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    EDIT: Error fixed up, zip file replaced.

    Necroing a very old thread to post a version that works with the pre-patch and WoD until kunda officially updates. I did not update any of the default flight data and the new additions are incomplete at best. There are no Draenor flight points or data as of yet.

    • Added Draenor to continents list.
    • Added new Blasted Lands flight point (Alliance only).
    • Added new exception indicator "TL," representing flight points that require Zidormi to access (Theramore, Blasted Lands).
    • Removed obsolete guild flight perk code.
    • Fixed GetMapConinents returns.
    • Fixed UnitGUID returns.
    • Updated ToC.
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    I'm having a problem with Geist not saving third party skins. It seems to work fine with the built-in skins, but using anything else causes it to default back to the built-in Blizzard skin. Any ideas?
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    Quote from Lullah
    I have a problem similar to Xpl0iter but I get a different error when I type /chatter to bring up the configuration frame which is not showing up.

    Interface\Addons\Chatter\Chatter.lua:134:attempt to call global 'InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToFrame' (a nil value)

    This is due to a typo on that line. InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToFrame should read InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory. I've filed a bug report on it, but if you're comfortable editing the lua, it's easy to fix your local copy.
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