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    posted a message on List of addons that now use Rock
    Quote from Dazzle »

    Thanks for the list, at least I know now, which addons to drop from my collection and replace with Ace2 ones...

    Wow. I don't even know what to say to this.

    Either educate yourself in what Rock and Ace2 actually are, or completely disregard them both and just use the mods you like because it makes no difference to you.
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    posted a message on Quick enchanting interface - Is this possible?
    I looked around in the WoW API and at first glance this doesn't seem to be possible, but I just want to know if there's something I may have missed.

    My original idea was to create a dewdrop menu when you alt-click/alt-rightclick an item that would list all possible enchants to that item, which you could then click on to cast that enchant. The trouble lies in that there doesn't seem to be any way to cast enchants through an addon.

    Can anyone confirm that this is impossible?
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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Simple Arena Unit Frames

    When a player is "unclickable" to target, it means their unit frame was created after you entered combat. This happens a lot with rogues or other stealth classes because you usually don't see them until after they've entered combat with you. Try to mouseover every enemy possible before you enter combat to ensure you can target them mid-fight.

    Reasoning for this: It is impossible in the WoW UI to create new buttons (IE, anything that does something when you click on it) on the screen after you have entered combat. This was done intentionally to curb the use of intelligent UI addons "playing the game" for you. No arena unit frame addon will ever be able to get around this limitation.
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    posted a message on NBuffBars Is Nearly Complete...
    See how you have the "Arcane Intellect" bar as a header? Make it so clicking on those headers will toggle showing/hiding of the list for that buff. There are other good ideas posted here for what you could show on the header bar itself (Perhaps switchable between average time left, lowest duration left, etc.) Not sure how you would handle multiple buff type aside from either giving them their own movable header bars or listing them together. Pretty cool looking so far though.
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    posted a message on Tattle - US Updates Weekly
    Says last update was On June 6th or so.

    Would be nice if someone could continue this, or better yet, convert the dataminer into something you can use without having to compile lua binaries with all the needed modules.
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