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    am doing a live and a classic version to much to try and keep one updated for both i as well feel classic going to be set in stone for a good few years so might not need as many updates as live and if classic stays on 8.1?? will i have problems with 9.x+ etc



    I would like to know how curse will deal with it though the problem i can see if users getting very confused and downloading live addons that might/unliky will work on classic and having some big problems for us!

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    Quote from Nevcairiel
    A better option would be to remove the SetPoint right there instead of clearing the points later. And I commited a change to do just that just now.

    I do wonder though, this problem seems to only occur if you create the widget but then don't do anything with it. Even if I just create it and then add it to a hidden and otherwise untouched container, it never shows up, because the container takes over its handling.

    So this means that any addon using it through AceConfigDialog didn't seem to ever trip into this problem. Not that I've noticed either way.

    ah yes i did try that as well, i did not know if it was needed or not.

    Like i said my addon been fine for years using it this way but since running it in beta somehow it is now a problem.

    thanks for the fix it is a great help
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    i know this is a standalone addon but i seen it has been updated by the Ace3-team

    Anyway i have seen on beta that the frame is Parenting wrong and always shows on the UI until you open the frame its part of (in my case Config).

    I Found a fix for it after after many hours. am not sure if am going the right away about doing it so i wonted to make sure. and not just update the code and break it for everyone else.


    function AGSMW:GetBaseFrame()
    		local frame = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent)
    		frame:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER")

    seems to be where the problem is coming from the fix i found that works is adding the line at the bottom.


    am really sorry if i posted it in the wrong place.
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    hi thanks for keeping this updated and its used in a addon i have taken over a few months ago. But i was just asking if this is going to support mount/battepets any time soon it does not like them.

    thanks for your time in making this addon.
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