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    I love your addon, thanks for keeping it updated.
    I have a request. Under "Text Position">"Single Value Position" would it be possible to add an option "Keep Default"? Or even eliminate the "Single Value Position" option completely, I don't see any real purpose to it.
    I would like to keep the countdown text at the bottom and the application count text at the top regardless of whether both are showing or only one is showing. But presently I am unable to do that.
    To keep the countdown text at the bottom, I have "Single Value Position" set to "Bottom." But as I add combo points with my rogue, all my finishing abilities show the points at the bottom. Then if I use a finishing ability that applies a buff or debuff it moves the combo points to the top and has the countdown text at the bottom, but the other finishing abilities still show the combo points at the bottom. This can get confusing because numbers are moving all over the place, and I have to try to determine whether the number I am looking at is saying there are 4 combo points or 4 seconds left on the debuff.
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