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    posted a message on Help identifying this button skin
    I'm 99% sure that it's one of the Trinity set of buttons, with some of the colours darkened down ;)


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    posted a message on Libquixote errors, multiple addons affected ...
    Could someone with a little more knowledge of LUA (read: any, cos I'm hopeless) please take a look into Libquixote for this error:

    LibQuixote-2.0-90073 (Medley):357: attempt to index field '?' (a boolean value)
    LibQuixote-2.0-90073 (Medley):119: in function <...AddOns\Medley\libs\LibQuixote-2.0\LibQuixote-2.0.lua:118>

    It's part of a few addons, mostly related to questing and/or progress sounds for quest progress, and I'm having issues with it whenever I HS or enter an instance.

    Addons that I've tried, and have the same error (always line 118 ) are Medley and QuestProgressSounds. After spending some time googling around, it seems to be affecting a number of other addons too, so I'm hoping it's not just me breaking it :)

    Hopefully, someone will go "Ahhh, seen that before, here's your fix ... " but I can only hope :P

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    posted a message on ButtonFacade (was LibButtonSkin-1.0)
    hmmm, i'm fairly sure i tried that, i'll have another look when my cursed server comes back up. Extended maintenance FTL !

    Edit: yep, fixed all the stance bars by swapping to another skin, then back, but the "bar we do not speak of" refuses to budge :P
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    posted a message on ButtonFacade (was LibButtonSkin-1.0)
    Hmmm, not sure if it's this causing the issue, or BT4, but i can't seem to get the BF skins to do the pet / totem / stance bars in BT4.

    Is it this one, or Bartender causing the issue ?
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I've come across a little niggle with this addon, i'll do my best to explain it.

    Mage. Evocation. Not anywhere I could find it in the pre-defined lists, so I did the whole custom button thing.

    If I drag an evocation macro, with the correct icon and macro text, the button displays this icon correctly, but with no mouseover text. Button works.

    If I try to make a custom macro from within Autobar, add the evocation icon from within the browser box, and add the macro text direct, mouseover works, icon still shows the giftbox.

    I've tried a dozen different things, and can't figure it out, and was wondering if someone else had done this succesfully, and could "walk me through" it :)

    Edit: also had this problem trying to create a Polymorph randomcast macro button, so i'm guessing it's something i'm doing wrong, or the addon is a bit fiddly in this area :/ Dragging a single spell from the spell book seems to work ok, but macro's or multiple spells from the book seem to break things :/
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    posted a message on more info on alts
    I'm suprised that none of you has mentioned Toons v2 on the lists here ...

    I made the swtich from Altoholic + a couple of otehr to this, and found it does exactly what I need it to do, and the author was even good enough to provide an LDB feed on my request as well, so I made the switch :)

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    posted a message on I have a cracking one for you all ....
    Recently, I noticed issues with tooltips vanishing, so did some testing to narrow it down.

    Basically, what I noticed was minimap tooltips were not appearing as normal on mouseover, so after some "narrowing down" I found out it only happens when both in a group AND zoning (i.e. flying to do the fishing daily).

    So, when you're grouped for the dailies, and flying around whatever zone, things like ore, herb and fish nodes do not appear on mouseover, you have to drop the group for them to start showing up again o0

    Bit annoying, was wondering if you could have a look at my addon list, and see if anything pops out as a culprit. I've already replaced my map addon and tooltip addon, neither seems to have fixed it.

    Thanks again
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    Still getting issues with the totem bar, even after changing a few of the tainty addons to non-tainty ones :(

    On a side-note, getting taints with altoholic, anbd Thaoky said it was something to do with the "set focus" issue, is it related ?
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    posted a message on Altoholic - Official Thread
    Currently experiencing the "An action was blocked" type error message, the taint log showing Altoholic as the cause :/

    2/7 23:53:12.399 An action was blocked because of taint from Altoholic - LFGQuery()
    2/7 23:53:12.399 Interface\FrameXML\LFGFrame.lua:478 SendLFGQuery()
    2/7 23:53:12.399 Interface\FrameXML\LFGFrame.lua:28 LFGParentFrame_OnEvent()
    2/7 23:53:12.399 LFGParentFrame:OnEvent()

    Thats the c'n'p from the taint.log file.
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    posted a message on sexymap / quest-tracking issues. halp !!
    found a "fix" for this on another site, thought i'd mention it here.

    I'm getting an error that there isn't enough room to track more quests even though I am not currently tracking any quests at all, or only one or two quests. How do I fix it?

    This comes up from time to time because of the way the new quest tracking window works.

    • For starters, turn off nUI's control of the minimap using '/nui minimap' so that your minimap is in the upper right corner of the display or disabling the nUI_InfoPanelMinimap plugin if you are using it.

    • If you are running QuestHelper, you should also use '/qh track' to turn off quest helper's custom tracking window.

    • Press escape to open the WoW system menu, select "Interface" then "Objectives"

    • Turn off the advanced objectives tracking option. You'll probably get a pop-up message telling you your settings will be lost. That's okay, so accept that.

    • Now turn advanced objectives tracking back on and turn off the option to disable mouseover. Close the window and return to the game screen.

    • Move your mouse around just below and to the left of the minimap and your objectives window should appear. Right click on the title bar and if the window is locked, select "Unlock"

    • Now move the window where you would like it to be located by draggin the title bar and size it as you like by dragging the edges and/or corners.

    • When you have the window where you want it and sized as you want it, right click the title bar again and select the "Lock" option to lock it back down.

    • Now press escape a second time and reopen the "Interface" "Objectives" screen and click the option to disable mouseover, close the window and return to the game screen.

    • If you turned QuestHelper's tracking off, you can turn it back on now with the '/qh track' command. You can also turn nUI's minimap handling back on using '/nui minimap'
    I know this is a bit of pain, but the new quest tracking window in WoW is a real fuster cluck and until I can find a way to manage it without breaking it while still allowing the user to control the window size and location, this is just how it is for the people that have "broken" quest tracking windows.

    The only down-side to this, is that you have no way of tracking achievments :/


    Edit: after log-out / in, the objectives pane is shown again, in a locked state, you have to unlock / change opacity / re-lock it :/

    Any suggestion for a perma-fix ??
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    posted a message on sexymap / quest-tracking issues. halp !!
    Ok. So. I use sexymap for my map addon, as I love the autohide feature it has. I'm also using Questguru as my quest tracker of choice, this is where things start to get tricky.

    QG has an "auto-add" feature, where new quests with objectives are added to the tracker, but, here's the issue ....

    Sexymap is in the lower area of my UI. If I do this, I can no longer auto-track new quests, the reason being the objectives tracker is "off-screen" as it's below the lower bounds of my screen. If I move the map up, and drag the objectives tracker away, then reposition the map, quest auto-tracking starts working, but i'm stuck with the "objectives" bar as part of my UI, and I have no idea how to get round this. This also affects achievment tracker, as it says "you do not have room to track any more achievments" etc etc ...

    Can anyone recommend me a solution to this, or a map addon that allow seperation but hiding of this objectives frame ??

    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    ohooo ... /YOINK !!!!

    Not using the whole thing, but there are some mighty fine ideas in that that UI :)
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    posted a message on Could I get a cool Pitbull Layout?
    Turack ... there isn't one, simple. Most layouts can be made in PB4, in my experience, in less than 15 minutes, IF you take the time to learn the new configs

    Trust me, I've tried ALL the major UF mods out there, none of them touch PB4 for ease of config, you just have to sit down and look at it properly ;)
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    posted a message on ArkInventory v3
    Noticed lately that this addon is now using close to 7meg of memory, which seems awfully high for whats basically a bag addon ...

    Any idea on how to reduce this a little ?
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    posted a message on pitbull4 portraits request ...
    Hi guys ..

    Do any of you know if it's possible to add a border to a PB4 portrait thats set up to not be a bar, and is off to one side of the overall layout ??

    I've added a comment to the ticket for portrait elite/rare couloring on wowace, but wondered if any of you lot had managed to tinker it enough to know how to do it ?

    Cheers in advance
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