a starting point in how to convert a mod to Ace3.

    "But durr, not learning the code just makes bad mods"
    I would rather have a bad mod using a better framework than a bad mod using a worse framework.

    Its now 1:15 AM here and I may or may not stand by any, all or none of these opinions/suggestions/comments tomorrow after having this post ripped to shreds by all you LUAheads.
    By reading this post you have agreed to not get overly technical with me in your reply, considering its hard to give people dumb looks over standard TCP/IP.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater 1.9.44+ Official Thread
    If anybody has any problems with UAC and WAU, the following will fix your problems:
    1. Right click the World of Warcraft folder in C:/Program Files
    2. Security tab
    3. First "Edit" button
    4. Add
    5. In the textarea, write your windows logon name and hit the Check Names button
    6. In the Groups or User Names area, find your windows logon name and click it
    7. In the checkboxes below, hit Full Control
    8. Hit Apply
    9. Hit OK
    10. Wait
    11. ???
    12. Profit!
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    Thank you very much for implementing my suggestion to display a condensed view of addons updated with externals.
    Good luck in your life AFK from WoW, like the Terminator you'll be back ;)
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    I recently updated to the latest version (the first one with a "proper" preferences dialogue) and I am really disliking how it no longer shows you which addons had revisions/externals updates in the Thread windows, like the version before.
    This is because I comment out a single line in the Bartender3 addon (the self:RemoveDefaultUIElements(); part), and now I have no idea whether or not that addon was updated. I now have to either watch VERY CLOSELY at the thread "lines" to see if Bartender is getting an update (I have fast intertubes, so sue me :p), or MANUALLY browse to the changelog document, open it, look for Bartender, then browse to that folder. Or, open it anyway, not knowing if it has an update.
    This is really tedious, in comparison to the ability to just scroll up in one of the Thread windows, seeing Bartender, right click it in the addons list and change the file.

    If you want to condense the output to the only list window you have left, then I suggest you do something similar to this:
    Update started: WITH externals (10.06.2007 13:14:58)
    Temp Directory (__tempdir__), Skip Version Checks (False)
    Updating from: [url]http://files.wowace.com/[/url]
    Cache age is 1 min. (TTL=10 min)
    Bartender3 - Updating to revision 39151.1006
    ChatThrottleLib - Updating to revision 39161.1004
    Creating Change Summary At 'C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\AceUpdater\ChangeLog.html'
    Saving log to 'C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\AceUpdater\waulog.txt'
    Update Complete (10.06.2007 13:15:15, total seconds: 17,10)
    Update complete!

    That way, you don't span multiple lines with unzipping and whatnot, but we are still given an excellent and easily accessible view to exactly which addons was changed, and how.
    Alternatively, could you please provide easier access to opening ChangeLog.html and waulog.txt?

    PS: An option to NOT save ChangeLog.html and waulog.txt would be much appreciated :)
    PPS: Right clicking an addon in the list of installed addons now resets the "changes" I made to window position and size.

    Thanks for all your hard work with this updater, its invaluable to me and Ill imagine a great many others :)
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