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    @ Lewzephyr: Added the Locked Value option :)

    @ Poxpus: Added DogTags in the last version, that should solve your problems. Fonts are set at Bar => xxx => Text => Font.

    @ lrdx: Hehe, thx :) But these are only a visual layer, so you can't use them to replace unit frames. I haven't really figured out how to get the global threat from Threat-1.0, but I'll have a go at it. There are loads of add-ons for buffs and debuffs, Quartz have compact version by the casting bar.
    About the targeting, there is no event fired when those change (if I'm not mistaken), so it's kind of heavy on the resources to check for updates. I'll think about it :)
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    @ Lewzephyr: Should be fixed in the current one (r3). Reloaded ui about 20 times, think I got all the angles covered.

    @ Mastamarax: Sorry, had forgotten to add the event for focus change, so no wonder it didn't work ;) It's up and running now.
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    Quote from Lewzephyr »

    Is that part of the animation / flow of the fill and empty of the bar in question? If not, what / where should I look to change that to work as a standard bar does and just a steady flow with no fancy fill animaiton. (looks neat, just a little distracting to me)

    Yes it is. You can customize the direction, color and alpha to dim it down if it's to distracting, or disable it all together, saves ~20k-40k memory pr bar I think.
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    @ Mastamarax: I'll try to allow everyone to add as many as they like, shouldn't be to hard. :)

    @ Lewzephyr: Thx for the details, I'll have a look into it :)

    @ Feist2: I thought about adding one, but I couldn't decide where to put it, and how to implement it visually, any ideas? A "spark" using the same texture as the bar, with some visible color?

    @ Raphael_M: The best way to do this is by creating a background with a strong outline, and semi/full-transparent core. Then setting the background alpha to 1.0. I uploaded my source images so you can play with them if you'd like.

    @ All: I'm not to good at naming things, any one have a good replacement name for "falloff"? And thx for your comments!
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    Quote from Kyron »

    Starting already with a feature request for texts: DogTags :)

    I actually had DogTags at an earlier stage, but temporary dropped it, I'll try to implement it again, but that prob calls for another text box pr bar to, don't you think?

    Quote from Seerah »

    [...] And, I apologize, but my spidey-senses are going off at misspellings. :( [...]

    Haha, thx, notepad++ doesn't have spell checking ;) I'll past 'em via some other program and look for the rest ;)

    My first ace add on, so had some trouble with the externals and the SVN, thought I'd fixed it, but some subfiles of Threat-1.0 are generating some errors.
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    What is mHud?
    It's an add-on for displaying your health and mana/energy/rage mid screen (normally).
    The bars and text are ''not'' unit frames, it's information only, so clicking on them will not do anything. In practice you click whats behind the bars/indicators.

    If you'd like to read more, plz use the wiki: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/MHud

    Download beta: Latest or other versions.
    Warning: This mod is in development state, key functions might be changed without warning.

    Skins: If you'd like to create your own skin, plz follow this guide/template (zip).

    Are you updating, and can't see any bars?
    When you upgrade to the 2.4 version, remove your mHud.lua files in your WTF folder, or use the following command in-game:
    /script LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("mHud").db:ResetProfile(); ReloadUI();
    All feedback is welcome! I'm still new to Ace, so any help would be nice

    Future plans:
    If the times allow, rebuild as a modular unit frames, with the same basic functionality.
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    It's not in-game, but it does what you describe. All permanent enchants in one place :) Not sure

    if the filters work on the enchants tho. It's possible to write this into a simple add-on i suppose.
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    Seems like this thread kind of died out, but anyway here are my thoughts;

    • Navigation could be vastly improved, personally I can't stand "Page 1, Page 2 Page...n" navigation. A simple search in addition to the categories would be superb. cos 90% of the time, people know what they want.
    • The header at the top is waisting a lot of space... and when i reduse the size of my window (Firefox) it doubles in height for some reason.
    • Last update is misleading if only the extensions are updated.
    • Listing of addons by author, if you like one of them, perhaps there is more good where it came from ;)
    • Rating for authenticated users, from 1-5, with possibilities of updating it. Some addons start out small and useless, and end up owning.
    • A direct integration with the AceSVN and Wiki, forum, or a separate system, to allow authors to add a longer description, documentation, and perhaps some screen shots. The "average Jo" only looks at the pictures and downloads what looks nice, the sad truth.
    • Combine the to XML files, or split them into 3, to much redundancy of information.

    I created the following page to illustrate some possible improvements: http://ace.chainweb.net/index.php?category=Combat&search=fubar (got to love XML :D )

    Thank you for your time :)
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    First of all, thx, lovely work :D

    Suggestion 1
    Adding global markers with a comment, so its easy to review the data afterwards. Shows up as a vertical line in the graph-view, with a comment on mouse over or something :)

    /recount marker Gruul4

    Suggestion 2
    When you zoom on a graph, have the main window reflect the same time line? :)
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    posted a message on Official Threat-1.0 error reporting and discussion thread
    First off, love you're work! Looking forward to the updates every day :D

    Secondly, would it be possible to add custom alpha to all bars, with different target from you're own? UnitIsUnit("playertarget", "raidXtarget"); It would relay help with all those KTM bars (Omen that is) :)
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    Threat-1.0 maintains individual threat lists for each target as much as possible, separated by name. (Note that it is not always possible to discern which target is which, due to limitations of the WoW interface.)

    I have 2 suggestions for you, 1 should be easy to implement(if you find it usefull), the other is just some loose thoughts :)

    In raids, and often in heroics with multiple targets, one set up raid symbols. Would it be possible to send this information + unit name to more accurate distinguish units?
    GetRaidTargetIndex("unit") - Get the raid target index assigned to a unit.

    Hardly ever changes during combat.

    Might be a problem for AoE, but add the threat(average damage), to all targets with that name, ignoring the raid icon? Not exact science, but as close as one can get?

    UnitIsUnit("unit", "otherUnit") - Determine if two units are the same unit.

    Can't remember the name, but had an addon once, that displayed all unique mobs, targeted by the raid, and the raid members targeting them. Might be tricky tracking them when everyone is constantly changing targets, but it's not impossible? Mobs you are in combat with, but not targeted by anyone falls of the grid tho, but they might have had raid icons? ;)
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