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    posted a message on Seeking Keybind to hide Grid2 Raid frame.

    Is there a macro or a way to set a keybind to hide Grid2 Raid frames as a whole regardless of raid size?


    Basically just like the default Raid frame slide out. It has a show / hide option to hide the raid frames regardless of size..

    Can Grid2 do the same?

    Can a keybind be set to do the above?

    If no to all of the above then I will be happy to remove Grid2 and use the wow classic default raid frame slideout.

    of which in turn my next requiest


    Is there a macro that would function as a show hide of the default wow classic raid frames regardless of size?

    If so would anyone be kind to please share this macro please so that I will have the ability to do so with a macro button click.

    simple click on (show) / off (hide) option if possible.


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    posted a message on GatherMate2_Data - Collaborative Data Gathering

    I have question..hopefully will get a response..

    If i click on say a copper node, even if I dont have the mining profession, will it get added to the gathermate database? or do i have to have the profession and "strike" the node or "pick" the herb for it be added?


    and has an import data file been made yet for gathermate, much like the wowgathernodes file that will work correctly with gathermate in classic?

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    posted a message on GatherMate2_Data - Collaborative Data Gathering

    is there a link or any update for gathermate data for classic?

    Or will all nodes information posted here be added to the current gathermate2 classic addon without having to download the wowgatheringnodes addon?

    (which i think might be causing some of the LUA errors for classic.)

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    posted a message on CABSkin Official Thread.

    I am currently seeking any players who have downloaded and using CABSkin that use Utlrawide Resolution based monitor and or TVs.


    What am I requesting?

    screenshots with any variation of Ultrawide resolutions (21:9) using CABSkin.

    Or any using any Kind of UI's and or default vanilla interface


    What Information I am requesting of the screenshot?

    • What addons if any are currently shown in the SS.
    • Current game resolution and or of any addon UI scaling adjustment used in the SS.
    • 1K, 2k, 4k, 8k?


    If CABSkin is included in the SS, Please do the following:

    1. Select and apply the Test skin option from the dropdown list.
    2. Use the necessary adjustments if needed to stretch across the screen with the edge of the red borders showing.
    3. Include the necessary adjustments (width / height) information along with the SS

    What i do not want or will not ask for:

    • Any macro's, UI profiles, setups or etc.
    • do not any screenshots based on (4:3) 1024x768 or (16:9) 1920x1080 or of any scale ratios to these values.


    Why am I asking for this information?

    • I would like to create an updated version of CABSkin that will work with the 21:9 ratio variations.
    • BTex (now CABSkin) was created in 2007 by Tiggy. I do not think he ever expected nor intended Btex to accomodate such ultrawide resolutions, therefore many of the skins that he created most likely do not align correctly to work cleanly with them. However If I am incorrect, i would like to request any SS that may prove this wrong.

    If you decide to help me on this journey, I will NOT ask for anything that pertains to your SS other then what I have requested. ALL information will be kept private and deleted once I am able to get some general ideas for some basic blank default templates I can start implementing into the coding for CABSkin.


    You can send this information to me via PM.


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    posted a message on CABSkin Official Thread.


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    posted a message on CABSkin Official Thread.

    Update 8/14/19


    Updated to Version 1.1

    Changed Config command to /CS Menu

    Removed, replaced and added several skins.

    Please refer to the pages tab at my project home page for additional information. Link above in OP

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    posted a message on CABSkin Official Thread.

    This thread is for all things pertaining to CABSkin (Formally known as Btex by Tiggy / Twistedfury73)


    Feel free to post any and all issues, suggestions, ideas, or anything related to this addon.


    Thank you very much,



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    posted a message on Seeking help with Btex addon

    Addon is Btex.
    At the current moment Btex is set to a max of 512x256 grid setup of 4.tga files as per Tiggy's original coding located here.


    • I would like to have the option to create skins that are beyond the 256 Height without having to rescale the image and possibly lose detail in order to meet the parameters of 512x256 as set by Tiggy..
    • I would like to be able to load a custom skin into Btex without having to edit the width parameters due to the coding in the .LUA file created by Tiggy.. Basically make it a one and done.

    I have created a version update of Btex located here.

    Part 1.
    As per the addon when you read over his notes. you will see that Tiggy has set a max of 512x256 per .tga texture. this basically constrains any skins created to those parameters and does not allow for anything beyond those dimensions. Yes you can create these textures beyond those scales, Howver you will have to resize them down with Btex settings. which in turn causes a loss of detail. then you have to resize them again in game using Btex settings to rematch what you created and possibly have inaccurate results. which can be a pain..

    Part 2.
    Btex has several default textures in the skins folder. If you look at them you will that the ones by Tiggy have a small portion on the -4.TGA that will be hidden when loaded. which i think was intentional by Tiggy.
    However, for anyone who creates custom skins, including myself have to either:

    1. Also add this additional blank area to every skin and then fine tune it so it loads correctly without having to adjust the 512 x 256 settings. which pertains to the first request. 1000's of UIs are out there and to be limited to 256 Height without have to rescale, would be a huge improvement to Btex
    2. Have to adjust the 512 x 256 settings accordingly every skin, for every character, for every layout. so as per my 2nd request as above.

    and Yes I have sent multiple messages to Tiggy via wowinterface along with the other authors who have updated it the last couple of times over a month ago and never received a response. I am doing this out of my own to continue this addon and make it usable to the public.

    Just to clarify, I have 0% coding experience. I can read it, and make minor adjustments, copy paste what looks like common knowledge stuff. But to actually do more experienced changes and actual code writing, I dont have a clue.

    So i am hoping that someone here might be able to tell me what i need to change in the LUA in order to edit the above 2 requests,

    This would allow me to move forward and maybe make Btex more enjoyable and more lenient on the eidting parameters for custom skins.

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