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    Same as above for DC's.

    Sindragosa, as soon as P2 starts and she is grounded (we call it P3) I DC the first time she blocks someone, come back in and from then on every time she blocks someone DC.

    LK, P2 as soon as the Valk's spawn and its announced I DC.

    Basically any time an "event" happens on a boss I DC.

    Any issues with Shadowed Unit Frames? For some reason I think there might be.
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    posted a message on Deus Vox Encounters
    I am getting random DC's when using DXE. Is there any known conflicts with other mods out there? Mainly I've seen this on LK, Sindragosa, and Marrowgar. Love the add on but if I DC during boss fights I can't use it. I've seen this issue posted by a couple other recently as well.

    Any thoughts?
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    Some of this may have been mentioned before, sorry if it has.

    I am trying to switch from Xperl to Pitbull because I like the the amount of configuration and the overall look much better.

    Some issues I have run accross so far -

    Party Pets will not go away. When disabling them the party goes away not the pets.

    Aura's. So far I think I've spent a few hours messign with them. I dont' want to see them unless I select them as my target. They show on my pet and pets target as well which is a huge annoyance. Party aura's wont go away in any form, no matter what I turn off it still has at least some of them there.

    xperl is much easier to configure, every thing is labled in a very plain and simple. Dont' want party buffs to show check this box, only want your target buffs to show check this box.

    I'll keep playing with this and hope its just buggy being in a beta release still.
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    I am looking for some help in creating a script. honestly I have no idea where to begin btu want to learn at lease some basic's for this.

    What I am looking to do is put a panel in that displays my ranged attack power and updates when items proc or it changes in any way. Is this possible? If so how would the script work?

    Any direction to a wiki or a posting of a similar display's script would eb a huge help!
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