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    Been using Grid for a while now...

    Is there an layout where the hunter/warlock's pet are show on a separate column?
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    Quote from totalpackage »

    Hello all. I've been quite busy lately scripting new mods ever since learning the Ace2 style. Most of the mods below were mainly for practice, self-use, and for friends; and now I want to share some. Feel free to give feedback (mainly with the way I code) or requests for further development (or release) on any.

    ChatSounds - Plays a sound whenever sending/receiving messages from certain channels.
    * Some Ace-ing of the original version
    * replaced the GUI config with a dewdrop menu

    InFlight - Flight timer bar.
    * Alternative to FlightMap w/o 90% of the features.
    * very lightweight (I think)
    * uses oCB framework to create the bar and will use your oCB settings if available
    * mostly default Alliance data that I extracted from my FlightMap variables (let me know if you want the script to extract yours)
    * also see Wiki page

    Capping - shows battleground statusbar timers (using CandyBar) and some extras
    * AV - objective timers, Lords timers, auto quest item turnins
    * AB - objective timers, final score estimation and timer
    * WSG - flag respawn timer, current flag carrier frame
    * etc - port timers, battleground start timers, default bg map options
    * also see Wiki page

    Coordinates (removed - bunch of Ace mods did this)
    CraftFilter (removed - I suggest cgCrafty)
    FriendlyCast (removed - bunch of Ace mods did this also)
    FuBar_Attributes (removed - yawn)
    StellarBars (removed)
    Unexplorer (removed - use Cartographer!)

    * Updated links for addons that were uploaded to SVN. Added Capping (10/24/06)
    * Removed mods that I'm not going to support (11/25/06)

    Any plan for a reporting tool?
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    Quote from Toadkiller »

    OK then, I have been struggling trying to get the toc working and missed this entire thread.

    I am an svn noob and still trying to make RapidSVN let me add the externals properly. Right now it seems to have a hard limit on text entry for the property I need to edit so I can not add everything. I hacked it to just check out all the Ace2 libs. Grotesque I know, but now I have enough chars available to list everything. The latest version actually zips up into a working if somewhat plump version (Comm Hook Locale 2.0 & 2.2 as well as ModuleCore are unused so far).

    Now to find uses for the unused libraries ;-p

    I just need a few more lucky edits to the toc so it will show up on the Autobar wiki page. If anyone knows where I can see an error log for this that would be most excellent.

    Besides the externals screwup the svn checkins should be just as stable as the curse ones since I don't generally do works in progress. (I use perforce for version control at home so things generally get posted when they are in good working order). Pretty much a release version will have very few bugs, and my betas may have some bugs / not necessarily preserve old settings.

    In the SVN, there's still a folder for the Autobar. This is screwing up the people using the WinACEUpdater.
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