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    posted a message on Looking for testers

    Just go on the page, Download the mod(Not install) When put it your mod folder,

    After done playing, Make sure to give feedback, Better if you send a video or photo

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    posted a message on Looking for testers


    Just need some feedback before making it non experimental

    Like how to reduce lag and stuff

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    posted a message on My problem with modded bosses

    Bosses are well known around gaming, But modded bosses have 3 problems, They don't always have all three


    1. They are to easy, Most modded bosses can be beaten on the first try, Like twilight forest bosses are great but lack danger.

    2. They are above the power curve, Like being above the ender dragon, You do not need to follow this rule tho

    3. They don't use vanilla features, This is a problem with even the vanilla bosses, The ender dragon breaks most blocks, So you just bed spam

    3.5. Most of them are just big damage sponges that do lots of damage with a basic attack, Mostly with mcreator and first mods have this


    So how would I fix this

    1. Add bosses before the ender dragon, So you can build up skill, For stronger bosses, Meaning you can go as high as you want

    2. Improve the ender dragon, Do that and there are no limits, Only make sure that the dragon is the final boss

    3. Make it so that bosses need blocks to beat, Like lasers that are only stoped viva blocks, Or fast slash's that break though shields


    That's a how to make minecraft-ish for bosses, I think the best bosses are.

    Barako, mowzies mobs: The sun based attacks call for building or stealth, Small structure to stop you from flanking, And is below the dragon

    All the mobs from mutant beasts, More like mini-bosses then anything, Each with their own attacks, Fit with other night time mobs

    Unburned from pyromancer: Tons of attacks, Three phases, A bit strong, But fits well in vanilla

    Toad sentinel: I have never got in a fight with the boss, But when the mod only a boss, It is most likely, To be good

    Twilight lich: Even tho what I said that twilight, This one is the best, Not only does it special mechanics, Its also a good early game fight

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    posted a message on Hardest modpack?

    Rebirth of the night, It does as it says, And it might be harder then rlcraft, I don't know if has quests, But its still a great modpack

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    posted a message on Need help why 3 gold ingot put in Craftable turn to 1 diamond ?

    Press f3+H and the will see what mod adds the recipe, Then change it with a datapack, Or delete the mod

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    posted a message on I need halloween mod ideas!

    All of you are posting watered down stuff, I want to scare the player, Make them think their in control, But then take it from them.

    It starts as a normal mod, Pumpkins, Candy, All the stuff, But then the player sees a finger, They look into it, But its gone.

    Slowly more weird things happen, First passive mobs are scared, Then neutral mob do the same, Hostile mob are rarer.

    At some point some villages generated are empty, Not a zombie attack or raid, There's no homes, Only paths and a broken well.

    While this is happening, The player is fighting halloween mobs, Simple stuff making them feel powerful, Then they stop spawning.

    All that is left at the end, Is an empty world, Nothing, Not even a bat, Or patrol, Or trader, Just you, And IT.

    IT has been watching, Getting closer, First 100 blocks, Then 50, Then 25, The ten, When at 7 or 5. The game crashes, And everything is normal,

    All the mobs are back, Like nothing changed, But the player sees that a mod is, This mod, They don't know what happened.

    But IT is still there, Hiding in the background, Going 80% transparent and changes texture from pure black to the blocks behind it.

    So every 100 days after the mod is gone, It could come back, But not show mercy by crashing the game, BUT WORSE

    Also when the game does the crash, It gives you a warning, The worlds name changes, To delete,


    That's all, Maybe don't use this idea if you want

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    posted a message on Ideas for a dimension mod

    Hay maybe something for the caves, That eats gems, And comes to the surface at night, Next person come up with looks

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