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    im getting severe lag spikes since 1.30 and the new 2.0.3 patch with ARKI. worst when opening the bank and moving stuff around, swapping between bags and bank. i also get a memory spike when opening my bag of about .3mb every time i open it(allowing about 10 seconds in between).

    I also am seeing some very heavy memory increases and "freezing" when moving objects within a bag (the same bag even), or when moving objects between my bags and the bank (or vice-versa).

    1) Just reiterating a request to have an anchoring option so that we can "pin" Ark Inv to a corner other than TOPLEFT. I have my Inventory in the bottom right of my screen and I'm constantly having to move it whenever the bars rearrange themselves.


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    bump. daymut! lol
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    I have, but I dislike it for the reasons I posted above (the largest of which is no character inventory). Additionally, vBagnon also has an auto-seperator for items that will highlight things of a certain category. That is extra fluff that I don't need no would use as I organize my own bags. Extra fluff means extra memory usage.
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    posted a message on MyBags
    I just noticed that there has been some 2.0.1 patches for MyBags in it's current form. I'm going to see about using that, but STILL WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS UPGRADED!!! :)
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    posted a message on Doppelganger_BootyCall
    Nothin' eh? Nobody likes this idea? There isn't another addon out there that does the same exact thing?
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    posted a message on MyBags
    I seriously want this as well. I give props to each of the creators of these addons, because they are currently beyond my own capabilities as I've fallen very behind on Ace2 changes and 5.1 LUA. But I do have some issues with these other addons (hence my promotion of MyBags to be reborn):

    My issues with the OneBag series:

    1) OneBag has no inventory viewer. It sees my bags, it sees my bank, but even though it tracks what is on my character, it doesn't display it.

    2) OneView does not suit my needs. I have character specific settings for each toon. For my hunter, I have the bags shown with 9 columns, and his bank is shown with 10. My druid is 8 and 10 respectively. But OneView only shows a single column amount for BOTH sections.

    3) Having yet another window to manage, place, and adjust is simply annoying. I like and grew extremely fond of the simple drop down menu of MyBags for viewing other characters. This leaves you with 3 windows to contend with, 2 of which are the same window settings that you have on your screen (bags and bank), and a 3rd for your character inventory - a very small window I might add that has but 19 slots displayed in the same easy to use format as MyBags.

    4) The alpha state of OneBag series does not go dark enough. I have it set right above my hotbars, but on top of my raid frames. Even at the supposed 100% alpha state, it is still light enough to read the names of people in the raid frames below it.

    5) There is still an issue with the strata of the OneBag windows. Any time I drag my bags viewer, bank viewer, or OneView over another OneBag window, the entire game freezes for 3 seconds or more.

    Here are the issues I have with the other addons out there:

    1) Bagnon is nice, but again - no character inventory viewer. Why is a inventory viewer so important? Because i need to see what they have equipped as well when evaluating if I send them a BOE I just got. Tons of folders for a single addon purpose - this may not be a big issue, but it looks very cluttered in my addon folder is all.

    2) Character Viewer needs a lot of work before I'll use it. First it reorders the inventories backwards from any AIOI addon method. Second, it stacks up the items to one end, which misrepresents the actual bank and bag view - I end up spending more time looking for where the item got put in this addon, than i would have if I logged out and back in on the other toon. And thirdly, it has defaulted columns of 9 for bags and 10 for banks, and offers no customizations per character for these columns that I saw.

    My issues with MyBags:

    1) No longer under development. DUH!

    2) Slash commands. But this would be fixed by Deuce Commander easily enough.

    All in all, I really want to see MyBags brought into the 2.0 addon century! PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE THIS PROJECT UP!!!
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    posted a message on Bartender2, ActionBar AddOn for Blizzards default buttons
    Are there any plans for BT2 or BT3 to add an option for showing shaded unused buttons? I checked that option in the Interface options menu (Advanced page), but there was no change in the format.

    Here is an example of what I'm talking about. The top one is BT2, and the bottom one with shaded buttons is from CardBars (which I updated from to BT):

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    posted a message on Buffalo
    I completely missed this addon when looking over all my upgrades for TBC. I'll be testing this myself over the next few days and hopefully can provide more feedback for improvement.

    BTW - Does this also add 16 debuffs to the target frame? I know there are so many unit frame addons out there, but I've used the default Blizz ones for so long that I can't seem to break myself from them. :( However, they only give 5 buffs/debuffs in the default viewer. If this does NOT support that, do you all know of a simplistic version that does? I got sucked back into using CTMod so that I could see the 16 debuffs for Boss fights, but I would like nothing more than to drop that mod once again because of my dislike for their coding and timer setup (I use the default target-of-target as well).
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    posted a message on Fubar 2.0 & "Hints"
    Repeating this here in the case that ckknight checks these forums before his portal at WOWI...

    Quote from "Kayde at WOWI portal" »
    I would like to see an option available to all authors (or a master switch for all Fubar plugins) that will hide any and all Hints.

    Some authors seem to get chatty with their hints, which end up being 4-5 lines of garble on my screen. Once I learn a plugin's features, there is no need for a reminder of what left clicking the name does, let alone alt+click, ctrl+click, shift+click, <random keybind combination>+click. I think you see my point... :)

    Haven't seen ya around that much lately bro, so I hope your enjoying the game (and I hope you get this request)! I'm going to post a topic up on the Ace2 forums about this as well to try and catch ya!

    So there ya have it! Hope to hear something (pos or neg) back on this useful feature (useful in MY eyes anyways).
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    posted a message on Doppelganger_BootyCall
    Yes friends, that's what I would call it, if I had the time to write it. However, since I've been "out of the game" of writing addons as of late (and haven't even converted my simplistic Ace1.x addons to Ace2 yet), I don't have the time to write this puppy right now. So I'm gonna do the next best thing and offer it up to you all for more work (if your interested). WOOOOT!! AREN'T YALL EXCITED!?!?!

    Renaming the mod is completely up to you of course. All I ask is that you DONT use the Doppelganger portion of the name (as that is my "trademark") :).

    Here's the scoop, plain and simple. It's a VERY BASIC raid invitation coordinator for raid leaders. I've seen systems out there that have their own window and such, but I want two simple things in mine:
    1) Check boxes next to the names in the guild list (both online and offline). All my raids are guild only, so use of this outside of the guild could still be done via the normal /inv macro.
    2) A button (hot-key-able please) at the top (or bottom) of the guild list that will invite every person with a checked box (online or offline) via the /inv command. I care not if a bunch of errors return with information on who is already in a group (most likely the raid you just invited them to), if it reminds you that they are offline (duh!), or that they join or decline your invitation (would be nice). I just want the ability to do this and have what checkboxes I checked remembered until I reset it (via a /chat command) or what have you (maybe alt+Right click the invite box? I dunno).

    Simple right? No extension of the Blizzard panel in any way, just add small checkboxes and an "INVITE" button. Ace style yo!

    Here's a half ass mock-up I did in MS Paint of what I'm thinking about:

    For the dorkmongers that dont get the name: You're calling all your friends to come kill shit and get some booty (treasure). See, the play on words there is classic humor for what the "dope" people call a Booty Call. In the hood, if a playa is wanting ta get DOWN, a booty call is what you do when you want some ass from a friend in your black book. A "black book" is nothing more than a list of names for the women (or men) that you've 'aquired'. And if you need any further detailed information on all of this , I would reference... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN, WATCH MTV FOR SHITS SAKE!!
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    posted a message on GMail (A CT_MailMod Replacement)
    GMail doesn't seem to automatically stack items in the Backpack like CT_MailMod was (but, this function also broke in CT_MailMod a few patches ago).

    Any chance we might get it back?

    Mr. Plow is your friend and comrade in this time of need. Use it, abuse it, hell - don't call it the next day if you don't feel like it. Mr. Plow is a whore (but I mean that in the nicest way <wink>) and will always be on call for you...
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    posted a message on Combine: Guild/Raid management.
    Damn you Kael!

    Just when we FINALLY got a functional web-wased calendar sign up system developed for our guild, you go and start development on this puppy.

    We also used GC for quite some time and had several, several, several syncing issues. This lead to arguements over who signed up and didnt sign up, people constantly complaining about the raids not showing for them, old version backwards compatability, the BLOAT (my biggest bitch), the list goes on.

    Eventually, we gave up on the in-game type systems, and reverted to RaidSpace (yes believe it or not, RS is still around). It worked great back-in-the-day, but without a calendar linked to it, we were forced to have Forum-based sign up links, which was very management intensive on our GM to keep updated week to week.

    FINALLY we have guild calendar system, but no in-game easy sync system like I see being developed here!! <damns Kael again>

    I can't wait to see what becomes of this mod. You sir, are my hero and arch-enemy. <waves with evil grin>
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    posted a message on Guild Bank Manager
    There are these guild bank managers out there. But so many of them are overly-complex and poorly written that the slightest mistake corrupts your SV file and crashes your game.

    What I have as an idea for my ideal Guild Bank Manager:
    1) It parses your data for everything in your inventory and bank. Even across multiple bank characters on the same account (yes this is a rare case, but it is out there none-the-less).
    2) Automatically creates links through an outside game .exe to either Allakazhams or Thottbot.
    3) Dumps all this information into a notepad type document that can be easily copy/pasted into a standard forum for a guild's website.
    4) Seperates the various items in the lsiting by quality and type (cloth, plate, plans, schematics, ZG items, AQ items). This could be handled by the user of course, but the ideal one would have the lowest impact to the end user as possible.

    I know .exe's are highly frowned upon, but I'm unsure how else to do it.

    Suggestion's on what you may have seen that accomplishes this, or further ideas to make this better?
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    posted a message on We're getting ready to move in the next few days.
    I look forward to the new hosting service and overall website.

    Hopefully you will be more satisfied with the new host than you are currently.
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    posted a message on AUTO - INVITE
    The addon Auto-Invite has made the life of raid forming EXTREMELY easy. However, here is my latest comments on the curse forums:
    Issue: I have discovered an issue that causes the chat frame dialog box to automatically close while typing when having AutoInvite installed. Removing this fixed the problem, however I'm not totally convienced that this mod alone is the cause.

    I will do further testing to determine conflicting mods, but untilthat time, has anyone else experienced this problem.

    It almost got me into trouble in MC the other night as I was typing responses to raid chat, only to have my dialog box close and I started running towards the first two Molten Giants. Yes, I remapped the auto-run key to my "r" button for convienence.

    You can find Auto-Invite at Curse Gaming:

    I ask for this because I believe that the enable and disable features of all Ace mods will eliminate the issue I have above. By disabling all the events in which the mods searches for text, it will stop triggering an auto-response to tells and such.

    Additionally, the Auto-Invite mod gave me the feeling of bulkyness after jsut a short time poking around the code. This could prove to be a great addition to our collection!!

    Personally, I have 7 addons that I am currently working on (which translates to: trying to figure the code out and hack it together to be efficent to call it Ace), and I cannot take on another addon at this time.
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