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    I've been trying to make it work for the spanish client for some time now. I've managed to make it show the summary (finally!), but there are lots of stats that it doesn't summarize. I've been tinkering with the StatLogic lib (that's where I got my first victory, yay!), but? I don't understand very well all the strings, DeepScan and related mumbo-jumbo. I've asked for help (a guide to the matching system would be a godsend) on the library forum, but no answers yet.

    It's driving me crazy!

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    posted a message on StatLogic in spanish
    Hi, I'm trying to make StatLogic work with the spanish client. RatingBuster's summary didn't work, so I tried to find the root of the problem, and it seems it was in the StatLogic library, as it didn't have a section for spanish localization.

    I copied the enUS section and changed it to esES, and then at least it displays the summary, but with lots of empty stats. Now I'm fighting with all these "Increases attack power" strings and such, but since I don't know exactly how does all that work I think I'm lost.

    Is there a guide somewhere? Or at least some general tips, because it's really annoying that I made it recognize the healing part on the "increases your healing blah blah and your damage blah blah" (you know, usual healing item) but not the damage part! (Here's where the new spell power will simplify lots of annoying strings, I presume!) What should I know about those DeepScan patterns, for example?

    As a small example, I've managed to make "+X man? cada 5 s." ("+X mana per 5 sec.") recognized in RatingBuster and summarized, but not "Restaura X p. de man? cada 5 s." ("Restores X mana per 5 sec."). Maybe I should delete most strings relating to the same stat (all the mana regen ones save the one I got to work, for example) in the library and try to build upon that, testing each one until I get it right :/

    Thanks in advance for the help, I hope I can make a lasting contribution to the library :D
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    posted a message on Problems with libraries localization
    Hi, well, let's say I have some problems.

    How can I translate missing portions of the libraries? I've tried, but I get lost and I don't know what parts are localizabe, where do those strings come from, what are they for, etc. Everything goes boom at the slightest mistake, even if I check three times that I didn't delete a comma or something.

    Some time ago I downloaded RatingBuster, but it didn't work right with the spanish version of WoW, so I tried changing some things. And well, I got it to work (and now there's a spanish localization for RatingBuster, cool!), but some parts like the stat summary didn't. I couldn't find the strings that appeared on the stat summary when I switched to english in the main localization file (to check if that worked), so I guess those strings come from the Ace libraries inside the addon.

    Unfortunately, the StatLogic library (that's the one where I found the strings) doesn't have any strings on the spanish section, and it's when I tried copying the english section and changing things when I got really lost.

    Is there a way to decipher all that? I've destroyed the library many times already!
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    I've got a problem with SCT. It doesn't display the damage school colors on the scrolling text, and lots of icons are missing or wrong (e.g. Shiv and Windfury don't have an icon, and the damage from the Magma totem shows with the Stoneclaw icon, to name a few). I'm playing with the spanish version (if I change the language to english it runs perfectly), so that's got to be the problem.

    I remember that in some previous version the damage colors showed fine with the spanish language, but it's gone all wrong since the version which included icons, I think.

    I like the colors and I like the icons, so... what can I do to fix it? I've looked into the files a little, but I get lost easily without pointers (I'm no programmer!), so I haven't got a clue on what to do.

    Thanks in advance, mr. Grayhoof, I love this addon :)
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