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    Tried Recount recently, really liked it but was disappointed to note there was no FuBar plugin available, principally just to toggle visibility. (DeuceCommander lets me do this but it's deep in the menus, several levels down.)

    Anyway, I took the existing DamageMetersFu addon and modified it to work instead with Recount. ie: Simple FuBar icon that when clicked toggles the visibility of Recount.

    I don't have an SVN account here at WoWAce nor did I have a forums account until earlier this evening. Therefore, I've dropped the zip-file for this on Filefront and would be happy if someone either wanted to upload this to the WoWAce SVN for others to download or for the author of Recount to bundle if so desired. (Presuming there is no infringement in terms of using the original DamageMetersFu addon as the cribsheet.)

    Filefront link REMOVED:

    Version on Curse, linked below, is now the up-to-date copy.

    Only issue I've occasionally noticed this evening through many logins and logouts is that sometimes my Recount window position gets lost. Nothing to do with this addon but a quick /recount resetpos fixes things right up.

    Hope this proves of use to some people... I'm not an addon developer per-se but this proved to be about 10 mins of effort for someone (me) with middlin' computer skills.

    All the best,


    === LATE EDIT ===

    Now also on Curse.

    Still wishing it was available via the SVN though.
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