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    posted a message on AceLocale throwing fits about strings
    That would make sense alright, since I just cut over to WUU. Thanks for the help, it figures it was the one thing I didn't consider!
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    posted a message on AceLocale throwing fits about strings
    I've got a bunch of Ace addons installed, some using 2 and some using three. About the time 3.0.8 hit suddenly a handful of them started throwing errors like this:

    "Interface\\AddOns\\Broker_TradeCooldowns\\Locales\\koKR.lua:112: unfinished string near '\"어떤 ì •ë³´ë¥¼ 보여줄지를 ê²°ì •?*•©ë‹ˆë‹¤.\n'"

    "Interface\\AddOns\\AckisRecipeList\\Locals\\ARLLocals-koKR.lua:352: unfinished string near '\"버그 리?*¬?*?*¸ë¥¼ 올리기 ì „ì— ì¼ë°˜ì ì¸ 사?*•?*들을 다시 ?*•œë²ˆ ?*™•ì¸?*•´ë³´ì‹?*시오.\n'"

    "Interface\\AddOns\\AckisRecipeList\\Locals\\ARLLocals-frFR.lua:612: unfinished string near '\"Merci de lire ces erreurs fréquentes avant d'effectuer un signalement de bogue.\n'"

    And on and on, though of course the amount of errors varied between addons since some have more locale files than others. I'm actually running on enGB not enUS, since I'm playing European servers, but I have a feeling that's not it at all and I'm just getting some Ace libraries clobbering each other somewhere. I have way more addons than I ought to so I would think it's pretty likely I've got some outdated file hanging around breaking stuff, but I'm not sure how to track it down. I also have a bunch of "lib" addons hanging around that are probably old or unused:

    Quote from WUU 1.8.605 »
    A library to help with localization of classes.
    A library to help with localization of talent trees.
    Library to provide visual bar creation and management.
    A library to provide a means create a FuBar-compatible plugin.
    A library allowing for easy creation of graphs
    Tooltip scanning library.
    A library to handle rearrangement of blizzard's frames when bars (...)
    An intuitive keybindings library.
    Applies LibKeyBound to Spell Book and Macro UI Buttons.
    Library of compressed itemid sets.
    AddOn development framework
    Communications library
    Configuration library
    Console library
    Database library
    Event library
    Hooking library
    Localization library
    Module library
    Timer library
    Shared handling of media data (fonts, sounds, textures, ...) betw(...)
    Library that handles chat output.
    A library to manage snappy dragging & sticking of frames across m(...)
    Where's the best place to start trying to ferret this problem out? I can't really see bugging the author of the mods that are throwing the errors since it really is coming from the libraries.
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    ^^^ Right click the line in WAU and pick "ignore Autobar", that should work. But I still need the old copy to roll back to and I forget how to get previous versions after being spoiled by WAU so long.

    Yeah, my copy of Autobar wigged the hell out when I updated with WAU and this new thing came in. Is there a copy of the old (and functional) Autobar I could use until this settles down a bit? I like having all the configs in one place but the way it spazzed when it tried to load my old settings is freaking me out a bit. My bars went from a nice little cluster of six neatly fit into my action bar to a spam of icons across the middle of my screen that I couldn't seem to find any way to wrangle.
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    If anyone's got time, PeriodicTable-3.0-Reputation.lua needs updated for the changes to old factions like Timbermaw and Argent Dawn. Specifically I've made this change in my copy since I'm working on Timbermaw rep:
    	["Reputation.Turnin.Timbermaw Hold"]="o,ghz:v30,ght:v30",

    I don't know if all of the rep gains for the factions mentioned in the patch notes doubled, but all the Timbermaw ones seem to have. (so I changed the 15s that were above into 30s)
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    Does nobody feel like taking this on? Or even just making a more limited minipet/mount switching addon? It seems like it would be useful and fun. Though I admit I don't know how much is involved, the Kennel script didn't look like it took a lot of code. It's just enough to make me too confused to fix it.
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    posted a message on Swapping random bank items
    It seems that Kennel is getting old and the version of dongle it's using is causing fits with some newer mods. At any rate, I have been hacking it apart myself to add newer pets and mounts, which is really a sign I want a more general addon. What I'd like to see is an addon where I could define a set of items, most of which would sit in my bank. When I go to the bank the addon would check this set and replace anything in my inventory in that set with another item at random in the set. This could be used for the old Kennel trick of switching mini-pets or rotating mounts for those people with a quickly growing collection.

    Does anyone feel up to taking this on? I haven't been able to find any addons that do what Kennel did, the closest I've seen are some random mount using addons that pick from what you have in your bags at the moment. I kinda like to have that space free for loot.
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    posted a message on MainAssist needs some love
    Bump in hopes someone can fix this one or recommend a good alternative tank-watching addon. I really liked MainAssist's features, especially loading the party members when not in a raid so that it was still useful.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Quote from Xuerian »

    [b]As far as BoE/BoP, there already is. Since icons tended to overlap badly, I decided on green BoE, red BoP, and blue BoU after the buttons and before the item name - Same as XLoot itself.
    Yeah, I probably should have tried an updated version so I would have known, I had it uninstalled at the time as I was looking around for something else for a loot frame (there isn't much out there). Since the rolling tally isn't working for the one I was using anyway I may as well put XLootGroup back in.
    As for HoB_DKP, I can provide a function that can be hooked that would be called to indicate "should/should not" roll on a item based on what item it is, that's my general practice with integrating with other mods. I can work with the author(s) of whatever addons you're interested in interfacing with. (This would allow multiple mods to get in on the indication if they play nice with the hooks)
    Even a simple check on armor/weapon type (a big X for leather and higher while playing a cloth class, for example) would be a help, but if you're curious there's a hook listed already on the web page at http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=1509 for HoB_DKP. They say you can just call HDKP_GetDKP(itemid, [enchantid, subid, extra]) and it will give you back a value as to the usefulness of the item, which of course is subjective but an interesting way to evaluate how powerful an item is. I would guess if you contact them or look at the tooltip code you can find some way to hijack the information on recommended class for the item.
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    Quote from Xuerian »

    Actual improvements are along the lines of showing those group loot events in Monitor, who won what with what roll (vs yours too), what people chose to roll, and if everyone passed, total of x item you have on the end of normal loot rows. All of this is toggleable on the monitor menu (shortcut: /xlm options)
    Awesome, I've been waiting for some stuff like that. Actually, I have been using NeedGreedBeacon or whatever it's called so I could see what people were rolling while the roll is still going, because sometimes I can tell better what I should roll if I look at the current rolling tally. It would be nice to have some indicators on the roll bar for BoP and maybe even something to tie into a mod like HoB_DKP to show what class the item is 'suggested' for to make it easy to tell when to just pass on an item.
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