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    Issue: I have previously created a route on my monk. i then created a new route on my warlock. I then do some farming and go back to the monk and now i cannot see any routes that i have made in routes. all the routes are showing and i cannot unshow the route for my lock. each new route created is added but not available to edit once reloaded. I have searched through every profile and reloaded every profile and nothing. the routes still show on the mini-map but no route shown in the routes interface. I cannot import any Gathermate2 data no matter any way i try. 


    Steps done so far:

    Gathermate 2 data imported. 

    exited wow and imported the data

    tried this to every profile where i would select it, import it, check routes and no data was available, i then exited wow, checked (no data), imported the data, and still no data.


    The routes are visible on the mini-map but are not showing in the list for me to update or change. I created a bare route and once i reload the data it becomes unavailable in the Routes section. it still shows on the mini map in addition to the other routes but it is not editable or even able to delete it.


    image: shows the mini map with the routes and the gathermate data along with the routes addon showing no data and no routes. 


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