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    Thanks to Sarham..this is a post in WOW UI forums....

    I tried to post a fix in the comments of the mod on "ui.worldofwar.net", but that site seems down.

    Fixed Files:

    First: (Thanks to Doug Anderson the Author of BeneCast for the E-Mail back on this part.) Remove the 'frameStrata="HIGH"' from the line containing "BeneCastMember9" in BeneCast.xml. Save and Exit.

    Second: Open the "BeneCast.toc" file and change the "## Interface: 1600" to read "10900" Save and Exit.

    All done!

    You can edit the .xml and .toc file with something like Notepad.

    But I use HAPedit.

    Note, I am finding that most MODS will start working if you just change the interface # in the .TOC file to "10900", but there is always a chance that there will be additional problems.

    Sarham of Mal'Ganis
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