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    My Question is what do those hex values represent and can we access this data at all?

    name : table: 00000233CD0C639    ... How can I view the values within this table,  or how can I dump / view the values of 0 : userdata: 00000233966F3860


    Web dev here new to lua in general.  When learning a new API or debugging,  it's super helpful to me to dump and analyze the objects or arrays I am dealing with to better understand what is going on and what data is or is not present.   That said,  I am confused about references I am seeing to tables and userdata.


    For example,  if I were to iterate through the PlayerFrame using pairs:

    for index,value in pairs(PlayerFrame) do 
       DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(tostring(index).." : "..tostring(value))

    Key Pairs would then be printed to the chat window as expected:

    statusCounter : 0
    healthbar : table: 00000233CD0C6F70
    manabar : table: 00000233CD0C7060
    unit : player
    state : player
    0 : userdata: 00000233966F3860
    menu : function: 000002346A8483D0
    feedbackText : table: 00000233CD0C67A0
    portrait : table: 00000233CD0C62A0
    inSequence : false
    name : table: 00000233CD0C639

    What are those userdata / table values and what, if anything, can I read from them?  How would I access / read from them?



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